Schoolyard Fight Video: Kashala Francis deceased after 3 students beat her up

Kashala died after being attacked at school.

Kashala’s death finally confirmed. 

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HOUSTON — Law enforcement officials have identified the cause of quietus for 13-year-old Kashala Francis, who passed away a few days after being ambushed by a trio of students at Attucks Middle School in Houston, Texas. The iniquitous ordeal was captured via cell phone video on April 18th. According to the medical examiner’s report, Kashala died due to complications of intracranial neoplasm — a scientific term for ‘brain tumor.’ Physicians at Texas Children’s Hospital found the malignancy in the back of Kashala’s scalp shortly after she was rendered comatose.

Raw video footage shows the defenseless 7th-grader getting punched and kicked repeatedly in the cranium which may have exacerbated the tumor. Mamie Jackson, Kashala’s mother, said had the pummeling not occurred, she “would have had more time with my baby.”

Now mama seeks justice. “It’s not fair. She did not deserve that. She kept saying ‘Stop.’ She didn’t even want to fight, but they kept going,” Mamie told reporters. “Why do I have to suffer? Why do I have to wake up and she’s not here?”

Watch the shocking video.

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  1. DAMN this is heartbreaking 😔😔😔 prayers to the family 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 RIP Angel 👼

  2. This has got to stop! 😢💔😠

  3. They were jealous of that baby.

  4. She died from a brain tumor, not the beating. Those responsible for assault should be charged accordingly, but not made responsable for her death.

  5. Elizabeth Shanks

    These bullies need to be taught a lesson and these teachers need to pay attention when these kids are being mentally and physically abused by other bullies ! Those girls are the cause of her death ! And something needs to be done!

  6. Heather Newsome

    Im confused where are these teachers when this stuff happends……SMH

  7. Shaulonda Jackson

    Rest in Peace baby girl.. 😳💜…We have to teach our kids to do better y’all!! 😵

  8. Cheyenne Nicole

    So sad💔🙏🏾

  9. Amerikkk is fucked up kids are messed up. people are killing each other, kids are going crazy, smh whats going on?? why people have rage what a kind of country!!

  10. Yasmine Wright

    this is a fucking lie that girl never got jumped it was a one on one fight

  11. Latoya Chambers

    This is becoming the normal and home schooling is becoming more popular it’s really sad you send your kids to school and learn and they may not make it back at home 😡 my daughter was being picked on in school she went in the bathroom to call me and let me know what was going on, and me her father was up there in 2.5 they school how did we know what was going on I said cause my daughter called me and when she call I come period… basically they was saying they like to handle it 1st that’s why they don’t want the kids to use their phones… I said and that’s why she have a phone… I said do y’all watch the news I’m not waiting for y’all to handle shit before something go wrong with mine and then it’s to late y’all got the right kid and she’s gonna keep her phone on her and she’s gonna call me whenever something happens fuck y’all school policy of no phones

  12. R.I.P Babygirl😢💔

  13. I say that we line those little CUNTS up on the street and slowly run over their heads with a truck until their evil little heads POP and just leave them there to die a slow death. Fucking little waste’s of sperm! Poor little girl. If that was my daughter, I would be out for blood!!! I hope that these little creeps are put in prison and that they get raped with a broom stick up their smelly asses and pussy holes! Little fucking murderers.

  14. So she had a tumor before the fight

  15. Wow she died thats sad bro i would of helped her out if i was there i would pick them up and slam them on the fucking floor break there fucking neck rip

  16. Blacklivesmatter

    Stop glorifying and posting these fights smh

  17. Megan Scheurman

    Send these children to prison!!!! She may of had a pre-existing condition but it’s obvious these sick females caused her death and worsened her condition by brutally attacking her!! Hold these people accountable!

  18. Kevin Fernandez

    Live by the sword die by the sword

  19. Another reason to avoid black people altogether. They don’t teach respect…kindness…or hard work. This is what they teach. Attack and kill. And cry racism

  20. what the actual fuck is wrong with kids these days! get a grip all these little kids wanna act tough and grown that doesn’t mean beating a innocent kid up to the point of death or near death… you think you tough but you prove by doing that shit that you’re still a stupid selfish child these people should be in jail and face the consequences! so mad at this

  21. That is so sad! I lost my daughter at birth through malpractice & God gave me a song called: Goodbye My Love inspired by her loss! The day I got the song back on demo my niece lost her son! That was when I knew God gave this song for any grieving parent or through any loss! This bullying towards this little girl should had never happened! Rather the tumor was there b4 the fight or not! Proof be told it led up to that little girls death! It breaks my heart to know that this little girl was attacked without cause! No one deserves that! I pray for the family that God helps her poor mom & all the love ones towards this traumatic encounter! & I pray this fighting over bullying is taken more series because this could had been avoided! & I hope & pray these little girls that attacked kashala realize the actions of their behavior was unjustified! & should had never happened! May God help the family through out their loss of this beautiful little girl!!

  22. Omg😩😩😩😩My deepest condolences to the family 🙏🏾💪🏾🙏🏾💞

  23. Elizabeth Gray

    Not only the children responsible but how about punishing the parents of these children that aren’t doing their jobs. It used to be that the parents were also held responsible.

  24. Kimothy Harrell

    Lil bad ass kids smh

  25. Dundrell HARRIS

    That’s so freaking awful. I’m in 😢 tears

  26. DeonJenee Brown

    This is so sickening, it doesn’t make any since how cruel ppl could be! Smh, they need to be in jail, and should be very disgusted by their actions!!

  27. Fuck that people need the death penalty for killing someone even teens

  28. I hope those little girls spend the rest of their life in jail. Those little girls are a disgrace. To KILL a girl and laugh at her while it is happenin. I have a boy at my school going to Juvenile prison because he is so violent, at 12. Why are kids so messed up these days. It’s extremely upsetting. R.I.P we will forever remember you, I’m sorry you were only 13.

  29. Omfg!!!!!!! This is so fucking sad! This shit needs to stop. Those kids need to be held accountable for this. No if’s, ands, or buts. This is heartbreaking. GOD BLESS this baby! 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿

  30. My heart breaks for her mom 😔 R.I.P babygirl 💗💗

  31. Azucena PerezLuna

    She was so beautiful 😭❤️❤️

  32. This is so bad..I mean she was so young…😣😣what wrong with these students if y’all dont know how to behave with other kids stay home and cruelty there..😡😡We send our kids to learn not to be brutallybrutally attacked this is rubbish😤😤💔💔

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