Larceny bandit busted after discharging pepper-spray at Dollar General worker

Larceny bandit ‘busted’ in Cali. 

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FILLMORE — Kayla Gularte, 21, and Kathryn Weaver, 22, were thrown in the slammer on Friday for discharging pepper spray at a Dollar General employee during a larceny attempt. The shoplifting incident took place in Fillmore, California. According to the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office, Kayla pilfered several items then walked out the store. After being confronted in the parking lot, Kayla spritzed the manager with a disabling aerosol then jumped into a getaway vehicle driven by Kathryn. A child was also inside the automobile.

Deputies busted the villainous duo shortly after.

“When contacted, Gularte sprayed the employee in the face with pepper spray and assaulted him in order to escape,” said Ventura County Sgt. Vince Alvarez during a news conference. “Gularte ran to the parking lot where Weaver was waiting in a getaway car.” 

Kayla and Kathryn are also suspected of effectuating a series of homogeneous crimes throughout Fillmore and Santa Barbara County. Law enforcement officials said they usually purloin batches of laundry detergent, lingerie and toiletries then swap them on the street for mazuma and narcotics.

“A search of the car revealed nearly 100 items that appeared to be stolen,” Alvarez said.

“Deputies recovered the stolen goods from Dollar General, along with additional laundry soap, women’s undergarments, razors, and fragrances. Investigators discovered that the popular and recognizable laundry detergents are being stolen and traded on the street for cash and/or drugs.”

Kayla was booked on suspicion of robbery, conspiracy, illegal use of tear gas and child endangerment. Kathryn was apprehended on suspicion of shoplifting and conspiracy.

Kayla and Kathryn’s recalcitrant deportment is paradigmatic of today’s miscreants.

Is it time for Dollar General stores to beef up security?

Should management leave crime-fighting to police?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. All over stealing something from the dollar store?

  2. Tammie T Turner

    Ass shouldn’t been stealing.

  3. Kymberlie Harris

    I would have beat that bitch down

  4. That is the police job you dont take dwn a shoplifter

  5. regina humphrey

    I wonder did he lose his job also for stopping a shoplifter?

  6. Really? Family Dollar, Dollar General, Dollar Tree or any other dollar store like these, is not worth risking your life over some cheap merchandise! I’m sorry! These stores have all kinds of video monitors in them!

  7. Everybody glorifying these employees restraining & fighting shoplifters but let’s be real soon enough 1 of then is gonna get hurt real bad. Stores shouldn’t be allowed to do this shit

  8. And none of the other employees helped one bit. Pathetic…..

  9. This shit is stupid…its not that fucking serious…bitch wanna play cop role…

  10. Stephanie Woodruff

    Naw boo. Call the police. Don’t take matters in ya own hands. if she get away. make a police report. Never go at it alone. Only cause more harm than good.

  11. typical black.

  12. Gotta Love this Xc

    Stealing from the Dollar Store?? Wow new low

  13. They are on meth!

  14. them bitches are fried

  15. sick people


    The job is not worth it.

  17. Reason No. 6,000 why I will never shop at Dollar General

  18. Ayesha Williams

    every dollar general I shop at has security, every single one… some companies will fire you for other ppl stealing or even getting robbed…..

  19. Keepin it real

    Beautiful black queens

  20. Blog King I think that you messed dude’s name up.

  21. Look B 4 U Leap

    laundry detergent aint worth going to prison

  22. That’s A Female?

  23. People these days.

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