Samuel L. Jackson ready to hand off baton during the latest installment of “Shaft”

Samuel L. Jackson back for mo’ action in Shaft.

Samuel L. Jackson returns as Shaft II. 

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LOS ANGELES — “Who is the man that would risk his neck for his brother, man? (Shaft) Can ya dig it?” After a 19-year hiatus, Samuel L. Jackson returns in Tim Story’s “Shaft” scheduled to hit movie theaters June 14th. The latest installment, however, will feature Survivor’s Remorse star Jessie T. Usher as Shaft’s estranged son — a cybersecurity aficionado employed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. “He joins the FBI, which is sort of anti-Shaft family values,” Jackson told Entertainment Weekly during a recent confab.

“So when he comes to me for help, it’s a matter of reshaping him.”

In the 2000 action-comedy, Jackson portrayed the nephew of the dramatis persona made famous by Richard Roundtree in the ’70s. Now it appears he’s passing the baton to Jessie. Can’t blame him. Jackson just turned 70. “He’s mellowed a bit,” Jackson said, referring to his aging character.

“He’s not quite as crazy and cynical. Maybe a bit more devil-may-care the last time we saw him. But still an extremely dangerous and funny character.”

Again, Shaft hits theaters June 14th.

Watch the preview.

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  1. BigMommaLovesYou

    CAN’T WAIT😍😎😍😎😍😎

  2. Oscar Porsgaard

    “Shut yo mouth”

  3. I will be in the movies to see this

  4. RedboneBonered

    That look like it’s going to be funny and good.All three generations in the movie. I always see Samuel L Jackson as Gator from Jungle Fever. Sorry all time favorite character that he played…

  5. Are we going to allow the image of black men to be tarnish by the remerge of these misogynist egotistical self-centered fictional characters of the past, Superfly, now Shaft. I know no black men that imitate these characters, at least none that are not incarcerated.Fuck Samuel L. Loud mouth sellout. Why don’t you try playing, father figure…characters most men are trying to up hold. I guess that image does not sell, Uncle Tommy.

  6. what the hell is this shit?!?! Where the hell is busta rhymes!

  7. bernie bernido

    This better be good

  8. Why no white shaft they wanna change all the super hero’s I see how it works

  9. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣!! I gots to watch this!!!

  10. This is definitely a fuck no for me

  11. I have my doubts about this.. I saw the last one… and there can be only one John Shaft and his name is Richard Roundtree..

  12. Not another fucking shaft

  13. can shaft join the avengers?

  14. This should be a good movie, …..without the motha phuckin snakes and planes….

  15. I want to see this😁👍👍

  16. Phrank Ikechukwu

    Motherfucker!!! Ain’t nobody tell me that I ain’t gonna watch this motherfucking movie. These dudes are dope. Any movie by Samuel L. Jackson ain’t a waste of my time. That dude sure knows how to play the game….mmmmm mmmmm mmmmm

  17. SlyGuy & HitMan

    My guy is 70 YEARS OLD!!! Still a Badass!

  18. Oscar Porsgaard

    “Shut yo mouth”

  19. This shit looks so fuckin corney. They should of not added a son or some dumb love interest. Why is everything turning into a goddamn family movie for!?!

  20. This movie will be lit

  21. Richard Roundtree, still the man!

  22. I’m a simple man…

    I see Samuel L Jackson I click

  23. BigMommaLovesYou

    CAN’T WAIT😍😎😍😎😍😎

  24. Another Samuel L Jackson movie!?

  25. Tim Story is not a good director….he lacks imagination and doesnt have the energy to make this work….but maybe he’ll prove me wrong

  26. I like it !!! 😎 shaft rock’s!!!Wats my name!!!👈!!!

  27. Although, I love SLJ’s work the original is and will always be the best. It appears to me that Hollywood has no NEW IDEAS so they just continue to redo all the classics. I imagine sometime in the future some bright hollywooder will decide to remake Claudine.

  28. Loved the original SHAFT!!! The Isaac Haye score was one of the best music scores ever make!!! EVER!!!!! But as to the “new” rendition of Shaft have one question: Why…WHY…W-H-Y???

  29. steven patterson

    Love Sam’s Work ethic 🙏🏽

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