Drunken stripper swerves off the road, murdering three teenage boys in Miami

Stripper Mariam Coulibaly ran over three teens.

Drunken stripper kills three teens.

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MIAMI — In a tragic development, Mariam Coulibaly is facing a half dozen charges after the 31-year-old stripper steamrolled three teenagers early Saturday morning in Miami, Florida. The victims have been identified as 13-year-old Gedeon Desir, 15-year-old Lens Desir, and 17-year-old Richecarde Dumay. All three were members of the Little Haiti Football Club — a soccer team for impoverished youth. According to police reports… Gedeon, Lens and Richecarde were standing on the sidewalk around 5:30 a.m., waiting on a bus to attend a soccer tournament in Weston.

That’s when a drunken Mariam swerved off the road; striking all three with her SUV. The inebriated damsel was then transported to Aventura Hospital in critical condition.

The boys, however, died instantly.

The pole-sliding malefactor was eventually charged with three counts of DUI manslaughter and three counts of vehicular homicide. Mariam, who had just finished shaking her ass at ‘The Body’ strip club, was driving at least 60 miles per hour in a residential zone.

Results of Mariam’s toxicology assessment divulged a blood alcohol concentration that’s twice the legal limit. That bitch was drunker than Ozzy Osbourne on New Year’s Eve. “I’m very much depressed about everything going on,” a maudlin Mariam told the Miami Herald while being treated in Intensive Care.

“I came from a blackout. When I woke up, I didn’t even know that I hurt people.”

Hurt people?

Bitch, you killed a trifecta!

Mariam, who was driving with a suspended license, has a lengthy history of traffic infractions.

She was cited in 42 incidents which includes 7 automobile crashes since 2008.

42 violations?

7 wrecks?


Anyway, what’s your take?

Does Mariam deserve life in prison?

Should strippers be required to Uber?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. The fact that this dumb bitch is driving with a suspended license and has a lengthy driving record pisses me off. I hope they throw that ho under the jail.

  2. Will someone tell me why the drunk driver is always the one who lives?

  3. So sad 😢!

  4. Ruthless Lover

    drunk bitch need to stop givin lap dances and focus on the road


  6. Shamekia Berry

    When people get drunk they are negligent and at fault for any problem they cause, but because this behavior is normalized, drunkards are running rampant in every city causing damage and people are losing their lives.

  7. This will sound bad! I’d rather share the road with drunk drivers versus people who are texting and driving! that drunk guy or gal may very well see with double vision, but at least they are looking at the roadway!
    A drunk texter…God help us all.
    Condolences to the parents.

  8. Alcohol is garbage. Legalize marijuana much safer.

  9. 60 miles an hour.. damn

  10. It doesn’t get too much more tragic than this. Shit is fucked up.

  11. She’s hopefully got a long life ahead of her thinking about the lives she selfishly took. Mass murder in my opinion. No accident if you drive while drunk.

  12. OleHead LuckyMe

    👀she shouldn’t never get out🤷

  13. She is so pretty n threw her life away over alcholhol n destroyed so many others sad

  14. This remorseless thing should be sentenced to death! The courts keep letting these retards out and are surprised when they reoffend

  15. now she can give lap dances in prison

  16. Keep selling alcohol America. Keep poisoning America

  17. I’m sorry she fine AF😍😋

  18. That’s so fucked up she didn’t mean it

  19. I know this is irrelevant but the suspect is gorgeous😍… But R.I.P to the fam🙏 👼

  20. This was not an accident- this woman knowingly drank and drove. She’s disgusting.

  21. Box Cutter Betty

    Fucking scum

  22. I say make her stand on the sidewalk and let me hit her with my car

  23. LawoftheLandPA

    Class A fuck up.

  24. Eileen Davenport

    Ohhhhhhh my jesus this is the saddest case ever💔💔wow

  25. I Watch Organic

    Mad black woman at her WORST

  26. Carmen Santana

    Fry her

  27. she’s a killer but Id still fuck her

  28. Hoe

  29. kill em with KINDNESS

    Man she is crazy, but I’ll still clap them cheeks. 🤷🏾‍♂️😂😛

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