Raw Video: Splenetic black woman killed elderly white passenger on Las Vegas bus

Cadesha Bishop murdered an old man on a bus.

Woman kills old passenger on bus. 

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LAS VEGAS — When public transportation goes terribly wrong. Cadesha Bishop had her choleric ass thrown in jail after she killed a 74-year-old white man for, get this: He told her to start being “nicer” to people. The ghastly incident transpired March 21st on a bus in Las Vegas. The entire ordeal was captured on video. According to police reports, Cadesha was busy shouting a bunch of obscenities as Serge Fournier prepared to effectuate an egress. As he grabbed his walker and proceeded down the aisle, the old man implored Cadesha to start being “nicer to the passengers.”

The 25-year-old meshuga then pushed Serge off the bus, causing him to hit his head on the sidewalk. The elderly victim initially declined medical treatment. But he checked himself into the hospital later that night. Serge died a month later. Raw footage shows Cadesha shove him with both hands.

The autopsy later revealed blunt force torso injuries as the cause of death.

Cadesha was arrested May 6th and charged with murder.

Watch the disturbing video.

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  1. She needs to die…somebody should’ve beat the shit out of her on that bus..

  2. Laveda Hernandez

    If this had been a white person pushing a black person it would be all over! Black lives matter!

  3. My main issue is that she did this and no one on the bus grabs her?! I would have blown up on her. Hope she gets life.

  4. Man enters heaven for doing GOD’s will! For those who don’t know your bible. I will explain Mathew 10 :39 says ….. 39 He that findeth his life shall lose it: and he that loseth his life for my sake shall find it. (this is Jesus speaking) For this man listened to the HOLY SPIRIT and told the lady to “be nice” because she was cursing at passengers. HE DID AS JESUS TOLD HIM, HE LISTENED TO THE HOLY SPIRIT AND LOST HIS LIFE. And because he did so, he is now in HEAVEN! For evil hates GOOD and hates GOD. So Do Good and you shall be blessed. Follow the bible and live. Don’t read corrupt bibles, Only read the KJV bible. Your choice DO YOU WANT TO GO TO HEAVEN?

  5. Tracy Kat Aguilar

    To hell with this she-beast.😤

  6. I just want to punch her teeth out, and then let them grow back again and punch them out again and then let them grow back again and punch them out again

  7. This is why blacks have a bad reputation. Don’t be silent on this issue speak out against it.

  8. I dont know what im gonna do if i witness that incident personally. Bitches like that enraged me..i can probably ignore her arguing with passengers but not when she goes physical. It was way too much.

  9. Black people again…

  10. I hope she rots in hell….

  11. Looks like the assturd criminal was angry and impatient because old people were getting off the bus and she couldn’t get in easily. The old man and the assturd seemed to have had a little discussion as well before the assturd pushed him and killed him. The assturd doesn’t deserve to live free in society, she’s very selfish and violent to others.

  12. Matthew Williams

    Around blacks, never relax

  13. Lauful Mahfudh

    she was born to be a bitch

  14. She’d got clocked for that shit, chick or not.

  15. How to have fun with your penis

    Give that bitch the death penalty, parasites like that do not deserve life! That poor man did not deserve such a cold death.

  16. Nelson Robert Willis

    What a freakin’ beast!
    She’s not fit to be part of a civilized society.
    Watch her defense attorneys & a bunch of her idiotic supporters & sympathizers trump up a bunch of psychobable gobbledygook about how she’s not really responsible for her violent, murderous actions, and how it would be unjust to try to hold her accountable for this homicidal assault.
    I say: Lock her up & throw the key into the sea!


    White life matter.

  18. Disgusting…….to cowardly attack an old man and from behind, he had absolutely no means of defense…..his blood is on her hands….she is blood guilty regardless of her reason or excuses 🤥….video evidence……🤔

  19. This is sad 😭

  20. don’t lie…. we all had a guilty little chuckle.. but still RIP🙏

  21. Push an old man off a bus like he was nothing? Lock her up and throw away the key!

  22. Private_81f92e61

    Execute her! Bye bye.

  23. Not to be cruel…but my parents told me long ago that knowing when to shut your mouth could save your life. I totally believe them now. Not everything has to be addressed.

  24. I am glad it was a black woman pushing a white guy out of the bus because if it would of been a white girl pushing a old black guy that would of been a RACIST act!Its OK if a black person does something to a white person!

  25. And when whites commit even worse acts, then it’s OK because the perpetrator is white. It doesn’t bother you when a white person is brutally murdered, raped, tortured by another white lerson. But, if the perpetrator is black, then it’s a problem. Ever read American History of how whites treated and murdered blacks for basically doing nothing? Start with Emmett Till, then read back and forward in American history.

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