Chiefs safety Tyrann Mathieu was almost extorted by family member for $5 million

Tyrann Mathieu the target of extortion/

Tyrann Mathieu extored by family. 

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NEW ORLEANS — Here’s another reason to remain skeptical of family members when you run into money: Geourvon Sears was thrown behind bars after he tried to extort millions of dollars from Kansas City Chiefs safety Tyrann “Honey Badger” Mathieu. Sears is a distant relative of Mathieu who recently inked a lucrative 3-year deal with the Chiefs for $42 million. According to court docs, Mathieu was in Kansas City minding his own damn business when he received a phone call from Sears who’s in New Orleans.

During their convo, Sears allegedly told Mathieu it’s imperative he deposit $1.5 million into his bank account by Friday or he’ll disclose incriminating evidence of sexual misconduct against the new Chiefs star. Mathieu immediately hung up the phone and blocked the number.

Realizing he was blocked, Sears disseminated a group text to Mathieu’s associates that reads:

“5 million by Friday, I’m done talking, emailing TMZ now.”

Then, as the straw that broke the camel’s back, Sears transmitted a voice memo threatening bodily harm to Mathieu and his family. “I want $1.5 million by Friday or I’m going to kill you all,” Sears said. Shortly after concluding their investigation, police threw Sears’ black ass in jail.

He’s now out on bond.

As for Honey Badger? He’s doing alright. Most importantly, he gets to keep his money. “He’s dealing with a family member who is dealing with a mental health issue,” said Denise White, Mathieu’s agent. “Tyrann is fine. His family is fine. They are getting through.”

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  1. Tyrann Mathieu, had some drug problem when at LSU, he went to rehab, and was cured of his problems. Later an NFL Teammate from Arizona requested that they recruit him. They did and he made the team as a starter defense. He is a great Football Player and succeeded in all respects. Now a family member wants his monies. I am sure Tryann can get a great Lawyer and put these members in place. Let this man finish his dream and becoming one of the best Defensive Line Backers, Safety there is in football. God Bless and Keep Him Safe.

  2. It’s said that when somebody is in a position to go pro(no matter the sport), there are always people, mostly family members, sitting around waiting to leach off of them.

  3. his own family member… goes to show you that people will say and do anything to get your money

  4. Robert Graysmith

    That relative was not distant enough.

  5. This is why lottery winners should not have to go public.

  6. The financial downfall of many athletes. Family and entourage.

  7. I guess they call jealousy a “mental health” now?

  8. I would be extremely afraid if a family member who has mental health issues and threatened to kill my family was now out on bond.
    If someone has mental issues and threatened to murder numerous people, why wouldn’t the seek medical intervention for him first before just letting him out on bond? This guy could very well make his death threats happen especially if he’s schizophrenic or has a dual mental health diagnosis.

  9. I guess the same thing happens when someone wins the lottery. All sorts of distant (and close) relatives come out of the woodwork with their hands out.

  10. mo money
    mo problems

  11. I guess Sears won’t be invited for Thanksgiving dinner any time soon.

  12. Wait a minute, you mean to tell me that MEN sometimes get EXTORTED and/or ACCUSED of FALSE things like sexual harassment or assault because ALL WOMEN AREN’T PERFECT LITTLE ANGLES that the ME TOO movement makes them out to be?

  13. Blood is thicker than water, but a wad of cash is even thicker!

  14. Zombie Birdhouse

    The family member may have mental health issues — but he was cogent enough to know TMZ was the place to contact to pitch the bizarre story.

  15. damn thats fucked up

    if u cant trust family who can u trust?

  16. You know what – “mental health issues” is not an excuse. There are people out there struggling with serious mental health issues every day that do not threaten people or try to extort them.They don’t deserve the #$%$ rep that defense for EVERYTHING gives them.

  17. Action Jackson!

    Blood isn’t always thicker than water.

  18. Damm when family member or members are jealous cuz he worked hard and now a NFL player and for that member to steal money from family and publicly trying to ashamed his career but also his wife is a low down not worth the dirt or shit under my shoe is no man

  19. Faggots

  20. Puff Puff Pass

    With family like Geourvon who needs enemies?

  21. Ninjachickenfingers

    🍯 Badger don’t give a 🤬 let’s gooo!

  22. A man threatening another man with the Me Too Movement smh

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