Unfit mother arrested and jailed after cockroaches found in child’s backpack

Florida mom busted for being unfit/Facebook.

Unfit mother got arrested & jailed. 

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MILTON, Fl — “Look at all these roaches, surrounding me everyday. Just need some time… some time to get away.” Here’s a Mother’s Day story for your ass: Jessica Stevenson, a 33-year-old single parent of five, had her negligent ass thrown in jail on Friday for treating her children like bovine animals. The heinous crime took place in Santa Rosa County, Florida. According to the Sheriff’s report, sh*t hit the fan when Jessica’s second-grade daughter wore the same outfit to school for more than a week.

The child’s mephitic raiment reeked of excreta due to “caked on fecal matter and urine.” The malodor was so untolerable, students at Bagdad Elementary had to evacuate the classroom. Then, on a separate occasion, “hundreds of bugs” crawled out of the little girl’s backpack during lunch — causing many to barf. When asked to explain, the compunctious child said her home is roach-infested.

Horrified faculty members called the Sheriff’s office to launch an investigation. While probing Jessica’s unfurnished residence, deputies noticed cockroaches on the walls, rancid sustenance in the refrigerator, and containers of bleach within reach of the children.

“The amount of neglect in this case is very disturbing,” said Assistant State Attorney Greg Marcille.

The report also claims the Department for Children and Families conducted an investigation a while ago and determined the children shouldn’t be deracinated from home. The Sheriff’s office disagreed. Jessica was handcuffed and charged with a quintet of child neglect charges.

She’s looking at a max of 25 years in prison.

After bonding out, Jessica told reporters she was treated “unfairly” and didn’t deserve to get arrested. “I’m not a bad mom. I do everything I can. I work hard,” Jessica explained. “We have roaches, people all the time tell me everyone in Florida has roaches.”

“It’s not easy when you’re one person and five kids,” Jessica continued.

“I want to do better and I’m trying.”

What’s your take?

Does Jessica deserve jail time?

Should she be allowed to keep her kids?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. She dnt need those babies…where were their daddy or daddies..and as nosey as family is where were them to protect them babies..smh 😥

  2. Dysfunctional crazieeez

    About time BECKY got what she deserves🐘

  3. This is just despicable !!!!🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🏼🤦🤦🤦

  4. 😨 Those innocent babies are going to be affected by that house of horrors for life. 😥 All my love and prayers for those angelbabies, and any innocents still in a similar situation waiting and not knowing that this sh!+ is not normal. I hope (praying) that she is never to be granted unsupervised contact with those babies (any) EVER! Blessings they have been rescued 🙏.

  5. Lavender Don Roses


  6. Tracy Washington

    Yup. Where the father? Hope she doesn’t get her kids back.

  7. Nastybitch#😡

  8. Angela Roberts

    This some nasty … nasty! I’m surprised she didn’t have lice also 🤔she had to be smelly at best!

  9. Esther Chambliss

    Who in the entire world would sleep with her to have that many children?

  10. Men, if a woman keeps a nasty home, best knnw she herself is dirty and stank! Any person that can live like that and not be bothered, is mentally unstable

  11. Shame on her to treat those kids like that. She has the nerve to have a job. Where is the rest of the family. I hope they lock her up. Glad they took her kids she should not get them back.

  12. sabrinakeys250

    Wow. I have 6 boys but our house not filthy. But they are lazy. All the dads need to get their children.

  13. Trifflin!

  14. The way some people live is surprising.

  15. Flawless Fluidity

    How does it help to arrest her though? Now she’ll have, on top of everything else, legal fees, court costs, bail money to pay etc. She doesn’t look dangerous. Why not put her in a shelter? If she’s not committed a serious crime she’s going to bond out anyway if not get ROR. Additional legal fees and court costs only compounds the problem for her. Lack of money and resources is what got her in the situation she’s in now. Women like this need help not persecution.

  16. 5 kids? quit gettin this bitch pregnant

  17. No comment. Because I was taught if you don’t have nothing nice to say then don’t say nothing at all

  18. Tee Washington

    Pest Control..😂😂😂😂

  19. Kimberly Howard

    Faces up to 25 years in prisin wth pediphiles get less time SMH.
    How about 30 days, and a case worker who monitors her every two weeks and help her get her house debugged. Parenting classes, and 10 yr. Probation. Mandatory Family counseling for 3 months. Seriously putting their mom away when the family including (mom) need help. Parenting skills and continuous accountability.

  20. I was one person with 7 kids i kept my house and kids clean very clean and i was the only one i did it all by myself

  21. Ronnett Turner

    The poor kid had bugs coming out of her bag poor baby what if the kids tease her for that 😢

  22. Daaaaaaang Poor kids.

  23. She is lying through her teeth!!
    I’m Florida born, and ‘Everyone’ in Florida DOES NOT have roaches!! 😂

  24. She had enough damn money to dye her hair… should of bought a raid bomb for that house

  25. I got five and my house clean…. She just trifling and nasty…. praying the kids don’t get tease…. It ain’t they fault….

  26. There are a lot of roaches in Florida

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