Reality TV star Kylie Jenner starts baby business, plans to sell cribs, strollers, etc.

Kylie filed trademarks to start new baby line/TMZ.

Kylie is expanding business ventures. 

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LOS ANGELES — Ladies… if you plan on getting ‘knocked up’ anytime soon, Kylie Jenner may have what you need. That’s because the 21-year-old reality TV star filed trademarks to concoct a post-maternity business with the moniker “Kylie Baby.” The entrepreneurial infant line will contain a miscellany of neonate items including baby cribs, bouncers, changing tables and baby walkers. In addition to those products, Kylie plans to market a series of non-medicated skin care commodities; mainly moisturizers, lotions and creams.

Oh, there’s more. You’ll also be able to purchase linens, swaddling blankets, crib jumpers, breast storage bottles, breast pumps, strollers, car seats and diaper bags. Love ’em or hate ’em, the Kardashians and Jenners are all about that paper. Sh*t, Kylie was recently named Forbes Magazine’s “youngest-ever self-made billionaire.”

Her estimated fortune is a cool $1 billion thanks to “Kylie Cosmetics” and other endeavors.

Anyway, should gravid chicks get excited about the baby biz?

Do you plan to patronize Kylie’s new entity?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Love em or hate them them some smart dumb bitches and they know how to use the white mans platform to exploit what they believe to be urban behavior

  2. There are a lot of kylie in this world and she wants register it as a brand? Go to hell……if she wants to register kylie kardashian is fine….but just “kylie” is stupid.

  3. doesnt she have enough money already lol

  4. moontakeen whitaker

    Tyga did teach her good………lmao

  5. Andres Esquivel

    Kylie baby?talk about lame

  6. Can’t hate on her. She used her family riches to bill her own brand. True hustler

  7. She going to get richer 😏

  8. Rosaura Rivera-Melendez




  9. Kylie is really a genius

  10. Innovative Interests

    Oh thats unoriginal & bland just like her celebrity status 😐


  12. Lol why won’t she think of any other CREATIVE and more appealing company names? she knows using her name will bring more customers. 😏

  13. Great! Now chicks gonna be getting pumped up just to make babies and buy this crap!

  14. I think this is unique and pretty awesome of her actually.

  15. BeautyBehindTheScience

    I admire her entrepreneurial spirit! And the fact that her baby girl is her inspiration is so adorable.

  16. She’s really taking over the world

  17. This the only reason she had a baby

  18. Queen Kylie 💙

  19. God just stop!!!!!

  20. cookie monster

    I am not paying x numbers of dollars just to have some celebrity name on it. I tell customer all the time why different baby items cost differently. Your just paying more for someone’s name on it.

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