KCTV5 audio recording indicates Chiefs receiver Tyreek Hill assaulted his son

Tyreek allegedly did terrible things to his son/KCTV5.

Tyreek is heard issuing threats.

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OVERLAND PARK — Better put those Super Bowl plans on hold. The Kansas City Chiefs are gonna need a new receiver. KCTV5 News and TMZ released shocking cell phone audio of a quarrel that transpired in March between Chiefs wideout Tyreek Hill and his gravid fiancé Crystal Espinal. The confab took place at the Dubai International Airport. Tyreek and Crytal are being probed by the Overland Park Police Department and the Kansas Department for Children and Families over an incident last month that left their 3-year-old son with a broken arm. What’s more troubling is the couple is expecting twins.

In the 11-minute recording, Tyreek issued a profanity-laced minatory to Crystal who admits to covering up for his abusive ass by lying to investigators. To compound matters, broken bones ain’t the only issue. Crystal said Tyreek punched the child multiple times in the chest.

“He is terrified of you,” Crystal said.

“You need to be terrified of me too, dumb bitch,” Tyreek replied.

“That’s why you can’t keep a fucking man, nigga.”

Tyreek tried to repudiate any wrongdoing. But the kid ratted him out.

“I didn’t do nothing,” Tyreek explained.

“Then why does he say ‘daddy did it?'” Crystal asked.

“A three-year-old is not going to lie about what happened to his arm.”

Tyreek figures to lose his career and family.

Not sure what’s going on. But it’s clear these two aren’t meant to be together. If you recall, Tyreek beat the hell out of Crystal a few years ago while she was gravid with his son. Now he allegedly broke the kid’s arm.

Johnson County District Attorney Steve Howe is busy reviewing the audio. There’s a 5-year statute of limitations on Tyreek’s case. So future charges are possible. Crystal shared the audio with a fidus Achates so it can be utilized as an “insurance policy” against Tyreek. The confidant then turned the recording over to authorities. The kid has been removed from the home and remains in foster care. Chiefs general manager Brett Veach held a late night press conference and announced Tyreek has been suspended indefinitely pending further investigation.

“Earlier this evening, we were made aware of the audio between Tyreek and Crystal,” said Veach who looked extremely tired. “We were deeply disturbed by what we heard and deeply concerned.”

“At this time, and for the foreseeable future, Tyreek Hill will not take part in any team activities,” Veach continued. “We are going to gather more information. We’re going to evaluate this information and we will make the right decision regarding Tyreek Hill.”   

Wow! Talk about a bombshell!

Listen to the disturbing audio.

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  1. Wow broke the arm of a 3 year old…. You deserve everything that’s coming to you in prison.

  2. demitri duruisseau

    It sucks cause alot of us boys regardless of race grow up in the hood wit tuff dads that put they hands on u but i think its a good thing it tuffin me an anyone els up shit a man should never be soft an his chick recording shit she is a bitch


    Damn what in the hell are they putting in that Kansas City bbq

  4. Another black pos NFL player who likes to hit. NFL is garbage. Every year this happens. Some black pos hits a woman, now its kids. Maybe he’ll join kareem cunt on the shithole browns, browns seem to like garbage.

  5. Darryl Anderson

    That STUPID BITCH ruined her payday,STUPID whore.

  6. Justin Sinclair

    Damn bruh may GOD keep your son safe and have mercy on you so you can continue your career get away from that woman bruh she is toxic I dont know you but it seems your too caught up with her let her go and move on because any good woman wouldn’t turn state on you if she was 10 toes down 🙏 for you brutha

  7. I would gladly break both of his fucking arms

  8. U gotta cut dat bitch off ASAP 😭

  9. Ditch tha Bitch after this …… man don’t need ducks like that,,,,,,

  10. Kareem Hunt: beats women
    Tyrek Hill: beats kids

    Next story will be

    Patrick Mahomes; beats the elderly

  11. LOL! She is getting REVENGE! Hill you are a pea brain DUMB Bi**ch!!!! Let’s hope you get banned from the NFL for LIFE!

  12. I dont see anything wrong with Tyreek , beat yo fucking kids and if yo girl talks shit then beat her ass too.

  13. Both fucktards need to go to jail…Niccas will be Niccas🤦🏽‍♂️

  14. Christian Small

    Tyreeks girl: what do you do when he gets in trouble? you make him open up his arms and punch him in the chest.
    NFL: Not good, but as long as it wasn’t while kneeling for the anthem he deserves a second chance.

  15. Dude should never play another down. Pathetic

  16. fadethechannel

    I hope all the niggas having babies w/ the white bitches get recorded 😂

  17. Joshua Hoffman

    I really can’t stand it when people hurt those who cannot defend themselves. That might be the one thing I truly hate

  18. Camden Jackson

    I’m a chiefs fan, but this is unacceptable. He needs to be cut

  19. Maurice Guerra

    He said some things that arent the greatest but are being taken out of context. She set this man up and sold the tape to TMZ, absolutely shameful in my opinion. These are the games that really keep dads out of their kids lives and it shouldnt be tolerated.

  20. I really think she did it , what made her want to record they’re conversation ?🤔 This bitch obviously trying to ruin this man career ..✌🏾

  21. Windy City Fan

    Kareem Hunt: I will be the only chief that will try to end my career

    Tyreek hill: hold my beer

  22. I’m a die hard Chief fan iv done lot of time first Kareem hunt now tyreek . It’s sad us as chiefs fans will never go to super bowl ever. We buy the jerseys the clothes and these igorant basters don’t care. I would be happy to have a decent house and a grass in front of my front yard but we are dumb I wasted my hard earned money on a karrem hunt and a tyreek hill jerseys whats sad I’d explaineg my kids why the chiefs will never win a super bowl.

  23. Cheyenne Moore

    He needs his ass beat

  24. Roger De Freese

    Hunt fucked up my fantasy season. Lucky this is coming out now and not during this coming season. Smh somebody need to whoop his ass for punching on kids. Fucking sissy.

  25. jacob rodriguez

    I got my ass whooped at 3 so what

  26. Lenny Cordeiro

    Its sad that some people who have kids are just scum bags. Hitting kids is wrong, 3 year old cmon man wtf. I feel like beatin this coward punks ass.

  27. why do y’all niggas trust these hoes man.

  28. Tyreek got Kareemed 👊💥👀💫

  29. Kick this mothafucker out of the league

  30. Chiefs went from having the brightest future for the next 5 years with Mahomes Hunt and Hill…now loosing their top 2 Best players. Thats crazy

  31. He said “you should be scared of me bitch”, like he talking to a UFC opponent. Smdh.

  32. Chief fans: wait hunt is gone? At least we have hill
    Also chief fans: just kill me now

  33. Both fucktards need to go to jail…Niccas will be Niccas🤦🏽‍♂️

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