KCTV5 audio recording indicates Chiefs receiver Tyreek Hill assaulted his son

Tyreek allegedly did terrible things to his son/KCTV5.

Tyreek is heard issuing threats.

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OVERLAND PARK — Better put those Super Bowl plans on hold. The Kansas City Chiefs are gonna need a new receiver. KCTV5 News and TMZ released shocking cell phone audio of a quarrel that transpired in March between Chiefs wideout Tyreek Hill and his gravid fiancé Crystal Espinal. The confab took place at the Dubai International Airport. Tyreek and Crytal are being probed by the Overland Park Police Department and the Kansas Department for Children and Families over an incident last month that left their 3-year-old son with a broken arm. What’s more troubling is the couple is expecting twins.

In the 11-minute recording, Tyreek issued a profanity-laced minatory to Crystal who admits to covering up for his abusive ass by lying to investigators. To compound matters, broken bones ain’t the only issue. Crystal said Tyreek punched the child multiple times in the chest.

“He is terrified of you,” Crystal said.

“You need to be terrified of me too, dumb bitch,” Tyreek replied.

“That’s why you can’t keep a fucking man, nigga.”

Tyreek tried to repudiate any wrongdoing. But the kid ratted him out.

“I didn’t do nothing,” Tyreek explained.

“Then why does he say ‘daddy did it?'” Crystal asked.

“A three-year-old is not going to lie about what happened to his arm.”

Tyreek figures to lose his career and family.

Not sure what’s going on. But it’s clear these two aren’t meant to be together. If you recall, Tyreek beat the hell out of Crystal a few years ago while she was gravid with his son. Now he allegedly broke the kid’s arm.

Johnson County District Attorney Steve Howe is busy reviewing the audio. There’s a 5-year statute of limitations on Tyreek’s case. So future charges are possible. Crystal shared the audio with a fidus Achates so it can be utilized as an “insurance policy” against Tyreek. The confidant then turned the recording over to authorities. The kid has been removed from the home and remains in foster care. Chiefs general manager Brett Veach held a late night press conference and announced Tyreek has been suspended indefinitely pending further investigation.

“Earlier this evening, we were made aware of the audio between Tyreek and Crystal,” said Veach who looked extremely tired. “We were deeply disturbed by what we heard and deeply concerned.”

“At this time, and for the foreseeable future, Tyreek Hill will not take part in any team activities,” Veach continued. “We are going to gather more information. We’re going to evaluate this information and we will make the right decision regarding Tyreek Hill.”   

Wow! Talk about a bombshell!

Listen to the disturbing audio.

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  1. Cheryl Ametewee

    disgusting. so disgusting.

  2. All 5 of their future’s are fuKCed up now. The three kids, mom’s and dad’s. Finances are about to be a major issue now….

  3. Jeremy Thompson

    As a Chiefs fan, this ain’t about football anymore, get the kid out of that home IMMEDIATELY! He needs to be cut like two minutes ago.

  4. “JUS DUMB WIT HIS DUMB ASS!!!” In my Steve Harvey voice…

  5. Man I wanna see Tyreek in a alley by himself . Fuck this coward 😡😡😡😡

  6. Women always a man downfall

  7. She clearly set him up over the phone.

  8. Welp that’s the end of his Career. I understand why it has to happen but this sucks, just think what were going to miss out on now as fans. He is a hall of fame caliber player that just threw it all away and I dont feel bad for him I more feel for the organization and the fans, you lose Kareem hunt now tyreek hill along with the fact that you barely lost in the AFC championship game. I’m so sorry if your a cheifs fan currently.

  9. This is a joke. He punishes his child and it’s considered abuse lol when I was a kid if I got in trouble my dad told me to get up and fight him and he hits his kid with a belt like most parents smh ridiculous how blown out of proportion this is

  10. These hos ain’t loyal.

  11. Fuck this dude.

  12. He’s fucked sorry Chiefs fans

  13. Steven Montiel

    She trying to get him.

  14. These dirty bitches are scandalous. This is why women should get paid less then men

  15. 11+ minutes and we get less than 2 min….. Its edited to make him look even worse. The mom is just as guilty. She’s trying to set him up and there is still no admitting to excessive violence. One part TMZ left out is that Tyreek Hill says that his son is a black male and that he needs to be rough on him cause black men are targets. Thats a fact. Same people complaining are same ones that that had no sympathy for Tamir Rice or other black boys when police gaffle em up. Then talk about absent father’s and rap music. Do you know how many baby boomers got their asses beat with belts, sticks, extension cords etc. In elementary school I remember kids getting that ass beat by old cowboy hat, tobacco spitting principal! Tyreek needs help though and so does the mom because with his past, any violence is too much violence. His heart is in right place but he lacks self control and he should have left his girl a long time ago cause she seems like she’s evil in more ways than one

  16. Damn first Kareem and then Tyreek but to me this alot worse than what Kareem did…damn this dude had all the talent in the world to throw it away what’s wrong with these dudes Makin millions just to do dumb shit

  17. Crazy… coulda made millions and millions but instead wanna be a piece of shit. Jesus christ.. keep that mentality on the field… you dont seem tough bullying your little kid and his mom. So stupid


  19. I’m sure he is not punching him in the chest hard but still wtf it’s a 3 year old and I believe in the belt for kids in serious need of it but 3 way way to young for that … 8 9 or 10 then maybe belt

  20. Yall need to calm down off this shit kids get that ass whooped just as I did. But so Scocity wants u not to so the police can beat that ass u got to raise your child with discipline especially and young black child in america

  21. These bitches ain’t shit!

  22. Robert Hernandez Jr

    This is bullshit and this girl is just trying to bring him down get a good lawyer bro you got this!!!!

  23. Stick a fork in Tyreke. This fool is done.

  24. Another violent black football player. What’s new?

  25. TMZ must hate the Chiefs first Hunt now trying to get rid of tyreek

  26. Both parents are responsible. Period.

  27. Honestly I know that he’s being a bad father by abusing the kid, but for the most part he sounds like a strict dad who doesn’t take any shit. It’s very old school but we’re so sensitive to this type of thing now.

  28. Tyreek hill is so screwed you really got to watch people they will record you in a minute watch what you say.

  29. Deтroιт313Daѕн!

    Smh… Cmon terek don’t punch your 3 year old bruh… I’m all for whopping or disciplining your kids but don’t kill the lil dude 🙄🙄🙄

  30. that nigga tyreek shouldve had this bitch in check

    she set his ass up good

  31. She ruined her future relatives guaranteed money in the future. He couldve made 10s of millions to be passed down throughout generations of generations of people with his last name and blood line. Now all that is taken away from people who aren’t even born yet cause some selfish bitch wanted to get famous on tmz

  32. Anthony Bennett

    KC Chiefs looking like the 2000 JailBlazers😂😅😂😅

  33. This is just her evil genius plan to use her baby as a meal ticket, she’s gonna divorce the dad, get child support for life and ruin his career in the process. She could’ve broke up with him and took her kid with her in private but she wanted to make it public to ruin his career and use it as an excuse to get child support. What a crazy bitch

  34. Reason why when you get millions of dollars stay to yourself. Only hookers lol

  35. No wonder CPS took their son away from both of them. This stupid bitch is just as bat shit as he is. She might be in the clear because she tricked his stupid ass! I believe they both were taking turns abusing that boy.

  36. Just get rid of this thug we don’t need that crap here in K.C.

  37. Smh it’s so hard being a Chiefs fan. First Hunt now Hill?! 🥺 I just want to win a Super Bowl guys!!

  38. SnapBackBoy1999

    That bitch dumb now your child just lost out on at least 60 mill because u don’t know how to keep shit in the house stupid shit bitches do for attention

  39. RiCkThEKiDD420

    First kareem hunt now tyreek hill, bad hit for the Chief’s

  40. He is a lowlife for scaring his son and hitting them but what it sounds like on these tapes is also sounds like she’s pushing it on the him I think it’s both of them I think that kid needs to be helped from both his parents I’m in no way of favor CPS taking any kid out of the home I think CPS is a horrible Department but it sounds like both of these parents are abusing this boy

  41. Ray Rice: “I think I found the quickest way to permanently end an NFL career.”

    Tyreek Hill: “Hold my beer.”

  42. cunt set him up.

  43. Karen Zambrano

    How can a mother stay with a father like this?

  44. No I excuse for this mans actions smh.
    On another note , in these times , one has to assume they are being recorded , or taken pictures of at all times , THEY CREEPIN …

  45. Kenneth Grigsby


  46. Raytesian Douglas

    Who the fuck beats a child in general let alone a 3 year old child

  47. This sound worse than it is. Anyone coming from a black home knows he not beatin that kid, and he not punching that boy in his chest for real. Stop it. Ion defend child abusers but I know what this conversation comes from and what it is. Him saying you need to be terrified of me too is an empty threat cuz she pissing him off and he only said that cuz he doesn’t believe the kid is actually terrified of him and she’s exaggerating. His girl isn’t worried about being touched, when he said she should be terrified it didn’t even phase her she knows he ain’t gon touch her. A lot of fuck shit goin on.

  48. Reginald Pippin

    Not a KC Chiefs fan, but damn. First Kareem, now Tyreek!

  49. Career over 👍🏽

  50. so they takin turn whoopin a 3 year old? suspend the wife from work too no pay.

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