Graphic Video: Chicago mother killed in ‘shooting’ while shielding her 1-year-old

Washington and Adams charged with Hill’s murder.

Mom killed while protecting baby. 

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CHICAGO — Police in West Chicago are busy investigating the fatality of 24-year-old Brittany Hill who was smoked at point blank range while safeguarding her 1-year-old baby from gang-related gunfire. The sanguinary ordeal transpired around 8:50 a.m. on May 28th in the 1200 block of North Mason Avenue. The deadly shooting was captured on video. According to police reports, Brittany had just exited a black sedan and was carrying her bairn when a silver Chevy Impala pulled up next to her.

Seconds later, a pair of malefactors jumped out the vehicle and opened fire — striking poor Brittany multiple times as she contorted her body to shield the infant from the bombardment of bullets. Michael Washington, 39, and Eric Adams, 23, were arrested and charged with first-degree murder.

Fortunately, Brittany’s baby wasn’t harmed.

Even though she lost her life, Super Mom came to the rescue.

Watch shocking video footage of the shooting.

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  1. Fuck it. Just shut Chicago down all together.

  2. WTF!!!!

  3. I’m black and wouldnt go to a black nabe in Chicago for a million dollars. Stuff like this will never end because black people refuse to discuss black male violence. They deflect and baby black males. The only time we collectively feel outrage is when the perpetrator is not black. Other than that it’s thoughts and prayers until the next time.


  5. It’s time to nuke Chicago

  6. i am scared of black people


  8. This sort of gang violence happens a lot in the low income black neighborhoods of Chicago. This is only a shock to people who never lived in or near such neighborhoods. This is the kind of thing BLM, the NAACP, Colin Kaepernick, and other race baiters should be protesting. Black on black crime needs to end first, then everything else will follow.

  9. Trevor Trujillo

    Wtf Chicago?

  10. Victor Martinez

    So sad that lives do not matter for these individuals including childrens lives just what can justify this crime? Your gang affiliation? This is just hateful anger burning inside someones heart.

  11. I live in a hispanic community and its not even like this

  12. She looked like such a sweet lady too….

  13. There will be no protests or riots. She wasn’t shot the police.

    No ghetto lottery.

  14. James Sullivan

    My God, my God

  15. Itss0nlyshayyy

    This is just sad 😢. What about the baby ? Growing up without her mother 😔🥀. #GunsDown

  16. It’s Chicago culture.

  17. We are really living in the last days 🤦🏾‍♀️ this is so sad she did what any mother would have for their child. R. I. P baby girl

  18. These are the things that these modern day rappers are glorifying and promoting

  19. Death penalty!!!!

  20. Zachary Schaefer


  21. Brittany Blessed

    Black lives matter ain’t protesting this though huh? Our lives only matter when it fits the narrative of police killing blacks but when it’s blacks killing blacks it’s just another day in the neighborhood shame on black America!

  22. Richard Mcdaniel

    This shit hurts my heart no respect

  23. This is staged people.

  24. Terrell Johnson

    I really am sick of our people killing one another. May you rest in peace Brittany

  25. Rashad Marshall

    The whole city of Chicago needs to be wiped out and start over.

  26. ThreePhaseHigh

    Chicago has been run by democrats for years and years and years you can’t expect anything else. I would like to feel sorry for them but the voters seem to love it so I’m not.

  27. 💔💔💔💔

  28. Senseless.. Tha sad part is, they’ll get charged w/ manslaughter, an be back on tha streets in 5..😢🤬😢🤬😢.

  29. Angelique Cantrell

    Why are you killing your black people I don’t want to hear Black lies matter no f**** more Chicago is the devil

  30. I saw the whole video and thats BS. She got shot, that’s it, she wasn’t trying to protect her baby in particular, she just got shot tried to run to cover and died. Why do people always insert BS into these stories? She didn’t need to try to protect her child, she got shot and did what she could to run away with her baby in her arms, to save her own life as much as that of the baby. Just don’t try to make it into a story of heroism, it doesn’t need to be. Like those 9/11 people who fought the hijackers. They didn’t do it to save lives on the ground, they did it to save their own, so just leave it at that.

  31. daniel thangari

    Al Sharpton is very quiet.. Do black lives really matter.. Do they?

  32. Bitch ass niggas. Thats what prison is for

  33. 🙌 yay they caught them.. Good.

  34. Its a shame the perpetrators are ages 39 & 23 now why would this 39 year old be running around acting a fool not ( excusing the 23 yr old actions) but you would think through longer experience the 39 yr. old would be trying to teach the 23 yr. Old on a positive level verses committing crimes & I always try to speak up for my bros & sisters being pro Black coming from impoverished urban communities knowing what we’re up against the Judicial scale not being equal etc. but there’s no justifications for these actions…

  35. I still see people always standing on the streetside in small or large groups, near a car to where they can become easy targets for a drive-by. Let’s talk behind something that can shield us if possible?



  37. You idiots do realize she was a gangbanger and was killed because she had some comflict.Her family didn’t try to help her.They didn’t like her lifestyle but she ganganged anyway.That’s why the boyfriend didn’t even attempt to ask the family for help.They didn’t care.He drove ofrf and got another dude to help put her in the backsest.The grandfater they pickerd up the y and took her in the house.When they were putting her in the backkseat of the car and the grandfater walked over to the car and try to put the baby in the car with them through the paassenger side.He had nochoice ut to tyake the baby in the house.Her son was outside to.Nut he was on the other side hidden from the camera.They’re not showing the whole video.She pisses some gang and they sent a professional hitman from Urbana.Some body had been giviong them money for who know how long.In true mopb form they told them 1 day i might want you to do somethin and you have to do it.There are plenty of Chicago guys that to.But in true mob form you call outsiders to do the hit.They left iurbana that morning to kill Brittany Hill.They had no idea how it was gonna happen.But when they turned onto her styreet she was standing out side.I know they said this was gonns be easy.THe b/f was on her let side leaning against the card .The guy on the other side had his back half turned so he had no idea whate was going on.They acted like they new them.The baby waved and smiled.None of them acted like they were in danger.The guy on the passenger sid shot her.In the heart and thigh.She limped around to hide behind a car with the baby.She’s no hero.She was a target.She never should’ve taken that baby anywhere.She would always be a target.If she had lived they would’ve taken he kids.This isn’t tv and it’s not a movie.This is real life.This should be warning for all these wanna ganbangers.They will kill you.They don’t care of you’re holding.And the guiys are lucky.Most shooters would’ve sho all of them.But that not what the hitman was paid to do. He was paided to kill Brittany Hill.Thaty’s why the guys are still alive.They only wanted her.I wamnder what did she do to the other ghang to have a profession hit put out on her.You p[eople read.Chicago had nothing to do with this.TYhese guys were sent fron Urban abouta 2 hour drive from Chicago.They shoukld’ve should’ve known the 2 guys were gon na tell where they live.They wers arrested about 3 hous later.They didn’t try to run.They didn’t go to another state.They were paid to do this and take the fall.So don’t blame Chic ago.Blame Tiffany Hill.She’s no here.24,2 kids and she’s a damn gangbanger.SDo she did it to herself.And before you talk abouti nuking Chicvago read the article and pay attention to the facts.Nobody in Chic ago killed her.Hit men did it from urbana.Readan the article before you talk shit.

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