‘Rotten Romeo’ busted and charged after ‘conning’ a bachelorette out of $80,000

John Martin Hill busted for conning single women.

Pseudo Loverboy busted & charged. 

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ATLANTA — It took awhile. But they finally got his ass. John Martin Hill (aka Rotten Romeo) was thrown in the slammer Tuesday night after the serial mountebank was accused of conning a Georgia woman out of $80,000. According to police reports, John met the vacuous damsel March 27th on Match.com, a dating website for desiccated singles. John, 35, lied to the lonely bachelorette, telling her he’s an ascending millionaire with adamantine aspirations of holy matrimony. As anticipated, the gullible colleen took the bait and John reeled her in.

After a week of dating, the couple got engaged.

John then hoodwinked his new fiancée into giving him $80,000 to purchase a house.

“During their short romance, he convinced her that they were in love and wanted to buy a house together,” said Police Corporal Michele Pihera, a spokeswoman for Gwinnett County. “They went house-hunting and selected a home they were interested in.”

After securing the mazuma, John changed both his name and phone number — cutting off all communication. “Following the exchange of money, the suspect ceased all contact,” Pihera said. John apparently used some of the cash to procure a 2014 BMW that he painted black.

Realizing she got duped, the jilted querida called the authorities to launch an investigation.

During the probe, detectives discovered John lived with his girlfriend and a child in Duluth, Georgia. “The woman said she is in a relationship with the suspect,” Pihera said. “However, she didn’t know what his profession was. Also, she said he was only home on weekends.”

“During the week, she didn’t know where he went.”

Hmm… she’s in a relationship with a live-in boyfriend, yet she doesn’t know what he does for a living and she has absolutely no idea where he is most of the time; not to mention her child is around this strange man. Hate to say it, but some of today’s mothers are f*ckin’ idiots.

Investigators also learned John altered his moniker at least five times the past two and a half years while defrauding several chicks in multiple states. In addition to Georgia, John is wanted in Virginia, Delaware, Maryland and New Jersey. He’s charged with theft by deception — a felony.

“By sharing this story, it is our hope that he is not able to victimize any other women using this scam,” Pihera said. “These types of con men are very good at manipulating their victims. They tend to say everything that a woman wants to hear.”

What’s your take?

Does John deserve serious jail time?

Should people become chary of dating online?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Blog King, why is this news? Women do this shit all the time.

  2. The title of this article should be:”A foolish grown up woman foolishly allowed herself to be used as rag because she did not use her bran”:Now she wants the authority to come to her rescue. Talk about dumbo!

  3. I like to steal her money and THEN steal her heart.

  4. I need to meet one of these suckers lol 😂

  5. Yes u were lonely
    expensive lonely.

  6. 😭😭😂😂😂😂😂😂

  7. I don’t understand how people can be so stupid

  8. Kristen Harvey

    Evidently she had the extra cash to give away.

  9. Mary Jane Miles

    Scammers/con artist have a unique pattern. Learn it and pay close attention to details.

  10. Desperate woman will do desperate things

  11. OMG
    Women hose everyone they meet
    Oh well boo hoo
    Women feminism equal rights
    This scammer is a hero

  12. Excellent, when a gold digger gets scammed, an Angel get its wings and heavens rejoice…
    Gold diggers are BFF with Satan, so this Con obviously is working for God…

    Blessings to that man!

  13. Railey Cavener-Garman

    Why are people so stupid? It’s simple. Don’t give mo’fos money if you barely know them!!!!

  14. Women scam men all the time and that’s ok right. But if a man scams a woman that’s real bad.

  15. Maui Islandgirl

    You are very stupid to depend on a dating site to find desperate love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is a very big red flag!!!!

  16. Hahahahaha lmao 😂 trust nobody 😆

  17. Sulyeman Mehmet

    Make friends if you’re lonely! Join church and meet-up groups if you’re lonely”. The MOMENT a man asked for money, he’s a scammer, no matter what their BS story!!

  18. Only stupid give money away

  19. I had a guy try to scam me for money

  20. Singina Nyathi

    Is it loneliness,desperation, or what? Keep your money and go on holiday now and then.
    Please ladies let’s not get scammed I would never give my money to a stranger NEVER EVER

  21. Maybe three needs to be an effort to look into the mental health of these women? Anyone with an ounce of sense would realise this is a scam !

  22. If u want to look for love go to a caffee or in a park 😁 go out in city or a club and meet instead of fake love on internet who scammes u for mone

  23. Damn,you got scammed

  24. woman go and join a church pentecostal and find yourself a GOD fearing man

  25. Julie Brasfield

    I guess I’m heartless but if you’re that damn dumb good God🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

  26. Buy a sex toy its cheaper

  27. Clearly, she was in a bad mental situation. It’s just plain crazy..

  28. Americus Patrioticus

    The moral of the story is never give your money to anyone, not even your own spouse! It is yours. You earned it. There is nothing another person can do with your money which will benefit you, so don’t give it away. You earned it. It is yours. You never have any guilt for refusing to give your money or control over your money away.

  29. Ruthless Lover

    I fuck bitches all the time and take they cash

  30. This is sad! I can’t imagine being that lonely.

  31. shatell buckmire27

    She sure got DUKED!!!!!!!!!

  32. Omg I’m going to try this

  33. This woman just experienced the same thing every man who has ever met a woman.
    They will comfort you when you are hurt. Then reel you in.
    Rip you off…in court especially.

  34. gotta be a special place in hell for these scammers

  35. Probably a stripper that wanted to settle down and he was able to take advantage of it, what woman has 80K laying around like that.

  36. Demetrius Roper

    White women usually do dumb stuff like this. They have income to burn away and hide in embarrassment after the fact. I did meet my girlfriend online so if used right these dating sites can work. If you use them correctly. These dating sites are all scams and most of people that use them are many other dating sites as well.

  37. It was the online users responsibility to see the signs and cut off the person who’s asking for money. The dating website has warned people about the red flags.

  38. Felicia Edwards

    If the man was supposedly a millionaire, why is asking her for money. He was suppose to provide and protect. What is wrong with these women. Why would you give a so called millionaire money to buy you a house and furniture. He would have had to show me his financial portfolio before I would make any kind of commitment with his Grass Hopper looking A$$. Women need to stop hooking up with these men on those dating sites. A good man worth having would not be looking for a serious relationship or potential wife on a dating site. Those sites are just as bad as back in the day people use to date men they found in the Wanted section of the daily news paper. I don’t feel sorry for any of the women that he took advantage of. IJS

  39. Whether you meet a person on line or not, they still can be a scam

  40. $80,000? Is she that bored and don’t know how to spend her money? Well she could pay off my student loans hell those are definitely not a scam…🤦🏿‍♀️

  41. Linda Swanigan

    Being desperate has a price

  42. Wise up no Love in this day and age…keep your money be happy alone!

  43. I bet if you asked this ho for $20 in the street, she would say get a job. But she gave this nigga 80k. Smh

  44. I dated a guy 2 hours away (met him when I was training locally), until he asked me for gas money to come visit. That’s my child’s food money, no thanks. I don’t see how a potential partner who asks for money is in any way attractive.

  45. GTharo McScrooge

    Brother, I love it when this stuff happens to woman. 😆😆 Woman shake down men all day both by legal and non legal means

  46. A playette got played by a playa! Keep it pimpin brother!

  47. But what cardi B did is all good … lol.

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