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Transgender woman Muhlaysia Booker murdered a month after brutal assault

Muhlaysia Booker shot dead.

Transgender lady murdered in Texas.

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DALLAS — Muhlaysia Booker, the 23-year-old transgender chick assaulted by a ghetto mob last month, was shot dead early Saturday morning. The fatality transpired around 6:40 a.m. in downtown Dallas. Police Lt. Vincent Weddington labeled Muhlaysia’s demise “homicidal violence” just moments after finding her cadaver face-down in the middle of the street. “Upon arrival, officers found the complainant lying face down in the street — deceased from homicidal violence,” Weddington said during Sunday’s news conference.

Taking into account Muhlaysia’s homosexual izzat, Assistant Police Chief Avery Moore wouldn’t confirm if a hate crime did or didn’t occur. “I have no reason to say that or not,” Moore told reporters. If you recall, on April 12th, Muhlaysia was clobbered in broad daylight following a minor traffic accident.

The entire ordeal was captured on video.

Raw footage shows 29-year-old homophobe Edward Thomas and his clique pummeling Muhlaysia in front of a truculent audience at Royal Crest Apartments. Even though Thomas was arrested and charged with assault, Weddington said there’s no evidence linking him to Muhlaysia’s murder.

“There is nothing at this time to connect Mr. Edward Thomas and the offense that occurred,” he said.

What’s your take?

Did a hate crime occur?

Are transgender women under attack?

Share your thoughts below.

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  1. this is so sad wtf she did not deserve this at all, i pray for her and her family omg 🙏❤️

  2. 😪😧😔 I hate this. Y r transwomen hate crimes still happening?! These people need to get LIFE sentences. This is NOT ok!


  4. This is such an awful situation! She did not deserve to be assaulted or murdered. My prayers are with her family and friends.

  5. I wish death and destruction to all those involved in Muhlaysia Booker assault and murder in Dallas Texas may they rest in Hell

  6. I don’t condone violence against any of you. My problem is being told 2+2=5 and if I don’t agree with it then I’m a criminal. Now there’s your fascism! Live your life and stay outta mine! We cool?

  7. Well gee,maybe some of the mother fuckers that went to jail for her beating where not happy about going to jail?Stupid pigs should absofuckingloutley start looking there.

  8. Insecure men have to kill in order to feel manly. They’re broken men.

  9. why is nothing being done about this???? something needs to stop all this unnecessary killing!!!

  10. I am so mad this makes no sense they are killing us and nothing is being done about it Lord I pray if I’m ever attack I can get my hand on my blade and gut the attacker like a fish

  11. No matter who someone is, a person is a person, whether a baby or an adult, an unborn or someone who is born, a serial killer or a martyr, gay or heterosexual, mentally ill or perfectly sane, diversity of races, a human being is a human being. Everyone deserves to be treated with dignity, respect, and compassion. No one is better than anyone else and even if we don’t agree with the style of life of people around us, we still needs to respect them. It is very sad to address the death of a person in such a way. Everyone lives in lies, no one on this earth does not live in lies but there is a divine respect in a human being that God gives and puts in each one of us. A human life is sacred. We can share our wisdom and views but we should never disrespect the sanctity of a human being. We can disagree but in humility and respect for both GOD and a human who is just like us.

  12. I’m sooooo sorry boo .OMG😥😥😥😥😥😥😥IM SO SAD AND SHOCKED OHHH MY GOODNESS 🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️WHY

  13. Lord God what is wrong our people .Praying for my people.This is so sad.Hurts my heart.🙏😢😢😢

  14. I cant believe she died. Remember watching the assault video a while back. Cant believe she was murdered

  15. Another black man killed by a black man. Where do we line up to blame whitey?

  16. She was beautiful, this violence and murder of our all beautiful trans women and trans men, our sisters and brothers (particularly trans women of colour . OUTRAGEOUS, DISGUSTING and TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE! RIP my beautiful sister 💗🔥♥️💪xxxxxx

  17. half of those guys beating her probably hated themselves for finding her attractive… this is a terrible thing to happen to any trans person. – RIP

  18. People still don’t get it: You have the right to not agree with someone’s personal life choices. What you do not have the right to do is cause physical harm to that person because of how you feel about their life choices. After all, they aren’t bothering you and it’s really none of your business, just as your personal life choices are none of anyone else’s business!

  19. This has to stop! Being different can get you killed. Unacceptable! This was someone’s child. May you RIP Ms.Booker.

  20. Leviticus 20:13; If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.

  21. Society tell me why do you hate trans people like me so much were just average people but that our gender identity doesn’t mach our biological sex

  22. This was wrong in the sight of God on so many levels. NO matter what the person was, in the End God is the final ” Judge- Jury _and Executioner” of life. we all have to face God at the end of life. May condolense to this person family

  23. 😶 hood rule #117:

    if you know they already wanna get at you… don’t give em’ a reason…

    be humble…

  24. Haters never want us to win,some way,some how,they ALWAYS try to get us. I’m not just speaking on brown transsexual I am speaking of us faggots period.

  25. So scary to witness how much hate truly exists in this world 😢😭😟🙏

  26. What was she doing on a dark lonely deserted street in the middle of the night. She should have been in bed. Not running the streets.

  27. You think God Will Let her in heaven? NO! FUCK LGBT She destroyed God Creations

    This Is Good News Though

  28. When will the LGBT community/ and so many others seek the Lord?? When will the LGBT community realize that this is not normal….but a generationall curse…. I do not know Mulaysia personally but I can tell you that these type of things are generational curses and it can start from a very young age…. I don’t know if her parents maybe went with through these problems or maybe they had homosexual problems that they thought about inside their minds … but Satan will carry a generational curse on to the next child it is true the LGBT community should learn and realize this one day and maybe some of them will and speak to the others…. but they are possessed in their mind Satan has a possession over them of sorts that THEY DO NOT UNDERSTAND…. to want to be a man or a woman when they are already naturally born something else NOT RIGHT…..SATAN is just trying to get more souls for hell is what he is doing wake up!! the Christian Community are the real ones who need to be helping these people to try to help them see the truth the way!!! Please seek the Lord.

  29. It is a mentally ill demon possessed MAN! stop indulging this people delusions!

  30. These comments are honestly so hurtful. Nobody deserves to die!


  31. Muhlaysia was never safe after speaking in public about the incident. Its like a 🐍 speaking info to a 🐀. Sad but VERY TRUE😞😞

  32. I have a feeling the coward that did this was sleeping with her !!! Got cough and tried proving he’s so call manhood I hope he gets caught and be put to death

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