Marlon Wayans catching hell over his daughter’s decision to be homosexual

Marlon defends Amai’s decision to be gay.

Marlon Wayans defends gay kid. 

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NEW YORK — Macilent comic Marlon Wayans has a homosexual daughter, and he’s already sick and tired of defending her sexual predilection. Amai, 19, is officially out the closet and, in honor of gay pride month, Marlon disseminated a panegyric dispatch on Instagram to show the teen lesbo some familial support. “Happy pride to my pride and joy,” Marlon wrote. “I wouldn’t change one effing thing about you. Love you to the moon, around the sun, through the galaxies, and back again.”

Marlon’s galactic communiqué contains a caption with a snapshot of Amai in a sedentary pose showing off the rainbow-colored soles of her gay sneakers. Homophobes and disapproving fans shared their reactions. One user wrote Amai is “not old enough to understand what [homosexuality] is really about,” drawing Marlon’s ire. “She’s 19,” the 46-year-old comedian wrote.

“She’s who she is until or until she don’t choose different.”

“I love her for her, not what I want her to be.”

“We all will some day get to unconditional love,” Marlon continued.

“Because of my daughter, I am one step closer. I am not God. I don’t judge, I just love.”

“And pray for the haters because I refuse to judge them too.”

Amai joins a lengthy list of gay celebrity children which includes Dwyane Wade’s 12-year-old son Zion and Magic Johnson’s 27-year-old son EJ. Are you ok with Amai’s sexual preference? Is she too young to make a gender-related decision? Is it fair to objurgate the LGBTQ community?

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  1. Either I’m not reading this correctly or something. She posted for a photo with a Pride shoe? Is she LGBTQ or showing support? How at 19 is she not old enough to know what LGBTQ is or Pride in it? We think people know they are gay or transgender when they are toddlers so a 19 year year old is too young to know what? LGBTQ or not this #$%$ is showing support for human beings and that is nice. I’m not LGBTQ and was rais d in the south as a southern Baptist ….I am supportive of people. My job is to love ..not judge. A lovely #$%$ with a nice dad.

  2. Why do people want to celebrate mental illness?

  3. LGBTQ = Satan’s agenda. Nothing “normal” about it. Abomination.

  4. My God, Marlon is 46? That means Damon and Keenan must be in their 60’s now. I feel old and have to go take a nap now.

  5. Now it’s weird to say you’re straight. This world is sickening.

  6. Why do these hollywood people have gay kids at higher rates than the normal populace? Is it the water at hollywood reservoir or is it the genepool?

  7. Good for him supporting his daughter, lots of gay children don’t get that from their parents which is very sad!

  8. Glad my kids turned out normal… I’m not a bible-thumper but anyone trying to twist its words to fit their agenda are completely wrong. It CLEARLY states in Romans that in the end days men will lust after men and women will enjoy the flesh of other women and this will not be looked on pleasantly…. But, keep ignoring the signs as they smack you all in the face.

  9. What a great Dad 🙂

  10. It is a sad commentary on a society that accepts this perverted behavior as normal. WE might accept it – I don’t – but God doesn’t. Read His Word and see what He has to say because He will be the final judge

  11. Marlon Wayans was just giving himself a public pat on the back as there’s really no reason to broadcast it to the world.

  12. Kudos Marlon! Way to support your baby girl! Happy Pride Month to everyone and anyone celebrating! Always did love me some cutie patootie Marlon!

  13. Thank GOD my Daughter is STRAIGHT… what a relief.

  14. Black conservative

    ““ ‘Do not have sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman; that is detestable.”
    Leviticus 18:22

  15. Huh… I always thought that Marlon Wayans was gay. Go figure.

  16. It would have been a better parenting thing to have gotten your -daughter?- some psychiatric help with the problem.

  17. Keep supporting and lauding those with mental illness – instead of trying to treat it – and it will continue to snowball out of control in society.
    These parents think they’re part of the solution but allowing your child to make choices and suppositions based on what they see hear from reality tv (and their equally disturbed friends) is part of the problem, if not the biggest part. These kids need a parent, not a friend, or an enabler…

  18. Is it a surprise how many liberal Hollywood celeb kids are LGBTQ? I think it is pushed from a young age in many of those families …

  19. Black people are done. .. sad but the devil truly has won many of us and it’s just done.

  20. Lol…You failed as a father.

  21. Anyone else notice a disproportionate amount of Hollywood actors and athletes with gay children

  22. SERIOUSLY, how can this sick nonsense have so much power in the United states? Such a small percentage of people doing such a disgusting act, and suddenly pride is now a virtue instead of a character flaw? How can perversion be so important to so many people with power and influence?

  23. If she was normal, why say he wouldn’t change one thing?

  24. rochelle thundercloud

    And this is great parenting. Kudos to Marlon wayans

  25. Someone is gay ….and it makes the news . Isn’t that the biggest part of the problem ?????? The news is reporting on someone being gay . Instead of reporting news , this is what they do to stir the pot .

  26. Being gay is a mental condition and the white man agenda 😔

  27. Herman Christopher

    If my kids come out gay I ain’t gonna have a God damn thing to do with them. I stand for the Bible.

  28. Mermaid ArtistQueen

    Parents need to love 💕 & accept their children. Otherwise the children won’t come around

  29. You have no control over who you are attracted to

  30. conservative me 1971

    A father should always love his children. God always loves us no matter what we do. Our children’s choices are irrelevant to our love. Thumbs up to Marlon Wayans, God bless.

  31. Shout out to him for that. Ppl need to stay out of ppl business and worry about themselves.

  32. Carolyn Howell

    Is Marlon Wayans part of the illuminati?

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