Black gunman “murdered” a dozen people before getting gunned down in Virginia

DeWayne Craddock took the lives of twelve people.

Negro gunman murders dozen.

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VIRGINIA BEACH — DeWayne Craddock, a city engineer, is laying six feet deep after he smoked a dozen employees at his job Friday afternoon. The mass murder took place around 4 p.m. at a government building in Virginia Beach. According to police reports, DeWayne showed up early that morning and submitted a letter of resignation. He was reportedly on the cusp of facing disciplinary action for mistreating co-workers. “He notified his chain of command that morning,” said City Manager Dave Hansen.

“My understanding is he did that via email.”

A few hours later, DeWayne pulled out a pair of .45 caliber handguns (with silencers) and went Rambo. First, he shot a contractor in the parking lot. Seconds later, DeWayne let his gat explode on a woman who was exiting the building. Then he used his employee badge to gain access to the second floor where he fired at will.

Police officers finally caught up with DeWayne in the hallway and they “immediately engaged in a gun battle.” DeWayne shot an officer before running inside an office to hide. Law enforcement officials eventually knocked the door down and that was all she wrote.

DeWayne got lit up like a Christmas tree.

The 40-year-old gunman died on the way to the hospital.

DeWayne once served in the Virginia National Guard.

Word on the street claims he’s a Muslim.

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  1. Can’t be true! I’ve been quite emphatically informed by numerous black commeters that ONLY WHITES commit mass shootings. So this must be false. Emmanuel Samson, too!!!

  2. What a devil .

  3. black people celebrate when we get fired, not kill people

  4. Donald Blackmon

    Blue collar work environment often is the worst for overt system of racism and causes good people to go “insane”. I’ve experienced it, I’m grateful to have had other options.

  5. queenbeethatme100

    Guess black men were feeling left out of the crazy, mass shooting sprees. So here is another one.

  6. Hmmm. I pray for all those who are affected by this demonic inspired event. The enemy comes to rob ,kill and destroy. there is no good thing in him…nada, zilch. God is always good.

  7. Adalberto Fernandez


  8. Another Black coward. Don’t ban guns…ban Blacks from having any association with them . If found with a gun, shoot on site.

  9. FileThis Information

    I wonder if any of the victims were supporters of the NRA.

  10. The shooter was a registered democrat. It is past time to label the democrat party a terrorist organization.


  12. The police shot him dead we know it wasn’t a white guy this time

  13. I don’t care who the EVIL KILLER was!!! That “IT” is now a “was” is all I care about!!! This has nothing to do with the TOOL “IT” used to kill and maim!! The EVIL THINGS brain (or lack there of) did the killing and maiming!!! EVIL is always the reason for violence!!! All violent acts should end this way!!! PUT THE EVIL DOWN SO “IT” WILL NEVER BE AN ISSUE AGAIN!!! HARSH AND QUICK PUNISHMENT IS WHATS NEEDED TO DETER MANY BUT NOT ALL THESE ATTACKS!!! NEVER EVER PRISON TIME!!!

  14. Jacquez Douglas

    I’m ashamed to be black rn 🤦🏽‍♂️

  15. once a man does not give a damn about life and is ready to cash his own chips in he don’t care about life nobody else he’s just a ticking time bomb welcome to Everyday Life in America😰….P.S avoid crowds

  16. OperationFoxley19441

    A new meaning to saying “I quit.”

  17. Ingrid Mueller

    R.I.P to all 12 who died

  18. Caroline Hills

    This is so sad but it’s only getting worse🙏 going to the victims family and friends and I’m even going to say🙏to the shooters family and friends left here to answer the whys and they don’t know and their loss

  19. Narice Ferguson

    Can’t stop pure rage unfortunately!! 💔💔💔💔

  20. Abdullah Obada

    Smh…. did the man really have a damn silencer….

  21. I think his Boss Was An AssHole.

  22. All the random act of violence looking like a form of mind control. Good people don’t just get up one day and just start killing people they know or worked with for year.

    I think these people are under some form of hypnosis or mind manipulation something the US government agencies have been known to be involved in. Nearly all the shooters follow a form of scripted command like they have been programmed.

    There is an agenda here but will will never know the truth because fear has been programmed into the survivors because of the incident.

  23. I have heard that Craddock was a Muslim. A sleeper cell will not draw attention to himself. If the media refuses to acknowledge that he was a Muslim. Then how are the people going to find out, unless it is by hearsay information.

  24. In the days prior to the shooting he was involved in physical scuffles with fellow city employees and threatened with disciplinary action

  25. Not that it matters…. he was probably forced to resign. Either get fired or resign. When you resign you get to keep your extended benefits. Working for the Government and being in a union gives you a lot of extra benefits.

  26. Manager: “You will be disciplined for mistreating coworkers.”

    Craddock: “We’ll see about that bitch!”

  27. Good thing he resigned, that’s the kind of thing that’ll get you fired!

  28. Workplace bullying could have caused this. Is the FBI certain that the shooter killed all of the victims? Do ballistics indicate there was no collateral damage during the gunfight? Witnesses described bullets going through walls and office furniture during the exchange of gunfire.

  29. Omar Jad Al Farid

    @Michael Eli: You would be shocked and amazed if I described to you the way I have been mistreated over the years. And it has been non-stop since the 1980’s. I think the shooter suffered through years of mistreatment and finally had enough. Maybe this is true of all mass shooters. If you don’t believe this watch co-workers talk about the harassment which occurred before a postal episode. When you are having trouble, people laugh and mock you. How many people have to die before they show a little empathy.

  30. Welp I guess you can’t say all mass shooters are white anymore

  31. TomJeffersonWasRight

    There are very, very strict laws about silencers. He could not have had a silencer. There are laws against them.

  32. MarineTrucker1371CE

    The majority shot were White had it been the other way around then the shooter would be called a Rascist even if just one of his victims were white. Welcome to America 2019

  33. COWARD 😡😡😡

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