They overpaid, but Chiefs made ‘correct’ decision trading for lineman Frank Clark

Chiefs give up King’s Ransom for Frank Clark.

Clark traded to KC, natives not happy. 

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KANSAS CITY — Super Bowl or Bust? For the second year in a row, the Kansas City Chiefs won’t make a first round selection in the NFL Draft. That’s because KC blindsided the football world on Tuesday by trading first and second round picks to the Seattle Seahawks in exchange for 25-year-old defensive end Frank Clark. That’s right. The Chiefs mortgaged their future to win big today, and I can’t blame ’em. Thanks to injuries and crime, there’s no future in the NFL. I’m serious. Everybody’s day to day.

For example, last year former Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith signed a 4-year deal worth $94 million with the Washington Redskins then broke his leg. Now his career’s over and the Redskins are stuck in salary cap limbo. Again, there’s no guarantees in the NFL. You gotta win now.

The Chiefs also gave Clark a massive 5-year, $105 million contract with $63 million guaranteed — making him the highest paid member of the team. Now the million dollar question: Is he worth it? “I feel like I’m good,” Clark wrote in a tweet to ESPN’s Josina Anderson.

“I wanted to be somewhere where I’m wanted, where I’m appreciated. I thank God that KC came in & showed that… In life u just want to be shown that you are appreciated sometimes & I feel like this was one of those things.”

The transaction was met with instant approval from current and former Chiefs players. Defensive tackle Chris Jones tweeted: “This defense got real dawgs all around. Shits about to be crazy!” Former offensive lineman Jeff Allen tweeted: “Frank Clark is a very violent football player. That’s a good thing…”

Clark’s egress was felt on the other side as well.

Seattle defensive tackle Jarran Reed damn near broke into tears.

“I just lost my bestfriend in a trade,” Reed tweeted.

“This is going to take some adjusting, fugggggghhhhhhh.”

Reed, however, ain’t the only one lamenting the exchange. According to a poll on, roughly 43% of Chiefs fans disapprove; mainly because Clark has a history of domestic violence in conjunction with a conviction for home invasion.

Clark also got ejected from a Seattle practice session a couple of years ago after punching teammate Germain Ifedi in the face, and he once told Bleacher Report journalist Natalie Wiener she can enjoy a demeaning career cleaning his fish tank after she loses her job.

Damn, that’s cold.

Anyway, many feel KC gave away too much. ESPN’s Bill Barnwell graded the trade a “D-“ for the Chiefs while giving the Seahawks a “B.” Opponents of the acquisition are quick to recount Clark’s 2014 domestic arrest when he was a student-athlete at the University of Michigan.

“If the Chiefs didn’t think they would catch a little gruff from fans for this, then they’ve misread the community,” said Todd Leabo with Sports Radio 810. “There’s a lot of people who don’t care what anyone does as long as you can play football and win, and there are going to be plenty of people who don’t care how good you are at football. If you done anything in the past, they’re not going to like you. And most people are probably in the middle.”

Leabo makes some relevant points.

Just keep in mind, the game of football is a cutthroat industry comprised of many non compos mentis individuals. Chiefs owner Lamar Hunt, general manager Brett Veach and head coach Andy Reid understand that better than anybody.

Most players are pain killer dependent and some are in the early stages of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE). In other words, there aren’t too many choir boys in the NFL. You almost have to be batshit crazy just to participate in the sport.

Look, football shouldn’t be viewed as “family entertainment.” Instead, the NFL should be juxtaposed against gladiator entities like UFC and Pro-Boxing. If you’re part of the vocal minority clamoring for adroit deportment from a bunch of at-risk negroes, the NFL ain’t for you.

Simply put, this is a man’s game and sometimes it’s Shabba Ranks ugly.

After all, 300-pound men collide with each snap. Head injuries run rampant. Players routinely exit the field with broken bones and severed ligaments. Some are even carted off.

Parents are foolish for allowing their kids to watch the sh*t.

That said, with the addition of Clark, the Chiefs now boast a top three defensive line. Yessir. It’s right up there with the Chicago Bears and Los Angeles Rams. Hell, you could make a strong argument that Clark (13 sacks) and Jones (15 sacks) form the best line tandem in the NFL.

Although parlous in multiple ways, the trade figures to pay immediate dividends as long as Clark stays out of trouble and eschews embarrassing the organization. Also, look for KC to add a cornerback and a linebacker to complete the defensive overhaul.

If wideout Tyreek Hill somehow eludes a suspension, the Chiefs will be heavy favorites to reach the Super Bowl; thanks to the inclusion of Mr. Clark and several new pieces.

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  1. Obviously chiefs overpaid alittle but Reid and company are pushing all their chips into the middle right now.

  2. Dee Ford (55 combined tackles, 13 assists, 13 sacks, 7 forced fumbles), Frank Clark (41 combined tackles, 8 assists, 13 sacks, 4 forced fumbles). Dee Ford (no off the field issues), Frank Clark (Yeahhh?). Didn’t we basically give away our 1st round pick for NOTHING and lose a bit in the process? Does critical thinking still exist? Think of all that cap room we saved at $21,100,000 per year? I guess that’s entertainment.

  3. stupid move by the chiefs. A first and a second for a so so player

  4. I think it’s a good trade for both teams. What sticks out though is Clark’s beyond stupid comment.
    “I wanted to be somewhere where I’m wanted, where I’m appreciated,”

  5. The Chiefs released Kareem Hunt for being “abusive”, but they signed Frank Clark?

  6. I have a feeling maybe the chiefs will try to trade hill for a first rounder.

  7. Richard Martinez

    Frank Clark still not as good as justin Houston dee ford and tamba hali they paid way to much and gave up to much for him

  8. Threw a first rounder away to pay a guy to 105 million dollar contract .. stupid .. now I know why 90 percent of the country is in debt no money management skills.. after they sign mahomes their fucked for years

  9. Michael Nelson

    Too high priced. I would not have given up a #1 pick for Clark. There would have been someone good at 29 much cheaper and younger.

  10. Hey thanks Russell for squeezing every last penny. We literally have no edge rush now. 👌🖕

  11. When KC wins a Super Bowl all this yak about Frank Clark being a bad sign will be totally forgotten. We already have the best QB in the NFL who will keep getting better. 31 NFL teams are scared including the Patriots.

  12. Kenneth Rivera

    I think this was a bit much for him. I wouldve given a 2nd this year and a conditional 3rd that would have him with incentives. If he gets over 10 sacks in 2019 than the 3rd turns to a 2nd rd in 2020 if 15 sacks and over than a 2nd round turns to 1st round in 2020

  13. I think we over paid for him, but whether we like it or not he’s a CHIEF!!! It’s SUPERBOWL OR BUST! Let’s go CHIEFSSS❤️💛❤️💛

  14. Super bowl or bust! Veach is a risky poker player but I like it! Good move!

  15. infopocalypse blahg

    And how the hell did Veach get talked into paying him MORE than Demarcus Lawrence. Lawrence is better than Clark. and without the off feild baggage. It feels like Veach is constantly bidding against himself. No one was going to give Sammy Watkins 19 mill a year for instance. Starting to feel like the Daniel Snyder is running the team.

  16. He fits right in with all the other abusers.

  17. I wanna know was that Tyreek Money?

  18. We all hated this trade when it was proposed yesterday. Nothing changed today except we made the deal. We gave up way, way, way too much in draft compensation AND his contract. Veach has no sense of value and discipline. He is in way over his head as a GM.

  19. Awful trade. Will cost us Hill in the future. If you don’t think so go check our roster and who can be cut. Even with Sammy, Hitchens, Badger etc gone you lost Hill because these guys will need to be replaced. We gave Mack money to a guy who’s only gotten more than 10 sacks twice. Mack has done it 4 times… in a row. Chief fans need to take the homer glasses off and come down to reality
    We basically traded Hill, cap space, and picks for Clark. Veach should start wearing some clown shoes.

  20. As long as he lines up on side rather than Dee Ford, Frank is worth it. Lol

  21. Who cares?? That happen years ago, everybody acting like they were saints when they were 18, 19 years old

  22. Anthony Licciardello

    I’ve watched the Seahawks for years, Clark is no doubt good. But on the contract alone, never mind daft picks, it’s not even comprehensible he’s the 3rd highest paid defense player in the game. Pure nuts.

  23. It’s essentially a 2019 2nd round & a 2020 3rd round pick. Plus we get a 7 place rise in this year’s 3rd round. I was, honestly, kinda pissed when I 1st heard about it but, after giving the pluses & minuses some thought, I’m about 75% on board. We did overpay, but not considerably. I’d say around 2 million a year. But, that’s the price you pay when there are other teams in the mix. I just saw the contract structure on the Arrowhead Guys site (awesome site, by the way). There’s a great chart showing the cap hits & dead money for each year of play. It’s structured to let us out fairly easily after 3. After 4 there’s not too much dead money. It’s not a bad contract, especially when you consider how quickly they got it done.

  24. Chiefs definitely on the come up, on DEFENSE now. It’s getting interesting in KC.

  25. !!!!!Welcome to the Chiefs FRANK CLARK!!!!!

  26. Insanely Fresh

    Welcome Frank Clark and bye bye Tyreek Hill

  27. SteveThreeStacks

    Frank Clark is a great great player, glad he got his money. He deserves it

  28. Why did the chiefs get another player with a history of domestic violence???

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