Mugshot queen’s “sugar skull” tattoos are drawing attention globally & domestically

Alyssa Zebrasky’s facial tattoos drawing worldwide attention.

Woman’s mugshot showcases tattoos. 

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DAYTON, Ohio — Alyssa Zebrasky, who’s mugshots have gone viral because of her kooky facial tattoos, was thrown behind bars on Wednesday after she failed to show up in court. Common Pleas Court Judge John Durkin issued the bench warrant, leading to Alyssa’s arrest. The eccentric damsel remains in police custody at Ohio’s Mahoning County Jail. Getting arrested is nothing new to Alyssa. The felonious babe got busted in November following an altercation with an Austintown police officer.

Alyssa’s booking photo, which resembles a “sugar skull,” was obtained and disseminated by tabloids worldwide. What’s sad is, before painting her countenance, Alyssa was a half decent lookin’ chick who earned a living as a stripper. Now she looks like a Mephistophelian meth user.

A damn shame.

Prior to her November arrest, the 27-year-old malefactor was apprehended and jailed on a myriad of larceny and drug-related charges. As a repeat offender, Alyssa could face some serious jail time.

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  1. Well we already know she doesn’t have any brains for getting that face tattoo. No surprise she thought she’d get away with shoplifting! NO ONE WOULD NOTICE HER AT ALL RIGHT?

  2. 2 Minute Warning

    the mind is a terrible thing to waste

  3. why lady why?????????????

  4. this bitch must be on crack

  5. I hope she doesnt have children

  6. somebody needs to slap this ugly bitch back into reality

  7. Face tattoos ain’t worth it

  8. Sheriff's office

    Looks like shit

  9. To each their own
    To each their own
    To each their own
    To each their own
    To each their own

  10. a face only a mother could love

  11. Id still fuck her

  12. These face “tattoos” are just scribbled garbage

  13. I have one question: Why? Just why?

  14. Nooo to face tats…. but it’s your face so 🤷🏾‍♀️.

  15. Dumb Asses tattoo their face with stupid shit. If it ain’t tribal, it’s scribble on a school desk.

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