Teen sports star Jaylon McKenzie was murdered before realizing NFL dream

McKenzie died before he could realize his dream.

Teen sports star killed at a party.

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ST. LOUIS — In a tragic development, teen sports phenom Jaylon McKenzie was shot dead Saturday night at a post-prom party in Venice, Missouri — roughly 5 miles northeast of St. Louis. He was only 14. According to police reports, officers were dispatched to the scene around 11:40 p.m. When they arrived, McKenzie was found suffering from gunshot wounds. He was expedited to an area hospital where he later died. A 15-year-old girl was also hospitalized with life-threatening injuries.

McKenzie raised eyebrows nationwide in August after he reeled in five catches for 161 yards and two touchdowns at the NFL’s 8th Grade All-American Game in Canton, Ohio. He was then featured in a Sports Illustrated article that references six young athletes on the cusp of global stardom.

McKenzie received football scholarship offers from the University of Missouri and University of Illinois. His goal was to play in the NFL for either the Los Angeles Rams or Los Angeles Chargers. Many believe McKenzie’s mom shares culpability for allowing her 8th grader to party at midnight.

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  1. 2019 been crazy so far nipsey and now another kid with a bright future. God takes the special ones early

  2. youngblak Wall Street

    This is sad they are taking to many of the future brighter stars this is a horrible story wow 💔 I hate hearing stories like this one

  3. William Cunningham

    Unfortunately this is not shocking anymore. Even the school districts statement was like oh well add it to the many we are dealing with. 14 year old boy at a party at 1140 pm. Not sure what to say. The issues in urban america are staggering. Noone seems to want to address the root cause of inner city violence. Until they do nothing will change!

  4. RIP jaylon😭

  5. Steve stevenson

    Wheres black lives matter on this. Dont worry ill wait

  6. Kevin James Martin

    I’ve been told on multiple occasions not to stop anywhere in East St. Louis–not even at a stop sign (seriously); there also seems to be something about children attending parties hosted by kids who attend other schools–maybe the pecking order isn’t fully fleshed out to abet tension. In this, Illinois’ true “Southside,” what larger patterns are at play to make such a sharp culture?

  7. So disgusting we lost this great young kid just because some lowlife criminal was WAYYYYYY too scared to fight like a man.

  8. …why are 8th graders out of the house at midnight? A prom party… I guess that a good excuse… My curfew was 10 o’clock on a non school night unless I was sleeping over at a friend’s… Parents need to actually parent. I don’t give a fuck if that’s not cool. 8th grade and can stay out to midnight or past it doesn’t make sense to me. Like, bars close where I’m from at 2am. Why is a 14 old kid “partying” at midnight?!? What the hell do kids do at midnight the resembles partying? Maybe I’m old fashioned, but my kid damn sure ain’t gonna be out partying all night while he is in middle school

  9. Blacks shooting other Blacks where are Black Lives Matter now? I guess when when blacks shoot and kill blacks BLM don’t mean shit! Black Lives Matter are nothing but a terrorist racist group!

  10. George Leonard

    Another young life cut tragically short at the hands of Blacks. I wish it would stop but it will not stop – it’s what they do.

  11. 14 years old, an 8th grader, and at a post-prom party at 11:40pm? So sad, particularly because it was completely preventable. Kids, don’t be in such a hurry to grow up, and parents, keep your kids safe. RIP, Jaylon.

  12. Mitch mitchell

    Black’s slaughter Black’s every day, not really surprising news. Rest in pieces.

  13. Jonathan Palacios

    14 years old; 11pm; at a party?? Where is the parenting? What was a 14 year old kid doing out at these times??? Come on people? Does this sound like a normal good thing?? Hell NO! Smh. But sorry for your lost family my prayers go out to your lost.

  14. StrawberryDonutGod

    He was 14? He looks older than me and I’m 19

  15. Francisco Duran

    now his mom lost her golden ticket,,you know shes gonna find someone to sue ,,,shes gonna get sombody to give her money,,,she cant get it through her son ,,so somebody is,, !!,,,and wtf did HE DO OR SAY for some M.F.!! to kill him,,,think about it,,,,he already thought he was the shit in his house,,,having his moms b.f,,to anounce him going into the room,,,read up on that,,,the mom said if,,,,

  16. football and basketball. why am i not surprised. that is all our boys are good for.

  17. Should have never gone to a party! All these kids want to do is party!!!! Makes no sense! RIP, but the parents are at fault!

  18. I’m not going to sugar coat this but where in the hell was the adult supervision during this party? A parent should have been there to protect these children. So disappointing and such a tragic loss.


    I’m not being a dick here but hey mom, why was your 14 year old “baby” out late on a Saturday night at a party in the first place? Who was he with, how did he get there, were there parents there? Why not spend time with your son on a Saturday night, maybe play a board game, watch a movie, anything but let him hang out on the streets late on a Saturday night at the age of 14. If your working make sure he’s with a responsible adult. Not to mention, besides him there were 16 other people shot on the same day in St.Louis. When is the inner city black communities going to learn? Grow up already and take some responsibility for once. I feel bad for a lot of these kids but god dam, these parents bring it on themselves. I’d love to take some of these kids in. I’d show them what real respect is and show you the importance of family values, which is what these black communities lost and are missing. And I live in the suburbs next to a high school who does have a football team so they could still play football and any other sport and know nothing will happen

  20. So tragic. My heart goes out to everyone who is mourning the loss of Jaylon.

  21. Christian Brin

    Can’t go to a dance and have fun anymore some kid is strapped and looking for trouble. Condolences to his family and all his freinds

  22. When will this stuff stop … stop these shootings … terrible tragedy …. senseless killings

  23. jheez grade 8 at a promparty??

  24. RIP Jaylon. Now he’s on the best team of all-time. Undefeated. And God’s the coach.

  25. Any self respecting parent would not let their 14 year old be out that late at some random party in fucked up East St. Louis.
    But everyone is going to have sympathy for the mom…smh
    My race will never learn…

  26. Stop the violence St. Louis

  27. Why do you thugs still think killing people is cool? Y’all slaughter the young kids and the next generation, for what? For respect? For the community to fear you? Smh rip jay, prayers up for him and his family

  28. There should be a sense of urgency with black people (community) to resolve this incident, but there isn’t. Considering the culture of fighting in the black community at social events, parents must be creative about alternative activities to keep their children safe. Parents must work together across the community to make sure these are safe environments (creating a guest list, identify a secure location, hiring security)—- this must be approached with a sense of urgency considering the sadistic shootings. If not, we have yet to understand the value of life. Sincere condolences to the family

  29. #PutDownTheGuns

  30. Here today gone today 😞

  31. What a horrible tragedy. He looks like such a joyful person in the photos and he had so much promise of a bright future. Condolences to his family and friends. I hope the 15 year old girl is okay.

  32. Durrell Blackmon

    If he wasn’t at a fucked up party this wouldnt happened rip jaylon McKenzie 😭🤦‍♂️

  33. Why would you kill someone dancing at a party?!?! Rip Jaylon McKenzie too young!😔

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