Tamar Braxton sick of estranged husband Vincent Herbert, seekin’ a status change

Tamar Braxton ready to move past Vincent/TMZ.

Tamar Braxton requests change. 

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ATLANTA — Reality TV star Tamar Braxton is single and ready to mingle. Only problem is the court still lists her as being married to estranged hubby Vincent Herbert and it’s really pissing her off. On Monday, the ‘Braxton Family Values’ member asked a judge to modify her marital status to “single” ASAP!  Tamar said a reconciliation ain’t happening because “there is nothing the court can do to salvage or repair the marriage.” After 9 years of holy matrimony, the 42-year-old singer filed for divorce in October 2017. Vince allegedly bit Tamar’s finger during a domestic dispute, sparking the severance. She also accused him of cheating.

Tamar and Vince share a 5-year-old son.

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  1. Misti Fleetwood

    She married him to further her career. She needs to change her attitude. I hate watching her on Braxton family values. I wouldn’t want to be married to her either

  2. Tamar has been miserable since Vincent lost weight; she is very insecure. Tamar wanted to be with someone who is undesirable to others. That weight came off and she hates it. Anyone can look at the episodes and see her jealously. After weight lost, his the worse person in the world.

  3. this is what happens when you change your looks to look like a white girl

  4. nqobile mdlalose

    Vince looks gay anyway. Good ridence.

  5. swiftjustice04

    She never loved Vince in the first place.She married him for connections to music industry.

  6. Ebony Williams

    I can most certainly relate to tamar been in an unfulfilling marriage for 9 yrs together sense 02 and i guess i truly believed in my marriage and the vows i made and although i know what God’s word says i am truly miserable and not in love with my husband and hv not been for awhile god knows ive tried ive prayed but I’ve never fasted but i just believe god did not put us together i think this relationship was all my doing so im bk in school trying to elevate myself and my next move will be totally up to god but rightnow im looking forward and i honestly dont see this man in my forward

  7. The money was done and she was bored

  8. Marriage is difficult and I feel like Tamar gave it her all. Now it’s time for her to go and continue growing…

  9. Amen Tamar, i truly know where you’re coming from. I’m going through the same things and it’s time to let him go. And set my self free from all his cheating, abuse and putting me out of my house. I’m done! Thank you Tamar, wishing you nothing but the Best. You deserve to be Happy. God Bless you and Your Handsome son. J.J Love 4 U Tamar!

  10. Loves of JBNeet

    I understand 100% I’m leaving my husband for these reasons. I cannot anymore. I’m tired of being the secret wife only good enough to take care of our home and children. I started to love myself and care for me more and he hates that. I’m so much happier. I remember thinking I would never get over him until I learned to love myself

  11. Palesa Ndokweni

    Good for her!

  12. WHO CARES👎👎👎👎👎👎👎Sheez washed Up…..

  13. He had a gf when Tamar met him. He was actually living with his gf. Tamar infiltrated the relationship and broke it off. So you mean to tell me that she was expecting him to be faithful? How stupid. Once a cheater always a cheater. 🤷🏾‍♀️

  14. Kennetta Bradford

    I hate abusive men. Vincent needs his Ass whipped

  15. The Moogie Show


  16. Well I guess that’s really it then. IT’S OVER!!!

  17. I said that the whole time… I kept looking at him with that mouth hanging open like it’s got to be for the money. And then Tamar with all that mouth. Like the Bible says.. Money is the root to all kinds of evil. Some people will do anything for it. I just won’t give up my peace for no amount of money.

  18. Dalton Hampton

    She up now !! He should of knew she was a gold digger. Everyone use to tell him that but now he see

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