Browns halfback Kareem Hunt discusses assault of woman with Cleveland media

Kareem Hunt ready to move forward/

Kareem Hunt addresses media. 

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CLEVELAND — Former Kansas City Chiefs halfback Kareem Hunt met with media in Cleveland for the first time on Wednesday to give an elucidation on how he plans to eschew beating a woman’s ass. Hunt, now a member of the Cleveland Browns, was jettisoned by the Chiefs in November after TMZ released a surveillance video that shows him assaulting a young white chick inside a Cleveland hotel. The Browns picked him up a few weeks later. Hunt must now serve an 8-game suspension before he can play.

When asked how’s life since returning to his home state of Ohio, Hunt replied: “It turned out to be good landing in a situation like the Browns, close to home again. I just have to sit back [during my suspension] and keep faith and better myself as a person.”

Hunt also said he would like to meet the victim and “apologize to her face.” But he has no way “of contacting her.” The woman, Abigail Ottinger, has gotten the hell out of dodge and she refuses to answer calls from the media. Hunt, by the way, swears he’s a rehabilitated negro.

The 23-year-old Pro Bowler plans to get baptized on Sunday and he’s doing lots of community service to rebuild trust. ESPN reported that had Hunt not lied about kicking Abigail’s ass, the Chiefs would’ve stuck with him. Now he’s getting a second chance with the Browns.

Did KC make a mistake by letting him go?

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  1. Good pickup for any team. But the fact his moment happened in Cleveland is a real problem for browns.

  2. eddiewinehosen

    Everyone just pump the breaks!!! It’s still the Browns we’re talking about, going to love seeing that locker room implode from all the egos and women beaters!

  3. cameron cooper

    Browns are looking dangerous.

  4. Shut the fuck up that woman hit him first so he have the right to defend his self

  5. Johnny Be good

    Yet another dumb ghetto thug who gets paid millions to run & be a work horse so he thinks his actions don’t have consequences. At least someone gave him a job in Cleveland lmao

  6. Typical black sports player. He’s in good hands with the shitty browns

  7. Amanda Laschola

    That guy is a piece of shit the NFL only hired him because they think he’s a good player he’s not even a good human being whatsoever give me a fucking break fuck you NFL!!!

  8. Browns are no longer the laughing stock of the NFL. Cleveland is going to be a scary team for any time to face

  9. Parker Collins


  10. He looks like a angel now compared to Tyreek Hill’s whole ordeal with breaking him 3 year old son’s arm.

  11. Super Bowl Browns vs Dallas Cowboys

  12. The Dude's Clues

    The Cleveland Browns were the first NFL to team to sign black players. The history of my Brownies is rich! Woof woof woof woof woof!

  13. Why wasn’t the drunk, racist, underage bitch who spit in his face accountable?

  14. Fuck they like to beat a dead horse, shut up. he should have just come out said he is doing better and working towards correcting his behavior and what happened is in his past and he is bettering himself and moving on, that’s all I am going to say about that incident I will be happy to answer all questions about my future going forward with the Browns

  15. women aren’t held accountable for anything.

  16. Everyone makes mistakes. Dude was crucified during this press meeting. Wish he could turn the camera on everyone asking questions and find out their biggest mistake.

  17. What’s sour to me as a Chiefs when this incident happened kick him off the team he doesn’t deserve to be in the NFL. Now kicked off Chiefs signed with Browns it’s all love again go Browns we have a chance to make the playoffs this year. The NFL is very biased on certain teams in the NFL this was my favorite player and running back the Love Hate Love again in the NFL proves to me fans don’t know anything.

  18. Man fuck these media fucks cant wait to see kareem kill it

  19. CrunchyTacos1234

    I dont care what he did he still the #27 i remember from the chiefs but he with the browns now if you still hate this man for what he did, then you know damn well you do some dirty things and hide it.

  20. What’s next tyreek hill breaks his baby’s arm and is gonna get his job back? What kind of organization is this ?😷👎

  21. I fucking hate him not being in a chiefs uniform man it sucks

  22. You can tell that he ain’t like Tyreek Hill and will make another mistake.

  23. Anthony McFadden

    Dorsey signed him twice for a reason, Dorsey clearly trusts him and is giving a second chance, ppl just fueling him with movitation at this point

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