Former NFL star Brandon Browner faces additional prison time for domestic abuse

Browner serving time for attempted murder.

Brandon Browner facing more time

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LOS ANGELES — Eight is enough? Former NFL defensive back Brandon Browner, who’s currently serving 8 years in the penitentiary for going Ike Turner on his ex-girlfriend, is facing more time. That’s because the battered damsel is suing the 34-year-old convict for a slew of domestic attacks that allegedly took place between 2016 and 2018 with many incidents transpiring in front of her two young children. Browner, an ex-member of the Seattle Seahawks, was found guilty of attempted murder in 2018 which culminated with an 8-year prison sentence.

In the new lawsuit, the victim claims Browner pummeled her countenance multiple times; once causing her to lose consciousness. He’s also accused of punching her while she was asleep. During one ordeal, Browner allegedly grabbed the chick by the throat and threw her onto a mattress.

He then chased her down the street while she was half-naked in lingerie.

Oh, that’s not all.

Browner is also accused of breaking into the woman’s home, shoving her face into the carpet and dragging her throughout the house as she screamed for help. Will the victim win her case? Does Browner deserve additional prison time? Is CTE (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy) a factor?

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  1. Tommy MacLuckie

    Former NFL goon… talentless hack, piece of shit, one of the worst players to ever be allowed to play in the NFL. ROT IN PRISON BITCH.

  2. 3 hots and cot for this motherfucker!! Fuck this guy!!!

  3. Damn he use to be one of my best corners 😥

  4. Uneducated nword

  5. What a dipshit, have fun playing defensive back in jail😉

  6. CTE?

  7. Boycott the nfl, the nfl is full of criminals and women beaters

  8. Stupid! Just plain damn stupid 🤦🏾‍♂️

  9. IonlyROBwhite DrugDealers

    Bashing his head against other things caught up with his crazy ass. $$ and Fame is not worth your brain

  10. he really is a N-word

  11. Bruh no way we can ignore the effects of head injuries

  12. He clearly has CTE. Hope he can make it with it.

  13. Damn fool

  14. CTE. He was a very aggressive football player when he played.

  15. My boy Brandon. Wtf happened
    Def CTE. He was wildn out

  16. His baby moms was doing him dirty … pushed him over the edge. Right around the time he got locked he was posting to his story freaking out about how she only let him have the kids like once a month if that taking more money from him etc… not exactly the right way to handle it but you know how girls can get mans heated

  17. Eric Matterson

    He probably has his choice of women and yet he throws it all away over one woman.

  18. All over a girl! Smh. No women is worth it.

  19. Them concussions made him go crazy …

  20. deandre Jackson711

    Who’s this guy

  21. Lawrence Roane lll

    Gottt! Dammmmm! BB (Brandon Browner)!!!!! One of the most Prolific & Promising NFL Careers Ever!!!! Ever!!!…. Mannn! What a way to go out he put Legion in the Boom sonn! Mannn! My heart, love & prayers go out to this mann…. I’m done!!!!!!!! Peace!

  22. I read somewhere that 80% of men are in prison over a woman

  23. How much of Brandon Browner’s action was caused by CTE

  24. Even the rich, privileged blacks are getting themselves into trouble with the law.

  25. Steven Parchment

    Smh just unbelievable, we as men simply must not allow women to make us act out of character like this.

  26. Definitely NOT CTE. Dude was living on the street doing drugs. He even messaged me on IG talking about it before he went off on her.

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