Villainous boyfriend murders girlfriend’s daughter then ‘stashes’ her bloody body

Derion Vence accused of murdering Maleah Davis.

Evil boyfriend kills girlfriend’s lil girl.

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HOUSTON — Derion Vence is busy putrefying behind bars after he allegedly raped and murdered 4-year-old Maleah Davis, the daughter of his ex-fiancée. The sanguinary ordeal went down around 9 p.m. on May 4th in Houston, Texas. Derion, believed to be the child’s stepfather, was arrested the ensuing Saturday. According to police reports, Brittany Bowens — the child’s mother — left Maleah alone with Derion to attend her father’s funeral in Massachusetts. They also share a son together. At first, Derion told investigators Maleah was abducted by three Hispanic males during a carjacking while he was en route to pick up Brittany at Bush Intercontinental Airport.

But, after surveillance video surfaced, Derion modified his anamnesis — saying he was knocked insensible before waking up and realizing Maleah was gone. The little girl’s body is still missing. Police did, however, detect blood inside Derion’s apartment that matches DNA obtained from Maleah’s toothbrush.

The 26-year-old malefactor also made a disturbing comment that may lead to Maleah’s whereabouts. “He actually told his mother-in-law a year ago, ‘If I ever murder someone I can dump a body in Rosharon, that will never be found,'” said Tim Miller, director and founder of Texas EquuSearch.

Rosharon is a rural community in Brazoria, County.

Derion once had a mail delivery route there.

Police are probing the vicinity to locate the cadaver.

This isn’t the first child abuse incident involving Derion.

He reportedly assaulted Maleah in the past which resulted in ecchymosis, facial swelling and black eyes. Child Protective Services investigated the alleged crime and determined the child wouldn’t be deracinated from home. Brittany broke off her engagement with Derion a short while ago.

So many of us are confused as to why she’d trust her baby girl with a violent negro she’s no longer with? Anyway… if you have any information on Maleah’s disappearance, please call 713-308-3600.

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  1. he must be waiting for some evidence to wash the way off this girl’s body and hoping it’s not discover his DNA is found on her he’s sick and he deserves the chair or lethal injection the mother deserves to be locked away for even suspecting and leaving her with somebody who she think sexually abused them

  2. Stop lying Mf n tell them where u put the body u need to get put to death u looser

  3. This shit fucking hurt my God she so pretty she a baby god. .I cry for these kids there being harmed the most innocent angels of the world …these agency’s don’t care something have to be done…


  5. Veronika Gomez

    Child services failed once again

  6. Veronika Gomez

    This is horrific. Such a beauty girl

  7. What ever prison he ends up in, inmates know what to do. How could anyone hurt a child?

  8. Jackyblue67 Same

    That so called mother is also guilty .

  9. Latonia Anderson

    Why did the mom leave her precious baby with a man she knew was abusive to her daughter

  10. Her ass need to be in jail

  11. So she stayed with this monster knowing he was abusing her baby. She needs to rot in hell. Moms are suppose to protect their babies.

  12. Bull!!! NO TEARS from that mother ….what a faker! And, she let this man abuse her daughter???? Well, of course, she was abusing her too!!!!


  14. Her fat insecure ass got low self esteem and was jealous of her own daughter and loved that man more then herself and children.. This shit is going on in a lot of black homes as I speak now.. Black people don’t like act like we can’t see thru this shit… People on the outside looking in May be a bit confused but this is normal in the black community just not the killing part… Sad shit! 🙏🏿🙏🏽🙏🏼🙏🏻🙏

  15. Velasquez Carter

    That bitch need to go to jail along with her “husband “ since she wanted to be with so bad , she’s the reason why her daughter is dead .. she had one job and fucking failed . She’s pathetic 💯

  16. He sexually abused that baby and he probably always did but he probably went too far and had impulse to hide whatever he did because he felt threatened for whatever reason could be the mom coming back and actually seeing something? I know from experience being sexually abused since the age of three that these men will do crazy things and when they are up to things like that it will be something like fingers in the vagina not enough to put it on the map or radar even for a stupid mom blinded by the d… but IT ALWAYS ends up going too far sadly when u keep a son of a bitch like that around he will eventually go too far and it’s heartbreaking that the babies take that L because as a grown ass woman you can choose to be weak and dumb at your expense until u open up your eyes because at that point she’s blind by choice he sent all the red flags and sounded that alarm real clear for her to stop take a step back and get her baby out of there

  17. I hope they lock her up and throw away the 🔑 🙏🙏🙏🙏 🙏

  18. I’m trying to get and understanding of this whole situation. It’s only been bits and pieces of the story and the information that has been given is different every time!..I’m just want to know if she called off the engagement-why was the child left in his care?….And, idk why they are identifying him has her stepfather when they where never married or not going to be married. This sickens me, that so many children are being abused and killed by “boyfriends”…I hate this for this mother!…

    Ladies, you must stay on guard when it comes to your children and the men you let into your life. This happens way to often…..

  19. Nothing but the truth

    You failed your child.

  20. Infuriating. Disgusting. Unimaginable. This little girl should have NEVER been given back to these worthless, pathetic people. Shame on CPS. She’d still be alive if they did the right thing.😡😡

  21. Felicia Foster

    Every adult in this child’s life failed Maleah miserably!

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