1. ShowBizz The Adult

    Funniest video ever hands down. I do the rock giant stomp in the mirror sometimes like “I want it all”

  2. Dameon Jackson

    Bet Uncut !!! College days lol

  3. Killuminati Maccabee

    These guys have incredible lyrical skill, but they talkin bout some dumb 💩. Still got flow though.

  4. Rodrieguez Williams

    I like it! I use to watch it!! It’s provocative!! It makes sense” more sense then most shit today!

  5. This still my jamm!! #UncutDayz

  6. this my shit

  7. Ayo i remember coming in the crib late night, high as gas, catching BET UNCUT and geeking off this shit and others

  8. I used to bum this shit!

  9. This shit went hard.

  10. Brittany Wallen Paul

    Man what happen to this group? I still love this song.


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