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Disney’s Aladdin is off the chain

Aladdin 2019 struggles to keep up with animated classic.

Aladdin 2019 is funny and cool. 

Blog King, Mass Appeal

HOLLYWOOD — The live-action remake of Disney’s “Aladdin” was concocted to fail; mainly because the motion picture has zero chance of engineering the coruscating grandeur of the animated original. That said, director Guy Ritchie’s conception has its moments and you’ll laugh if nothing else. Like the 1992 classic, “Aladdin” tells the narrative of its penurious street urchin (Mena Massoud) who aspires to marry Princess Jasmine (Naomi Scott) despite the fact he relies upon five-finger discounts to make a living.

However, to win Jasmine’s hand in marriage, Aladdin accepts a proposition from royal vizier Jafar (Marvin Kenzari) which requires purloining a magic lamp from the ‘Cave of Wonders’ in exchange for generational wealth. After being betrayed by Jafar, Aladdin secures the lamp for himself then accidentally liberates a Genie (Will Smith) who was imprisoned a thousand years.

As an act of gratitude, the Genie grants Aladdin three wishes.

Again, the movie is funny. But the biggest issue involves casting. Given the film’s Arabian roots, Ritchie certainly deserves credit for remunerating non-white thespians as welcomed protagonists. If you recall, the cartoon version drew opprobrium for employing Caucasian actors in lead hero roles.

Smith, who was definitely miscast as the Genie, did the best he could under second-rate circumstances. After all… there’s no replacing Robin Williams, and Ritchie effectuated a lamentable error by trying. Rather than have the 50-year-old actor mimic Williams’ jocular blue character, Ritchie should’ve allowed Smith to improvise a brand new personality into the iconic role.

Instead, Smith regurgitated Williams’ lines and musical numbers.

Not a smart move.

Smith wasn’t the only one not suited for his part. In the animated flick, Jafar was an ignoble badass with iniquitous goals of subjugating the beatific jurisdiction of Agrabah. He was towering and domineering with a baritone voice.

Conversely, Kenzari’s character is underwhelming and pedestrian with soprano vocals.

Dude sounds like a clerk at 7-Eleven.

Every time Kenzari spoke, I wanted a Slurpee.

Also, Ritchie did everything within his cinematic faculty to portray Jasmine under a feminist light. Watching the film, you get the notion Jasmine is more enamored with ruling the country than getting hitched.

In summary, Aladdin 2019 won’t garner any Oscar Awards. No sir. Not happening. But, thanks to an exorbitant budget of $183 million, it’s beguiling enough to get the job done.

Blog King’s Rating: 4 out of 5 popcorn bags

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  1. This movie was actually better than what I expected, even if it has more of an indian spice added to it, It was absolutely fine with me. I’m arabic myself and I don’t really care if it was arabic enough or not, atleast aladdin was (egyptian) – Just enjoy the goddamn movie lmao

  2. Kudos to Disney for not white washing this film. It’s nice to see middle eastern characters being played by middle eastern actors!!!

  3. Jafar is not evil enough. Jasmine looks too caucasian to be Jasmine. And Genie isn’t black! Hes blue damn it!

  4. Just watched his movie and man Aladdin is one good looking guy 😍😍😍

  5. For those thinking that it won’t be as good as the original, trust me it’s so good!!! The cast is amazing! And so many scenes give you goosebumps, I walked out of the theater wanting to see it again

  6. Too many songs ruined the movie a little bit. I can’t enjoy it when you interrupt the movie every two minutes for a song. But still a good movie though.

  7. I have nothing good to say about this movie sorry. It’s horrendous…maybe they can do another one someday. It doesn’t come even close to the original!

  8. I watched it and ABSOLUTELY loved it. I would watch it again if possible. As soon as the ARABIAN NIGHTS song starts, I got excited. Such a sucker for that vibe, HAHA. Will, Naomi and Mena were great. Instead of matching Robin Williams, Will did his own thing which was great. Beautiful new song addition “SPEECHLESS” was emotional. Don’t listen to haters. Go and see it without any preconceived notion. You will ENJOY it.

  9. Just saw it last night and it was a lot better than I thought. Of course it wasn’t any better than the cartoon but it was somewhat similar but also somewhat different. I would like to say more about the characters but I think I’ll wait…don’t want to spoil it for anyone lol………….Oh but I can talk about how cute Aladdin was and how similar he looked to the cartoon 🥰❤️❤️

  10. ok, just watched the movie.. thoughts on the characters similarity (to the classic ’92 Aladdin):
    I can accept the genie with will smith, kinda reminds me of fresh prince of bel air 😀
    Princess jasmine?gorgeous!
    Aladdin? hmm… not too sure.. Mena Massoud has a very odd smiling, not quite resemble the Aladdin from the classic Aladdin movie.. but still ok
    Jafar?? this one, im very disappointed.. Marwan Kenzari? he’s not even close to Jafar.. He looks like any common guy forced to looks like a super evil villain.. And he looks too young for that role.. I’d say Ben Kingsley would’ve been an excellent choice

    But overall, 7.5/10 from me.. nice movie adaptation!

  11. This movie is highly recommended. Its awesome. The story line, the music is really pretty nice. The best disney princess (live action) ever that i had watched.

  12. This bullshit is awful. I would blame Disney for being so scandalous and vomit inducing remaking these movies ,that weren’t great the first time, but they wouldn’t make them if they didnt know they would have a bunch of moronic simpletons to watch it. I guess that is why that garbage fast and the furious has so many movies. Jesus Christ, demand better people.

  13. Just watched the movie !!!it was so worth it 👌the actors ,singers , musicians,dancers ,makeup artists ,directors, script writers , people responsible for the props ,and everyone else has done a great job ! Hats off to the OUTSTANDING performance that they’ve given us 👏👏👏

  14. Kim Kardashian should played Jasmine . And Aladdin its arabic not bollywood.

  15. Will Smith is charming and great and all, but his singing sounds kind of…flat?
    Similar issue with Emma Watson from Beauty and the Beast. Do they give these actors voice coaches or what?

  16. It’s an amazing movie I loved it ❤❤❤❤❤💙💙💙💙💙💙

  17. Surprisingly, I enjoyed the movie. It’s not perfect but it’s decent

  18. Come on guys
    Robin Williams is Robin Williams and Will Smith is Will Smith. You can’t really compare them. It looks like Will Smith has given his heart in this movie.He seems really dedicated

  19. Lol Will Smith has alot of humor to offer in this movie, watched it Last night and I Love it! ❤

  20. I will admit it the movie was really good,definitely one of the best remakes ever made,but only 2 things dissapointed me 1. How they treated iago’s character and 2. That jafar did not turn into the giant snake but still the movie was all rigth

  21. Bruh, this movie has a 53% for critics and a 94% for audience, holy shit.

  22. It was an amazing film!
    Really ❣️ Princess Jasmine & Alladin plus the Genie! (Naomi, Mena, Will)

    Life lessons from Alladin are impactful. One of those is that we don’t need genies to get what we want in life. We just need to be ourselves and everything will fall into places. Trust the process and we’ll see a whole new world, a new fantastic point of view..
    Much love 🇵🇭💙

  23. I can’t fucking believe that snooz fest beauty and the beast gets a better rating from the critics.. like seriously were these critics high on drugs or something?? Aladdin is way superior than that piece of shit beauty and the beats live action crap

  24. all you saying Will is no Robin. This part was actually written for Robin Wlliams, so of course Smith can’t do a better Robin than Robin. Put Williams in Men in Black or Bad Boys and see how he goes.

  25. will smith did great job. Unique and completely different from Robin williams while still honoring him.

  26. Will Smith is just a lot less “impressive” as the genie than Williams

  27. 10 years from now kids will think this is the original Aladdin 😭😭

  28. For those of you comparing Will to Robbin y’all need to chill and shut y’all ugly asses up.

  29. Stop comparing Will Smith to Robin Williams. Robin Williams was just a voice actor for the animation. Will Smith is live action. There is a big difference. White people, get over yourselves.

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