Tekashi 6ix9ine’s girlfriend discloses sexy ‘breast tattoo’ in the likeness of his face

Tekashi’s girlfriend Jade reveals breast tattoo/TMZ.

Tekashi 6ix9ine’s girlfriend is loyal. 

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NEW YORK — “These hoes ain’t loyal?” In case you didn’t know, imprisoned lyricist Tekashi 6ix9ine has a ‘ride or die’ chick and the devoted damsel cemented her troth in the form of an embonpoint tattoo of the rapper’s countenance. Jade, Tekashi’s girlfriend, recently divulged her latest ink adulation which showcases a graphic of her boyfriend’s face right above her perky left breast. The amorous photo contains the caption: “Just got Chris Brown tatted, shit crazy.” Not sure what that means, but Tekashi ain’t complaining. He’s absolutely ecstatic over the pic.

Jade’s titty tattoo is merely the second installment. She also has the number “69” embedded on her right shoulder. If you’re a fan of Tekashi, you’d be sapient to follow Jade’s social media accounts. After all, she was the first person to disseminate his prison images back in January.

Tekashi, who pleaded guilty to racketeering and weapon charges a few months ago, is busy serving time in a Brooklyn Penitentiary. He plans to egress soon. But, because he’s a snitch, there’s several people out to get him. Not to mention he has gangsta ties to Bloods in urban New York.

Do you like Jade’s tattoo?

Is it a bit too much?

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  1. Disgusting, How’s that going to look when she’s 70!! THOT….

  2. Biggest “L” .. and of course his faithful rite now, but when he gets out and starts being in the strip clubs he’ll be at it again with new hoes..

  3. The Great Wee Wee

    These thots crazy asf now

  4. Sure them other dudes going to be bustin on his face now, but when he gets out hes going to be bustin on his own dam face too. This is the tattoo no one wanted.

  5. Tat my name on you girls so I know it’s real

  6. #Freemyboy6ix9ine 🐐🔥

  7. What’s even funnier is when 69 cheats on her then she’s stuck with that forever

  8. Soggy Stripper Dollar

    What a stupid fucking generation. Y’all fucked.

  9. Streets Don't Lie

    Snitch Tits

  10. She stupid as fuck.

  11. of all the pictures she chose THE WORST ONE 😭

  12. omg omg omg wtf is wrong w her that is out right skin damage that is so UGLY and her tattoo person should be ashamed.

  13. beto quintanilla

    Damn that’s a weak tattoo

  14. Why is everyone hating? When he got locked up everyone said she wasn’t gonna be loyal… now she’s be MORE THAN LOYAL and she’s getting hate. It makes no sense. People love hating.

  15. Jamenci Sartre

    She drank too much rainbow juice 🌈

  16. That tattoo looks terrible on her. She just ruined her perfect fake body.

  17. I don’t get it she called him a rat then gets another big ugly tattoo of him. That must be a take tattoo because he’s gonna leave her eventually

  18. TheMoonIsDarker 17

    What if they break up? This THOT really STOOPID

  19. Wantmoretattoos Brooke

    Oh my god 😳😳😳 it’s bloody horrible
    I know I can’t say much as I’m covered. But that ink is rubbish

  20. its a wacky world

    What a dumb bitch

  21. That tattoo is litt

  22. Let’s be honest, she’s pretty hot and sexy but WHY THE FUCK SHE GETTING THOSE FUCKING UGLY TATTOOS?!?!
    She could be a fucking supermodle with some good quality tattoos but why the fuck people these days are no brains…

  23. These thots these days be tripping


    That’s not real

  25. That shit looks so bad lmfao

  26. B I T C H E S B E B O N K E RS

  27. Mental health is real

  28. Even the tattoo snitching 🐀

  29. David Alexandrovitch

    Still low key fucking other dudes for sure.

  30. She still could be fucking. That tattoo don’t mean shit

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