Chunky heavyweight Andy Ruiz Jr. spanks British star Anthony Joshua to claim title

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Ruiz knocks out Joshua in 7th round.

Andy Ruiz Jr. spanks Joshua. 

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NEW YORK — First, Buster Douglas upsets Mike Tyson. Now this. In a head-scratching development, corpulent boxer Andy Ruiz Jr. (33-1, 22 KOs) dropped Anthony Joshua (22-1, 21 KOs) in the seventh round to claim a shocking championship victory Saturday night in front of a capacity crowd of 20,201 at New York’s Madison Square Garden. Ruiz, an 11-1 underdog, got off to a wobbly start. Joshua, who’s all muscle, knocked his fat ass to the canvas early in the third round. Ruiz didn’t know what hit him. “That was my first time getting dropped on the floor,” he said. “It just made me stronger.”

Seconds later, Ruiz got up and proceeded to open a can of whup ass. The big enchilada responded by knocking Joshua down twice in the third round and two more times in the seventh before the referee said enough is enough, making Ruiz the first Mexican-born fighter to win a heavyweight world title.

“I just feel so good, man. This is what I have been dreaming about,” Ruiz said. “This is what I have been working hard for. I can’t believe I just made my dreams come true. I just want to thank my team and my family. The sky is the limit, baby.”

Ruiz’s trainer, Manny Robles, helped make the miracle happen. Thanks to his contributions, Latino boxers are officially on the map. “This is for all of Mexico,” Robles said. “Mexico has its first heavyweight champion of the world, and we made history.”

Even though he got his ass kicked, Joshua showed class in defeat.

The 29-year-old British star chalked it up to a bad night. “Heavyweight boxing, baby. Thank you to the people who came out this evening. That’s No. 1,” Joshua said.

“Heavyweight boxing is on fire. I just have to turn it around a few notches and bring it back my way. I don’t want people to drown in their sorrows. This will show I have the power and the strength. It just wasn’t my night. But listen, it is good for TV. Good for DAZN and the people watching.”

Did you watch the fight?

Is boxing fixed?

Is Joshua overrated?

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  1. Congrats Andy Ruiz! Exciting fight (so much better than the boring score card boxing)! Big heart!

  2. Joshua: I want to fight Wilder, the modern day Mike Tyson
    Also Joshua: gets ko’d by the real life Nacho Libre

  3. how an athlete loses to a fat guy 101

  4. The mexican Butter bean. Borracho bean.

  5. BS he threw the fight for big pay off wait for the rematch

  6. Mexican Rocky 🙌 jump jump heavy weight💪 champion lucky round 7 expect the unexpected 4ko 💫💥💤👏I got watch it again I like the goosebumps

  7. Ruiz got Handz 💯

  8. The real goat 😂😂😭😭 bro chubby as hell shouldn’t b no excuse to get your ass whooped

  9. Lorenzo A. Flores

    What an upset!

  10. somebody must have promised him tacos if he won

  11. “You can’t judge a book by its cover.” In the case of Ruiz, that would be a softcover book.

  12. Every punch Andy ‘s body giggled but apparently his punches were effective. He could be so much better if he lose all that fat.

  13. I told y’all AJ aka Big Ashley is a bum and TIL THIS DAY y’all won’t admit he didn’t want no parts of getting his face blown to pieces by the Bronze bomber !!!.# Tilthisday

  14. laalafnonjiodasoiudafnji

    That’s a Bad Hombre right there.

  15. It’s fixed joshua get paid to take punches boxing has lost fan interest so they have to make it look wow cinderala bull shit

  16. LOL fix fight

  17. Never put my money on a dude from London😂😂

  18. once you go fat you never go back

  19. Mark Schneider

    That’s where my fajitas went

  20. I can’t believe either of these guys are champions. One hasn’t done a sit up since the taco was invented or landed a legitimate k.o. and the other can’t figure out when to block and when to punch. This is just a sad commentary on the state of professional boxing.

  21. Fenian Descendent616

    Just goes to show all that muscle don’t mean shit….. Ruiz stayed smart, calm, n did very well at pickin his shots, Joshua never really recoverd from that 1st blow. Never underestimate your opponent, that is law!!! Also you gotta give Joshua and ruiz a round of applause for that beautiful show of sportsmanship at the end there… Mutha fuckin respect.

  22. Are you kidding me….Ruiz appeared to have no power behind those punches, and didn’t even land square most of the time. The game is rigged. Damit Mayweather…damit De la Jolla…

  23. Mexicans pack more power per square inch.

  24. Niggas aint shit

  25. not a well refereed fight at all lots of back of the head shots and head held shots on Joshua especially right before Ruiz wen on his sloppy punching sprees, good fighter for sure but this was a sloppy, possibly thrown fight by Joshua who is barely scratched and Ruiz is beaten and bloody hmmmmm

  26. Never underestimate the underdog.

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