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Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil: Netflix biopic reveals raw ugliness of Ted Bundy

Ted was charming, yet murderous.

Ladies loved Ted despite his crimes. 

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LOS ANGELES — Yours truly got a chance to descry Ted Bundy’s biopic “Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile” on Netflix the other day and two things stood out: 1) Teddy, who represented himself, could’ve became an exceptional lawyer had he not tortured and extirpated dozens of beddable women. Even the judge lauded his judicial efforts prior to imposing a death sentence. “I’d have loved to have you practice in front of me,” said Dade Circuit Judge Edward Cowart. “But you went another way, partner.”

2) Despite being a psychotic killer, women were infatuated with Teddy’s shrewdness and physical appearance. Hordes of single ladies attended his trial just to catch a glimpse of his perspicacity. Hell… several chicks told the media Ted was innocent because he’s so “dreamy.”

A damn shame.

Directed by Joe Berlinger, “Extremely Wicked…” can be seen on Netflix.

Teddy is portrayed by Zac Efron.

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  1. He really looks the most like Ted compared to the other movies, and the Ted you see in the green river killer flick (where he goes to talk with Ted to gain insight in the green river killer)
    They dida great job on that area.

  2. Lol, this movie makes me laugh at how stupid people are 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  3. Zac Efron did a good job in this movie but I can’t help but think Glenn Howerton would have killed this role.

  4. Just finished the movie and damn props to Zac for a great performance! Sometimes Zac portrayed his character so convincingly that you thought he was telling the truth at some point. That ending scene made my jaw drop tbh good acting

  5. I learn alot about Ted Bundy I’m shocked that He’s handsome / charming but a serial killer, rapist, buglar, sociopath. Ted Bundy was insane. Ted Bundy should apologize to the families who are hurt before He was excuted & He should apologize to his family & friends who cared about him. Hey Ted Bundy can act like his own lawyer instead of being an monster ( serial killer) Ted would have been a great lawyer & defending murderes instead of being one can. I just want to say I’m heart broken for the victims’ famililes & friends My prayers are with them. RIP to Kimberly Leach, RIP to all the women that Ted Bundy killed. If Ted Bundy was alive I would interview him & said Mr Bundy do you forgive yourself , & do you wish you never did crimes!!! God want us all to forgive one another can I get an Amen

  6. Just saw it, it was an amazing movie. Zac performance was incredible, creepy as hell and so realistic. It is so well played that you can’t help but to be on his side. Until the last 10 minutes. The ending made me cry of horror, I can’t find the words to describe how I felt when the movie ended.
    At the end, I was mad at myself for having felt compassion for Ted during 1 hour and a half, but his character is just so charismatic that you can’t do anything about that.

  7. This movie sucks. If you know they story of Ted Bundy, which most do, you know he’s guilty the entire film, making the climax scene utterly pointless. Overall a dry execution to what could have been an edge-of-your-seat thriller. The acting was fine, I’m more disappointed in the choreograph. Was cool to see Hetfield as the Sheriff.

  8. watching this movie makes me believe that he is innocent which is a little more terrifying!

  9. Watching this on Netflix now. Damn, Zac Efron grew up right before my very eyes… he can get it 😆

  10. Even though I knew he was the killer there were many parts in the movie that made me doubt it because of how amazing Zac’s performance is and what makes this even more amazing is that it’s accurate to how people felt towards Bundy. He was charismatic, brilliant, and it’s difficult to see how a man like that can commits these horrendous acts of murder. It wasn’t until the end of the movie where it made me feel sick knowing that he 100% did it.

  11. The approach was interesting. The film is told entirely from the perspective of Liz, IE none of the murders are depicted and we see the Ted Bundy she sees, almost making you side with him. The result is a very tasteful movie. Well done.

  12. It’s Said that Bundy was Such a Good looking, And Handsome guy. But I don’t see it. He was ok looking at Best, But if Ted actually looked like Zac does in This Movie Ok then now we’re Talking. Don’t much see what all the Hype was about the Real Ted Scummy…I mean Bundy was.

  13. why make a film about this horrible excuse for a human being. why dont we make films about people who shine for something positive in this world.

  14. I didn’t like Zac till now. He did an outstanding job and the movie is fantastic. Wearing the same clothes as Ted did he’s the spitting image of the serial killer!. Thank you Netflix!

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