Cardi B tells desperate mothers to “stop leaving your kids with ya boyfriends!”

Cardi B implores mothers to make better decisions.

Cardi B tweeted parental dispatch.

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ATLANTA — Maleah Davis and Nariah Brown are the latest bairns to fall victim to mom’s bloodthirsty boyfriends, which kindled this public service announcement from Cardi B: ‘Stop leaving your kids with ya boyfriends! PERIOD.’ Maleah (age 4) and Nariah (age 1) were both recently raped and murdered by the significant others of their impetuous mothers who many believe should face charges. Cardi, who admits she’s having difficulty finding someone to watch her 10-month-old daughter Kulture, disseminated a brazen dispatch on Monday; lambasting remiss mothers who are in dire need of trusted caregivers.

“Dear Moms, I know it’s hard to find good babysitters you can trust (I still don’t have one) and I know sometimes the money isn’t there but PLEASE STOP leaving ya kids with your boyfriends!” Cardi wrote on her Twitter account. “The devil is manipulating their minds especially when they are needy of attention.”

The “Bodak Yellow” rapper also said it’s time for insouciant mothers to stop incorporating peculiar men into the lives of their precious offspring. “Let me make it simple for the dumb minded! STOP LEAVING YOUR KIDS WITH YA BOYFRIENDS! PERIOD,” Cardi wrote.

“Learn your man before bringing him around your kids. Stop ignoring the signs.”

Cardi’s communique certainly resonated with fans and many rendered their two cents. Twitter user Carlita wrote: “If you have a boyfriend that cannot be trusted alone with children you should get rid of him asap.” Another fan addressed Maleah’s quietus with the following tweet:

“The mother in the case of #MaleahDavis knew full well that her child was being abused. It’s messed up but some of the mothers will sacrifice their babies to these monsters just to keep them in the relationship. How do u know a man molests and beats ur child but go on a trip?”

Do you agree with Cardi’s message?

Are today’s mothers reckless and desperate?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Lets see. she has violated men by sexing n robbing them n now trying 2 tell people 2 careful who u associate with. Cant take it no more.

  2. Ugh! Girl go lay down. It’s true. But no one wants advice from your bird @ss.

  3. If u dont kno this by now u a fool!!! U dont need Cardi telling u this!

  4. This SHOULD be common knowledge at this point. But we know most females today stuck on dumb. How about not procreation until marriage?🤔 Oh but that would require (at least for appearance sake) stop being a whore…

  5. Bingo! Pleaee stop having kids with men who don’t even want to pretend like y’all a family. At least if they marry you that means y’all were both on the same page at some point. If he never marries you then you are really just out there hoping and fingers crossed that it works out. I don’t understand the hatred or lack of interest in marriage within black culture. The LBGT community fought hard as hell for that right. Its should be an honor and a privilege to be a wife or a husband, to a good spouse. I guess that’s the problem. We aren’t picking quality partners so there’s not pride in the relationship from the jump? I’m content and single so I’m looking at it as a single person. If I find a good partner, I would be honored to be their spouse, domestic partner, life mate whatever and grow our family. But I will gladly stay a single childless spinster before I get fooled up with a bum.

  6. Good 4 Cardi No matter HER (perceived or not) flaws, she has a huge enuff platform to get the mssg out. W2g Cardi👍👍
    I would only add that this applies to MEN also. Not every woman is gonna love another woman kids by you. Some will actually be jealous.
    Everyone be careful💖

  7. Save ur words, Cardi. These dyck drunk birds don’t think their sorry ass baby daddy of 5 by as many baby mamas would do anything to their child.

    “Daquantavius luh kids! He be bine them ice cream and bazin them n er’thang while I’m at werk.”

    Never mind she comes home to a knot on her son’s head or her daughter’s bottom is red! 🙄🙄🙄

    Fukk these stupid ass hoes! Lock their sorry asses up and give them the death penalty right alongside the sorry ass nigga!

  8. FACTS! those random boyfriends tend to be rapey.

  9. Nathan Hastings

    As soon as Cardi and Offset break up, she’ll be rotating boyfriends in and out of her child’s life just like Amber Rose. They are hoodrats and that what hood girls do.

  10. Mr.LeBrickJames

    She might actually have a point with this. When I hear of a child that’s been abused, it rarely seems like it’s done by the biological father. More often it’s by a boyfriend or stepfather.

  11. hmmm… Cardi B giving advice again, I’m gonna leave this one alone for now. I may come back later w/a comment

  12. Some of these guys are pretending to like and care for the mother. If he can’t stand you, why do you trust him around your children? Because if he truly and honestly loved you, the mother of the child/ children , he wouldn’t harm or murder your child. These stories irk me to no end.

  13. Yup, I said it

    This is why historically and still in Muslim countries the father always got custody of the kids. These predator type folks like coaches, teachers, relatives think twice before molesting a kid if they know the daddy is likely to load them up with some hot lead. A woman biological role is not to protect its to nurture. Yes we protect but not to the level a man should. Even Lion prides are protected by the males. I’m somewhat of a feminist but it is what it is.

  14. ThatNigerianGirl

    I hope those women listen to her, she is right.

  15. Cardi did good speaking up. Women need to stop letting everybody watch their kids. The truth sting like a MF!

  16. Boy, boy boy. Reading these comments is like whew. A lot of people just don’t get it. Let me see if I can help offer a perspective that may work for some.—

    (1) I would be so hurt and offended if I was a man, living or married to a woman and she doesn’t trust me with her child alone. NOT ALL MEN ARE MOLESTERS AND ABUSERS people. Please don’t do that to these men, please. And abuse also happens to children by bio family members, if not more so. So that theory is debunked of the step parent is worse than the bio parent. —

    (2) If you can’t trust him or prefer to be around him with your child, then why are you with him???!!!! I am sooooo confused by this. If he can’t be trusted, then he can’t be trusted. This is not protecting your child. What you are doing is creating an environment unfit for everyone in the household. CREATE A TRUSTING ENVIRONMENT.—

    (3) Please do not move men/women in your home while you are getting to know him/her, dating him or even serious with him, please. I know you need help with babysitting while you work, pay bills and take care of kids, but please, please find an alternative because you just don’t know the person well enough for this. CREATE A STABLE ENVIRONMENT. Allow him to show you what type of man he is.
    He in your eye view will not make him NOT CHEAT. The extra money you’re trying to save with one household has tremendous consequences. LET A MAN BE A MAN, and not depend on you. If he is one, you will soon know. But find out what type when he lives alone, supporting himself and NOT leaving one woman’s house, or his momma’s house, moving into yours. A *MAN* WILL NOT WANT TO MOVE INTO YOUR HOUSE LADIES. He will buy a home for you both-

    (4) Your body is raging hormonally and the need for sex, love, attention, warmth, affection, increases during this time. Please protect yourself from wanting to start a family with someone until you are sure everything checks off, like JOB SECURITY FOR YEARS, EDUCATION, A HOME, CAR, MONEY IN THE BANK and A SPIRITUAL CONNECTION. You just do not need the drama from having a lack of.–
    (5) ARE YOU HAPPY and healed from your own wounds? Can you provide a stable and loving home free from financial burden for a child if you have to do it alone? I know we get lonely, I know we have hurt that a man who whispers the right thing in our ear to make us TEMPORARILY forget about the pain, but it is still there. Heal and then move forward so you ATTRACT the positive energy you possess.–
    (6) Being a parent is challenging but it has the greatest rewards when we are secure financially, spiritually and emotionally. If you are facing challenges being a parent and want or have abused your child, get help from someone. Even if the result is the child being temporarily removed from you home, that may be the best solution until you are able to parent appropriately. You won’t lose your child permanently. You’re just getting the break you need until you are on solid ground.–

    (7) If you are a parent, and your kids are thriving then congratulations. If your child has suffered some type of trauma, and you kept it a secret, please rethink your decision. Protect others. —

    (8) PLEASE stop cussing out your child! This is abusive. Please stop chasing unfit men. Please stop positioning yourself to be lied to. Please stop giving a man your money, your automobile to drop you off at work while he sleeps all day. Please act ladylike and dress ladylike to attract a man who will treat you like a lady.

  17. @A D N: This is solid advice, but, I don’t agree with #1. Men have to understand, when they walk into a blended situation, that the decisions and boundaries established aren’t about *them* but about protecting the child. Yeah it’s a bit extreme to say “no man can be left alone with my child”, but overkill is better than underkill. As a mother, I would hope your primary concern is about the protection and well-being of your child. Above all else. Children who traumatized, or sexually assaulted, aren’t just physically scarred. These are emotional and mental scars that follow them through adulthood and can irreparably damage their ability to have healthy relationships. So, with all of that at stake, yes, I’d go extreme and set boundaries that include not allowing any MAN alone with my child. Period. The damage is too severe if/when it happens, and if banning men from being alone with my child provides even an ounce of certainty, that she’s safe and protected, then that’s what’s going to happen 🤷🏽‍♀️

  18. Let them eat cake

    I’m not listening to anyone that publicly admitted to drugging and robbing men.

  19. Yep, stop leaving your kids with just any damn nigga u lay with and more importantly, don’t help the nigga KILL YOUR KID…cuz that’s EXACTLY what happened here. The bitch was in on it.

  20. She’s RIGHT! its signs these men do not care for these kids outside of the relationship with you. Why would you want to be with someone that will not accept your children. How can some of these women trust these men or women because this not just directed toward women its directed toward men also. WAKE UP!

  21. Alextra Ballard

    First and foremost it’s not always the “Boyfriend” that can be abusive,some bio-dads ain bout shidt ither. Men are not a one size fit all,meaning all men are different. All boyfriends are not abusive,so it’s up tew momz. Some momz have that maternal instinct to know when something is not right with her child and she immediately reacts,while others choose to ignore all the red flags and dew absolutely nothing.

  22. Most men especially under the age of 35 do not want to or have the emotional maturity to be stepdad to another mans kids and most under 30 do not want to be full time dad to their own.
    Women need to stop trying to force these Brady Bunch fantasies. If there is a man that does want to play daddy watch out he’s probably a hobosapien and a pedophille.
    People need to watch who they allow their children to have contact with that goes for family and friends too.

  23. No comment ,I have nothing nice to say, so I’m just not going to say nothing at all..IM HERE FOR THE COMMENTS.

  24. The world we live in.
    Hard to imagine, but it will only get worse and never better.

  25. Preach Cardi!

  26. Patrick Guillory

    Little Maleah Davis looks like Cardi B little girl.

  27. these hoes dont care about they kids as long as a nigga keep givin them that “D”

  28. Cardi for President!

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