The Franchise: Chiefs documentary spills ‘insider’ info comparable to “Hard Knocks”

Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes featured on ‘The Franchise.’

The Franchise is quite interesting. 

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KANSAS CITY — Surviving Dee Ford? “The Franchise,” a new docuseries featuring the Kansas City Chiefs, aired Wednesday night on Fox Sports Kansas City. The infomercial was also streamed live on Facebook and YouTube. “The Franchise,” which is comparable to HBO’s “Hard Knocks,” begins with a motivational spill from Chiefs head coach Andy Reid who took a parting shot at Dee Ford for costing KC a Super Bowl appearance. “You’re four inches away from the Super Bowl,” Reid tells his team. “How do you take it up another notch? Are you willing to give up a little bit to make yourself a better football team?”

Ford, if you recall, is the linebacker who inexplicably lined up “four inches” offside during what would’ve been a Super Bowl-clinching interception in the AFC title game. Reid’s remark insinuates he’s still pissed at Ford who was consequently traded to the San Francisco 49ers a month later.

Reid also recounted the epic Monday Night Football matchup between the Chiefs and Los Angeles Rams. The boys in red lost 54-51, becoming the first team in NFL history to score at least 50 points and still lose. “It’s one of those games that sticks out in your mind,” Reid said.

“Both teams I thought got after each other and played good, aggressive football. That’s a game we lost, but some of the games, we developed into a good football team… [now] let’s close that gap.”

Other highlights from the show:

Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes was approached by Hall of Famer Jim Kelly and Los Angeles Chargers head coach Anthony Lynn at the Pro Bowl. Both congratulated the 23-year-old phenom for earning league MVP honors as a first year starter.

“I’m on a great team, in a great environment, in a great city, where they’ve really pushed me to succeed,” Mahomes said while accepting his ‘AFC Offensive Player of the Year’ trophy at the 101 Awards Banquet. The MVP also disclosed his rumination on being the face of EA Sports’ Madden 20 video game.

Mahomes’ new target, rookie wideout Mecole Hardman, was panegyrized by the KC coaching staff. “I think this kid’s a dynamic route-runner, and I mentioned this to a number of people — this kid reminds me of Chad Johnson when he came out,” said Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy.

“That’s Ocho Cinco.”

New Chiefs defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo took some time to demarcate what constitutes a good defense. “Really the three things that are vital to defensive football — that’s being able to defeat blocks, great effort, and being able to tackle,” he said.

Spagnuolo’s précis is no doubt music to our ears because the Chiefs were terrible at all three last season.

Speaking of defense… Tyrann “Honey Badger” Mathieu is seen arriving in Kansas City on a plane. After a bidding war took place between the Chiefs and Houston Texans, Mathieu said he chose to sign with KC because it’s the best fit. He’s also a big fan of our barbecue. Super cool!

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  1. I hate Dee Ford lol. Chiefs will be back next season I believe that it will be much better year this year 11-5 or 13-3 this coming season. Patrick Mahomes will have another monster season again this year. GO CHIEFS!!! CHIEFS and HULKAMANIA lives forever brother lol. The Red and Yellow Chiefs and Hulkamania will never die brother

  2. Mahomes, Hill, Hardman, Watkins and Kelce, Williams. Yeah, can you say best offense team ever?


  4. Everyone: Lets build a championship defense
    KC: Let’s change the rules for OT

  5. Ofa Afungia Jr

    Fucken Dee Ford

  6. Steven Mccahon

    Should be spelled FRANCH15E

  7. I love Patrick mahomes ❤

  8. Andy Reid robbed Philadelphia of a few superbowls and same will be with the Queefs. Dude just cares about spicy porkchops and drinking vegetables oil.

  9. rip tyreek

  10. Representing Kansas city Missouri

  11. Mahomes is going to run the NFL for years.

  12. MannafestationMan

    Thank You @Chiefs for putting this together and getting us pumped up.

  13. Fuck dee ford

  14. I hope Mahomes never loses his humility; the kid is so humble he’s awesome!

  15. There is nothing like Arrowhead in the world everyone should at least experience this once in there lifetime

  16. Andy Armstrong

    Patty Cakes means so damn much to this city. Hell yeah.

  17. Goosebumps

  18. Life long Kansas City native and just turned 40. Been waiting for Mahomes my whole life as a Chiefs fan. Was blessed to see him play at Arrowhead twice last season. How ’bout them Chieeeeeeffffsss!

  19. Classic Chiefs immediately put their loss to the Pats on the refs and Dee Ford who they got rid off. They had like 30 yards of total offense in the first half lmao. This is why the Chiefs won’t beat the Pats, not enough personal accountability.

  20. C-H-E-F-S….
    Great googily-moogily. Patriots OWN you and will again this season. Have fun!

  21. Global Atheist

    Unfortunately Chiefs fans you have one problem that will keep you from winning the Super Bowl and that’s Andy Reid. He chokes on the big games. He’s terrible at clock management and he gets out coached when he faces a good coach. I’m from Philly and I lived what you’re going through. I swore he was going to do it for us but after 5 NFC championship games with only 1 win and a loss in the 1 Super Bowl I realized he’s just not good enough. For your sake I hope he does win it for you because I like your team and your fans are super loyal.

  22. Dee Ford can literally fuck off!! We should’ve been super bowl champs 😡🙄

  23. Episode 2: beat your wife and kids

  24. This is pretty dope I wish my damn Raiders made some shit like this

  25. It’s showed dee ford NOT offsides when we intercepted it. We fucking got cheated

  26. Chiefs 2020 Champs

    Finally have a young 🐐 at QB! I’m really excited for the defense this year

  27. My Name Is Jacob

    Damn that offsides call!

  28. Lmao of choking in the playoffs😂😂😂😂

  29. Chiefs are garbage. This is Chargers division and they take it back 2019. KC will be lucky to go 8-8. Garbage ass team with one of the least talented rosters.

  30. Honey Badger! So excited for this year. Already planning the tailgates in my head.

  31. This is awesome. Love it. GO CHIEFS!!!!

  32. I swear, the more I watch that afc championship game, the more convinced I am that dee ford threw that game on purpose. Like not once all season had he lined up offsides until the biggest moment in the biggest game of the entire year. It just doesn’t make sense

  33. Lol chiefs always choke

  34. Let’s Smoke Foo

    Let’s fucking go the season needs to start all ready

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