Former NFL star Kellen Winslow Jr. facing prison stay for raping homeless women

Kellen Winslow charged with multiple sex crimes.

Winslow on trial, jail time possible. 

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VISTA, Cali — Former NFL tight end Kellen Winslow Jr. was on trial Tuesday in Vista, California for a series of lascivious sex crimes. Winslow, 35, is charged with raping a pair of homeless dames and exposing his phallus to another. The first victim, Jane Doe No. 1, is a 54-year-old hitchhiker who’s accusing Winslow of purloining her vulva in a shopping center parking lot. She even saved her jism-stained panties to submit as DNA evidence. The second victim, Jane Doe No. 2, is a 59-year-old vagrant who claims Winslow raped her destitute ass shortly after she was abducted outside an Encinitas train station.

The third victim, Jane Doe No. 3, is a neighbor who told police Winslow pulled his penis out while she was busy tending to her garden. The embattled 35-year-old was also arrested for masturbating in front of a 77-year-old woman at a Carlsbad gym. Taking into account the ages of Winslow’s victims, it’s probably safe to assume he’s infatuated with seasoned cunt and gray pubic hairs.

Man, that CTE is a bitch.

Nevertheless… Brian Watkins, Winslow’s attorney, claims the sexual encounters were consensual while portraying the accusers as being a bunch of mazuma hungry hoes. Watkins did, however, say his client is guilty of one thing: cheating on his spouse of 13 years. It should be noted Winslow’s wife wasn’t at the hearing and he didn’t wear his wedding ring.

“It was sex,” Watkins told court members.

“No-strings-attached sex. It’s wrong. It’s immoral. But it’s not against the law.”

Winslow was selected by the Cleveland Browns with the sixth overall pick in the 2004 NFL Draft.

He faces 12 charges which includes rape, kidnapping, lewd conduct and indecent exposure.

Watch the trial.

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  1. They made Kellen Junior look like a choir boy

  2. Dwells Southern


  3. He looks calmly sinister

  4. You’d be surprised what some people’s kinks are. Some guys are into super old women. Not MILFs, Grannies…Lol

  5. I believe he’s got some brain damage…

  6. He can probably still be signed by an NFL team

  7. Fuck that defense attorney is a legend!

  8. He is extremely handsome like Jeffery dahmer

  9. If this found to be true he is a beast and deserves every thing he gets…. but what the prosecution is saying is unbelievable…….

  10. There are so many women online wanting younger guys. Why would he do this kind of things. Sicko!!!!

  11. If you’re gonna rape a bitch it better be young pussy

  12. Jane doe#1 about to send this brother straight to jail

  13. On his way to be a serial killer. Glad he’s caught

  14. You don’t get caught up in 3 of these accusations by mistake. Not hard to stay out of trouble.

  15. Alehia klorian

    how…. why hes a good looking man… OMG why.

  16. just give everyone a polygraph

  17. Guilty, he’s just a evil person.

  18. Ive never heard of a case like this, its unique and bizarre. I wonder what his family think. You would think you would be safe in old age.. but then there is disturbing creeps like this.

  19. Does this defendant have a grandma fetish or just targets older more vulnerable women? Not trying to be sarcastic just trying to figure out why he targets the elderly

  20. If you think he was crazy, but smart enough 2 plan kidnapping and break-ins…. Just 2 bang Granny’s? 🤔🤔🤔🤔….. Just sit and think. Not younger women, not men (pause), But Planned And Carried Out This Ish?🤔🤔🤨🤨

  21. Aaron Hernandez 2.0!


    This is very unusual. He may have something mental going on and needs to get checked. he had a promising future. What happened????

  23. star Football player, from pop Warner to high school to college to the NFL are treated like kings, there whole life everything is done for them, they get away with everything, and suddenly when things are not going there way, they start looking at the Dark side, like OJ, Hernandez etc…this is the results of all that pampering, the system have to teach these man from Pop Warner and on that in truth there nothing special about them, that there are consequences for there actions….

  24. Eeshmeesh Berry

    Hes so sick! Disgusting

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