Two teens jailed for 1st-degree murder following robbery of a ‘fake’ gold chain

Lynch and Matthews busted for murder.

Thug kills a man over fake chain. 

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OPA-LOCKA, Fl — Antoine Lynch, 16, is putrefying behind bars after he murdered 29-year-old Omar Alvarez over a fake gold chain. The armed robbery took place Monday afternoon in Opa-Locka, Florida. Alvarez was a loving father of two. According to police reports, Lynch noticed Alvarez donning a sparkling link and decided to rob his ass. The murderous teen shot Alvarez four times in the torso, then took off with the ersatz jewelry; not realizing it was spurious. Lynch jumped into a getaway vehicle driven by Jaquavius Matthews, 18.

The sanguinary ordeal was captured on surveillance video.

“He was heartless,” said Glenda Medina, Alvarez’s girlfriend. “He didn’t care. He left two little girls without a father.” Lynch and Matthews were eventually arrested and charged with first-degree murder. Now they’re lookin’ at life in prison over a fake gold chain worth $5.

Alvarez, who was smoked in front of his mother’s house, worked as a truck driver.

Sad, sad story.

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  1. These heartless evil teens killed a man for a few nickels. No excuse for the death penalty.

  2. Bye, m fo’s

  3. What can make someone so young do such a heinous crime? Teach the youth about Jesus Christ and then they will learn a new way of living. No! let all just have fun and pleasure. Do you see the result of sin?! Society has left the youth under the control of the Devil. This is the result of the Devil’s handy work. The whole world is moving in the path of destruction; Satan is the cause. People don’t even want to know or learn about their own creator, Jesus Christ. Everyone wants to follow in the path of Satan and this crime is the result of following Satan. Don’t worry things are going to get a whole lot worse… Repent! and turn to Jesus Christ and come out of sin while you still have time!!! « less

  4. We need to get these teens off the street, in school and part time jobs and sports so they can stay out of trouble.

  5. Recovering Republican

    Please, fellow minorities, ESPECIALLY given the current political climate, we need to try harder. Please do better, like Spike said, “Do the right thing ” and don’t give the rednecks reason to gloat. When all of this silliness happens, it’s like that old 90’s hip hop song said ‘Now the white man’s sitting back cheesin’. I don’t think killing each other over trinkets is what Dr King spoke for.

  6. hang ’em high

  7. Filthy animals. I am Black and do not trust Black people. Disgusting behavior. Seriously!

  8. some black lives simply dont matter

  9. Sad to see all of these youngsters just throwing their lives away 🤦🏾‍♂️

  10. What leads these young kids to this kind of life. Its sad.

  11. They living the thug life, from the streets, to the showers at the pen, to bending over in a 16/20 cell

  12. Get rich or die trying

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