Two women arrested after children found ‘eating grass’ because they were hungry

Joanne Hall thrown in jail for child neglect.

2 Women busted over child neglect. 

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PALM BAY — Joanne Hall, 77, and Corey Richards, 25, are both chillin’ in the slammer after two little girls were found eating grass and twigs because they were starving. The ravenous act of negligence went down at a mobile home park in Palm Bay, Florida. According to court docs, patrol officers were dispatched to Holiday Park amid reports of two girls devouring wooden sticks in public. When police arrived, they found the children peppered with insect bites.

The blonde babies were also famished, squalid and dehydrated. One had on a sh*tty diaper. Authorities tracked down the caregivers and threw both of their asses in jail. Joanne and Corey are charged with child neglect. The kids were placed in the custody of Florida’s Department for Children and Families.

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  1. In the custody of Florida’s D.C.F. is almost as bad as staying with these so-called parents.

  2. Two more of these reprobates! String ’em up in public. It’ll teach ’em a lesson….them and others LIKE them

  3. Charly Dat Duc Lai

    They must not have any rights to have any children, for their wrongful actions, they’ve lost their rights to have connections with children!

  4. Why do these people have kids for anyways.

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