Alyssa Milano is clamoring a “sex strike” claiming anti-abortion laws are unfair

Alyssa Milano urging women to stop having sex/USA Today.

Alyssa Milano has anti-abortion beef. 

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ATLANTA — “Charmed” actress Alyssa Milano has a solution to the Republican abortion problem: Ladies must eschew giving up the derrière. The 46-year-old activist is calling for a “sex strike” until anti-abortion laws are repealed in the dirty south. In case you didn’t know, Georgia and a quintet of other states now proscribe the effectuation of feticide once a physician identifies a heartbeat in the embryo. Keep in mind, a baby’s cardiac pulsations are typically detected after 6 weeks — during a time when many women have no idea they’re even pregnant. Under Georgia law, those clients won’t qualify for an abortion.

Alyssa says that’s bullsh*t. Now she’s imploring chicks to keep their legs closed and vulvas shut for the betterment of humanity (or lack thereof). Hell, some ladies should be practicing celibacy anyway. Then we won’t need so many damn abortions in the first place.

Ohio, Mississippi, Kentucky, Iowa and North Dakota also impose similar legislation.

“Our reproductive rights are being erased,” Alyssa tweeted. “Until women have legal control over our own bodies we just cannot risk pregnancy … JOIN ME by not having sex until we get bodily autonomy back. I’m calling for a #SexStrike. Pass it on.”

Alyssa has two children.

Do you agree with her stance?

Is sexual abnegation in your future?

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  1. How about we boycott this baby killer . Alyssa Milano.

  2. 30 times more deaths by abortion than by guns in u.s.

  3. Alyssa Milano,
    go back to your Rich White Neighborhood, where your Hollywood Elite live on Tinker Bell Island, and stop preaching!!!

  4. So lay her on a table and let them RIP her limbs off one by one. While u have a heart beat she is pos

  5. How about actors run for office or shut up and just make millions in the movies. They have every right to say they disagree with something/anything as a citizen, but when actors use their celebrity status to push their personal agenda, it crosses the line in my opinion. Don’t come from the Peoples Republic of California to Georgia and make threats about our laws. California could use some cleaning up!

  6. She’s freaking a multi millionaire!!!! Why should I listen to such hypocrites, why do a lot of ppl listen to them, I mean like Jennifer Aniston made like 2.5 million for 1 15 min show on “friends” …idk, probably more, for 1 show & their was 8 or so yrs of that show…add that up…hello

  7. Alyssa Milano triggered the me too movement. She destroyed the lives of so many innocent men. She should be locked into a dungeon and its key should be thrown away. It is unbelievable that she can walk free.

  8. shes a serious fool if she thinks she is going to get anywhere with threatening ga law officials… but where is her heart her backbone for aborting babies if she seen the procedures and knew what happens and what they do to sweet innocent babies… past the 6 weeks mark then she is sick and demonic… and she is very sick…🤢

  9. Sammi Fruitbat

    God will Bless Geaorgia for protecting the innocent vulnerable unborn, Alyssa Milano needs to just shut up and go away, what’s she got against babies anyway??

  10. Francisca Pedraza

    This woman is so out of context. My support for Georgia!

  11. Artoria Pendragon

    I use to like Alyssa when she was in Charmed. But Jesus, this women carried two (i believe) human beings in her crusty uterus. Does she really think that she was pregnant with her uterus? It boggles my mind that a woman sees a human being in the womb, and carries a human being, but still selfishly insists that it’s her uterus.

  12. I would never see another Alyssa Milano movie again. If you come out politically, I will support my values over your crappy movies any day.

  13. She’s a crap actress anyway. Who needs her?

  14. Alyssa Milano is a scumbag pure and simple.

  15. Michele Mcmillian

    Boycott Hollywood! They represent nothing more than Evil. She is a sick person among many other Hollywood Radicals.

  16. Dang. I used to like Alyssa, not anymore! Abortion is MURDER!!!

  17. Well said Ms. Milano.

  18. I’ve been not having sex for years.
    I’m an activist and I didn’t even know it.

  19. Good move Alyssa!!! By closing your legs you’ll be able to avoid abortions all together! I wish more women were this responsible!!!

  20. She sounds like a bratty child 🙄

  21. Maryland Bass Hunter

    This woman has mental issues on the same level as Jim Carey.

  22. Whoever is banging her should have their heads checked.

  23. If the left stop reproducing it would be a blessing from God.

  24. So is she trying to tell me that women are only good for one thing
    Wow she’s such a sexist pig 🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷

  25. Baby I wanna slide into your shopping mall and spend some time in The Gap.😉😘

  26. So she is using sex as a currency… give me the law and I’ll give you p^$$y again…

  27. good we don’t want her reproducing anyway

  28. She’s an embarrassment

  29. Once Trump leaves office, America is done.

  30. Everybody’s laughing at her. Alyssa Milano overestimated the value of her vagina.

  31. 🧐Aren’t bytches supposed to be abstinent until marriage anyway?! 🤣

  32. Make prostitution legal, its cheaper.

  33. “You’re not going to give me sex? Then I’m not going to waste my paycheck on buying you things.” Strike will be over in a day.

  34. Armando Gallardo

    Lol sooooo the people that are going on strike are the same ones that want abortions…….

    Cool so they won’t get pregnant….brilliant haha

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