Rapper Remy Ma faces additional charges following brutal assault of Brittney Taylor

Remy Ma faces additional assault charges/TMZ.

Remy Ma faces multiple charges. 

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NEW YORK — “You got knocked the f*ck out!” Hip Hop extraordinaire Remy Ma (legal name Reminisce Smith) was slapped with a quartet of misdemeanors on Friday for last month’s pummeling of reality TV star Brittney Taylor. Remy allegedly socked the “Love & Hip Hop: New York” member in the right eye on April 16th during the Pretty Lou Benefit Concert at New York’s Irving Plaza. Brittney’s shiner has gone viral on social media. Remy was pissed off over a misunderstanding involving her stepdaughter Dejanae.

“What happened with me and Dej in Miami is I saved her — I saved her life, and [Remy] got aggressive,” said Brittney who claims she protected Dejanae from an abusive man during Spring Break. “[Remy] was like, ‘That’s not what I heard,’ and she punched me in the face.”

Remy, if you recall, was initially charged with misdemeanor assault after turning herself in. Now prosecutors are charging the 38-year-old rapper with two counts of assault in the third degree, one count of aggravated harassment in the second degree, and one count of harassment in the second degree.

Remy is lookin’ at some serious jail time.

Dawn Florio, Remy’s attorney, said her client was offered an indenture to plead guilty to third degree assault in exchange for the remaining charges being dropped. Remy would also be required to attend a prolonged anger management program. So far, she hasn’t accepted the deal.

The case goes to trial in July.

Runnin’ afoul of the law is nothing new to Remy.

She’s already served 6 years in prison for bustin’ a cap in somebody’s ass.

Are you a reality TV fan?

Does Remy deserve jail time?

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  1. Brit is a pussy lol 🤣

  2. That little bitch is wrong as hell!

  3. praying for Remy! She has a baby to raise.

  4. Fuck Brittany

  5. Margaret Portillo

    It seems Brittney is jealous of remi and I think Brittney is trying to act big and bad and look like q bada** when she is not so I think Brittney set remi up she purposely provoked remi or she’s lying about remi hitting her she needs to be really careful out there cause the stupid things she is doing can get her hurt…

  6. Big up remy…..G ALLDAY

  7. Stanley Williams

    Remy is no joke .she is more gangsta than some of these dudes.

  8. Wtf is going on with them for real though they always fighting over some petty stuff

  9. kiingminaj squad

    That’s why you keep your hands to yourself there’s nothing wrong with just talking no need for physical violence knowing it’s not a good idea on your end Remy

  10. She is a victim if she got attacked! Remy has been to prison for shooting her friend so why is everyone talking about Britney being a snitch. You can’t go around shooting and punching people and saying it’s because you’re being provoked?? It’s called having discipline and not being weak by reacting to irrelevant people.

  11. Remy is gorgeous and a very talented Mom! I pray she do NOT go back to jail at all and move on with her life and family!

  12. Omg Remy I’m sorry girl! You should have went to go get yo’ stepdaughter and she beat that lil’ girl up; not u! That’s kiddie stuff! U the mama & it’s about self-control & patience. Social media is going to be the death of these lil’ girls. IGNORE THAT LIL’ GIRL. ❤ U & Pap, stay strong! * Just b humble & apologize. And for the future: 1. Mo boxing lessons for lil’ stepdaughter 2. Ignore this “reality t.v. shit” & get the 💰 3. Be grown w/yo man, baby & bbq in the backyard. ❤

  13. Lock her up!

  14. Marisha Tucker

    I hate to say it, but Remy is the adult here. She doesn’t have the luxury of involving herself in children’s pettiness. You have to let the water roll off your back and prepare your child to defend themselves. As a mother you are not gonna always be able to defend your children. Now, simply because she is on parole she should be consulting her stepdaughter. Now with that being said she has a lot to lose. Just had a baby. Other children, a husband, and the possibility of going back to jail? No ma’am. I don’t want Remy to go back, but this was not a smart move.

  15. This young generation has been so twisted and sick! Smh

  16. Christie Christie

    Good for you remy! Fuck that lil dweeb. I still think about the times i was disrespected yearrrs ago and I let people slide and I still get dumb angry and regretful. Address shit immediately without deadly force! Parents catch cases all time. No biggie. Stand for what u believe or you’ll fall for anything.

  17. Does that mean she’s going back to jail? Isn’t she still technically on some parole bullshit?

  18. I guess the girl that’s always picking fights can’t handle a fight.

  19. Danielle Stovall

    bitches get punched in the face everyday B…🤷🏽‍♀️

  20. Love and hip hop shows are hands down the biggest disgrace to black culture. Just a bunch of wild animals going out their way to try and destroy each other.

  21. Spanish Uloahola

    Poor Remy she’s a real one! That butch Brittany deserved to get punched 🤛🏽

  22. Americas justice system is so weird,they threaten you with everything they can think of so you feel like you have to take the deal…no wonder there’s a mass incarceration problem

  23. Marlow Cardenas

    Remy Ma hold your head up… we love you!

  24. Laughs n Giggles

    remy whooped that bitch’s ass……… hahahahahaha

  25. At the end of the day y’all laughing about this. But Remy STOOPID ass should be SMARTER than this.
    She not a good example for black girls. But she stay having an opinion on other women coming up or established in the game like she some type of big Dawg. I truly hope all this boil over so she can get to her daughter but you got to be SMARTER than that Queen.

  26. ❤you Remy I don’t care what she did.Never mess with a mother’s kid no rules😁

  27. Brit is a pussy lol 🤣

  28. Ligh n THUNDER💯BK ALL THE WAY 💯💯 %/%REMYMA👍👍💪💪💪🍏💰💰🍏

  29. Brittany is definitely full of shit and she needs to go somewhere and sit the hell down

  30. R.I.P Nipsey 🙏🏾 & Free Remy ❤️💯

  31. Andrea Blackwell

    Why are y’all hating on Remy she keep it to real for y’all and she always,is a QUEEN OKURRR

  32. Remy had no buisness being in Love and Hip Hop in the first place, she too real for that fake show.

  33. conspiracy woman

    Brittany Taylor should sue Remy Ma for punching her.

  34. Prayers for Remy. This fool is just trying to get the bag any way she can cause she has no career!

  35. Brittany: throws rock

    Remy ma: ignores her

    Brittany: keeps throwing rocks

    Remy ma: throws rock back

    Brittany: ” SHE HIT MEEEE!!…I’M GONNA SUE!!!”

  36. “Itty Bitty B—-“!! She messing with the wrong 1!
    Leave Remy and Papoose alone..
    “Do Anything for Clout”💃💃 💃💃 💲💲💲🔊🔊🔊

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