One-year-old girl brutally murdered by mother’s boyfriend inside a motel room

Aija Brown mourns the loss of daughter Nariah.

Mom’s boyfriend murders infant. 

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RICHMOND — Law enforcement officials in Richmond, Virginia are investigating the grisly murder of 17-month-old Nariah Brown who was allegedly killed by her mother’s boyfriend. The sanguinary ordeal went down at the Colony House Motor Lodge on May 8th. It’s arguably the dirtiest, most unsanitary motel ever seen. Aija Brown, Nariah’s mother, told police she left her baby girl in the motel room with her inamorato while she gave a family member a ride. When she returned to the ghetto lodge, the unthinkable had transpired. Nariah was raped and beaten to a bloody pulp.

The baby suffered multiple lacerations, punctured lungs and fractured ribs.

Nariah was expedited to an area hospital where she died two days later. “I said, ‘baby, I love you… and I’m going to let you go with him… and I’ll be right back,” a tearful Aija told investigators. “I was in panic mode, disgusted, in total shock… that anything happened to her.”

Aija, who wore makeup and fake eyelashes during her news interview, said she started dating her boyfriend a year ago but she’s known him since 4th grade. Aija said she had every reason to trust him. Now she’s asking parents to take heed of her warning.

“I love my daughter,” Aija said.

“But I just want parents [to] keep your children close.”

If only she had taken her own advice.

Anyway, Aija has some disturbing history of her own.

In October 2015, she was arrested and jailed for sexually assaulting an underaged male relative.

So she’s now linked to a pair of cases involving child abuse.

What’s your take?

Should Aija share culpability for Nariah’s death?

Is it time for remiss parents to stop trusting significant others with their babies?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. This story brought me to tears. How on earth can someone hurt an innocent child.

  2. Her mom left her baby with her bf of 1 year. 🤦‍♀️🤬🤬🤬

  3. My Lord Jesus Christ.

  4. Women u got to stop leaving these babies with your boyfriends. Men are not babysitters!!

  5. Something sounds very off with her story. WHAT was she and her child doing in a motel room and claiming she wouldn’t leave her child alone WHY DID she leave the child alone in a MOTEL ROOM. NOT buying her story.

  6. Can you please tell us how a strange man was left alone in a seedy motel room with that child?

  7. This woman needs to accept responsibility. She left the child alone, reason unknown, with an individual in a motel room. Well the child had no choice mom did, why did she leave her child? There are a lot of unanswered questions.

  8. she doesn’t seem right. She’s guilty, but only crying because she’s in on it and feels ashamed for what happened. Who wear false eyelashes and has the strength to put on makeup and do their hair in this situation.

  9. a child that young…that young! I have absolutely no sympathy for the mother. what in the world was so important she left her baby..with him.

  10. The mother seems distraught, but she bothered to wear big false eyelashes after several days (they weren’t left on the whole time) and large “look at me” earrings. She cares about her appearance right now. She also had makeup on.

  11. What kind of a mother would leave their baby in a Motel room with a man who is not the childs father.

  12. Let me guess, the boyfriend.

  13. I truly regret clicking on this…as a parent I will have a hard time sleeping tonight

  14. It’s time our lawmakers do something about these woman that put their children in dangerous situations. Maybe these stories wouldn’t be so common if Mom was charged for the crime too.

  15. Tired of the Nonsense

    Something is wrong with this story. This woman is not telling the whole story. I suspect some of what she is saying isn’t the truth.

  16. You DON’T trust anyone with your children……

  17. Why is the mother not screaming for justice for her murdered baby? She surely knows who was left with her in that motel room. She had time to try to kill him even. Perhaps she is giving witness to the police in private and I am doing her a disservice with this question. As a mother, sometimes other women’s actions in situations baffle me just as mine might be a bit extreme on the other side. Our children are sacred to us even above God.

  18. Black American

    Why don’t black people ever speak on these issues that widely happens in the black community?? I mean this type of stuff is non stop….i was Molested at a young age. It forever changes you mentally. It can confuse your sexuality. So I just can’t imagine how other people deal with it…

  19. Stay away from men! They are paedophiles.Very few arent

  20. This big, fat, unfit POS is in on it and needs to be thrown underneath the jail right along with that sleazy, low life, scumbag POS boyfriend of hers.

  21. These women leaving these girls babies in the hands of monsters, need to be held responsible. What the Baby doing in a hotel room without her mother. The person responsible ain’t gonna last long in prison. That’s sick , the person must have a mental problem. Did the mom know this person. ?

  22. Bernadette Andrews

    I just don’t understand why the baby couldn’t go with her if she was just dropping off the auntie its just not right this is a plot she put that baby in the room with them tos because people are sick they do anything for a little money

  23. Cecelia Kirkpatrick

    This is why I don’t date!! I don’t trust any one with my kids 💯 I’m so sorry beautiful baby girl that you had to endure this demonic world I PRAY God has you held tightly in his arms 😢💔

  24. Whoever did this needs the death penalty. RIP little angel 💖

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