Black man suing Buffalo Wild Wings in Overland Park for racial discrimination

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Buffalo Wild Wings slapped with discrimination lawsuit

Black man is suing Buffalo Wild Wings.

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OVERLAND PARK — A 55-year-old black man has filed a federal lawsuit against Buffalo Wild Wings in Overland Park, Kansas — claiming managers repeatedly uttered racist remarks while allowing white employees to snub African-American customers for one reason: “Blacks don’t give good tips.” The restaurant is located in the vicinity of 105th and Metcalf. Gary Lovelace is the complainant. He’s a former employee who worked as a cook for 12 years. Lovelace, who reported sexually harassment in 2016, was fired for excessive tardiness after new management took over in 2017. He believes his age and disability led to a pink slip.

“Mr. Lovelace became fearful and was often stressed due to the tension he faced on the job during his shifts over the last year of his employment,” the lawsuit says. To add insult to infirmity, Lovelace was labeled an “angry black man” by co-workers who claimed they were joking.

Lovelace was also denied pay increases and forced to work unfavorable shifts despite his seniority. Another former employee is willing to vouch for the plaintiff. “I worked at this [Buffalo Wild Wings] location for nearly four years,” the ex-worker wrote on Facebook.

“Accepting environment to all races it was not. The victim here is a sweet and kind man, who always brightened up the shift and it hurts my heart that he was discriminated against by the staff who should have been supporting him.”

What’s my take?

It’s threefold.

1) If you’re 55 and working at Buffalo Wild Wings, chances are you’re angry. Hell, most (if not all) of the employees are half his age.

2) Lawsuits like this explain why corporations are ambivalent when it comes to hiring disabled and/or older applicants.

3) Yours truly is a frequent patron of this venue. It’s next door to my favorite night club and the service is top notch. I’m not calling Lovelace a liar. Everybody’s situation is different. I’m merely stating as a black man I’ve experienced zero issues.

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  1. Can’t fault the manager’s reasoning. “They” don’t give any tips usually.

  2. I couldn’t imagine having to wait on a group of blacks.They’re the loudest bunch in the place. On the road they’re even worst. Always speeding around tailgating. The women are the worst. I limit contact with them if at all possible. The chip on their shoulders is just too much to deal with.

  3. Cracker Confronter

    I honestly do not care that they feel that way. I am more concerned with black people wanting to spend their dollars in establishments that think this way. Keep our money in our communities like jews, and chinese.

  4. Buffalo Wild Wings needs to figure out if it’s a bar or Chucky Cheese Lite.Too many soccer mom’s letting their kids run around in there.

  5. Person of Interest

    Anybody with enough disposable income to eat out, should have enough to tip

  6. Person of Interest

    The server’s are correct here. I waited tables in school and the staff would collectively hold their breath when a group of less than 6 African Americans came in. Anything over 6 and tip as automatically added. It’s just fact black people don’t tip

  7. @Person of Interest: We are the only country having this debate. No why? Cause youve been indoctrinated to think customers should be paying wages directly. Smh. Reality serving is a minimum wage job and servers should get paid directly minimum wage from the employer.

  8. crosswordkelly

    I an white and I do not tip and I do not frequent places where tips are expected. I also do not like alcohol so I don’t need to enter bars. I used to manage a bar and that was the worst job I ever had.

  9. It’s not cool how they treated this guy. However, as an ex-waiter, well, you can’t deny the truth of the tipping issue!

  10. I’m calling [email protected]// $+++ on the majority of these comments.

  11. He will win the case. Shame on buffalo wild wings

  12. Just add the service charge!what servers don’t realize is it all washes out at the end of the month.your job is to make the establishment earnings first and believe that you will get what you deserve. Smile keep doing your job as best you can with a smile and it will carry you all the end be proud of yourself for the excellent service you provide and know you can carry this to where ever you go next.never look down on others as it can make you an ugly person.

  13. Reach For The Stars!

    I tip well! Either tip the service or don’t eat at fine restaurants!

  14. I deliver pizzas part time for extra money. I give everyone good service but sadly my experience is the same. Blacks either don’t tip or tip next to nothing. I have always wondered if they would tip better if I was Black and not an old White Guy but I will never know the answer to that question.

  15. My wife and I tip according to service. If the eatery is less than half full, you shouldn’t take twenty minutes (after passing us a dozen times ) to serve us. After taking our order, could we please have the water we requested-twice. Yes since you took our order, could we have silverware and napkins for our table? After bringing our food, maybe you can check on us – just in case we needed assistance. But you are very attentive when it comes time to settle up. Ten percent-ten percent more than you deserve. You should have tipped us for putting up with these socially-inept employees.

  16. Why would the manager discriminate against that man? Oh well, hopefully the angry black man will be so rich he will smack the manager with a clean, crisp $100 bill.

  17. a spades a spade

    why in gods name would anybody give a tip at buffalo wild wings?

  18. Such a racist country.. How can you expect equal tips when opportunity and hence wages are unequal?

  19. So the “angry black man” was fired for being late to work and decides to get some money. Shocker.

  20. It’s funny how a whole race of people are judged due to a few bad apples. Whites are a majority, I worked as a waitress and dealt with racist comments and no tips from whites all the time. I know using common sense that ALL white people are not this way. I guess I should think they are since I give tips and always friendly but yet I’m prejudged as if I am such a bad person based on only race.

  21. Maybe they are not getting good tips because Buffalo Wild Wings SUCKS!

  22. Buffalo wild wings sucks anyways. Hopefully the brother can put this behind him and get a better job with a better establishment.

    Did I say buffalo wild wings suck!? Not only their staff but their food too.

  23. If blacks gave good tips the servers would fight to serve them but they don’t so the servers would rather wait on someone who does

  24. Do you people want to know why blacks supposedly don’t leave tips? Because we already factored in your white privilege and came to the conclusion that you serving us is tip enough.

  25. Stupid. The race card has been played so many times now it’s just a cliche.

  26. ThrottleJockey

    After waiting tables for eight years (high school, college, second job) I can truthfully tell you that at least 90% of black customers don’t tip a minimum of 10%.

  27. wow after reading these posts im gonna make darn sure i tip 30% from now on to make up for all the times wiaters get stiffed

  28. How do you expect Blacks to be good tippers…..When Whites have striven throughout History, to keep most of them POVERTY STRICKEN.

  29. He gets fired for repeatedly coming in late and now claims it was a hostile work environment…totally believable.

  30. Nope. They don’t tip well. At all. But it’s not a racial thing. They don’t tip black servers either.

  31. Ok, I agree, black people don’t tip Well, but do tip, I’m black, I don’t tip well, but I do tip, sometimes well, sometimes not well, but black people don’t have the money or make the money that white people do, that’s why they don’t tip well, White people…

  32. When you grow up in a welfare and food stamps culture all you know how to do is take.

  33. Richard Cranium

    They will buy expensive rims for their inexpensive cars, spend $299 on a pair of shoes, but the yalmost never tip. I wouldn’t serve them either.

  34. anthony johnson

    I’ve waited tables at BBW, very true that on game days and wing Tuesdays, “certain” groups of people would come in, take up a whole table, get 4 waters, MAYBE a order of 6 wings, and sit for 3-4 hours for the game. I was lucky if there was $2 left on the table at the end. I have also had some customers bring coolers and go outside to refill their beer. Also had some try to take my tip off of another table after they left. You should never judge someone before giving them a chance, but at some point you just have to call it as it is.
    -So glad I no longer wait tables, guess i was asking for it in that profession. Always tip your servers 20% or more for good service, bartenders about $1/beer you order.

  35. Jesus H Christ

    If you are black and live in Kansas, you are going to be discriminated against.

  36. Nothing gets a wait staff arguing like a party of ghett0 dwellers walking in the door.

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