Summer Jam ’19: See Full Show!

Cardi B rocked the crowd at Summer Jam ’19/Scott Roth.

Summer Jam 2019 delivered big-time.

Blog King, Mass Appeal

NEW YORK — “Ain’t no party like…” Summer Jam ’19 was “Must See TV” Sunday night at Metlife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey where roughly 50,000 fans showed up. Moderated by Hot 97’s Bobby Konders and Jabba, the annual hip-hop celebration was headlined by rappers Cardi B, Meek Mill and Migos. Special concert performances were also effectuated by Kash Doll, Megan Thee Stallion, Casanova, Nigerian artist Davido, “Rich Forever” CEO Rich the Kid, A Boogie, and Tory Lanez who took viewers home with his hit single “Luv.”

Supplemental surprise guests included A$AP Ferg, Calboy, Jay Critch, Memphis Bleek, Afro B, Kid the Wiz, Flipp Dinero, Shaboogie and King Combs. Cardi, who rocked a flaxen hairdo coupled with a gold bikini top, furnished the first live performance of her new single “Press.”

Cardi also performed a medley of her “Bodak Yellow” album.

Atlanta’s Migos dazzled the audience with a concatenation of head bobbing tunes that included “Bad & Boujee” and “Handsome & Wealthy.” And, Meek Mill gave a fervent encomium in honor of departed rap artist Nipsey Hussle before closing out with “Dreams & Nightmares.” 

Watch Summer Jam ’19 in its entirety below!

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  1. Michael Salazar

    That is the most worthless audience I’ve ever seen thank GOD I dont live in New York and never will and don’t worry superstars from New York we will support your music since New York people are to busy being lame asf

  2. why is the crowd so dry ..

  3. Jimmy Ross Bway

    D A V I D O

  4. LMAO!! Well damn….guess the crowd wasn’t feeling no one that performed cause they were just standing there and not into it at all!!

  5. Frankly Speaking

    Blog King are you on meth? This aint must see tv. The crowd is fuckin dead.

  6. Server Tavares

    Wooow!!! Summer Jam is so WWWAACK!!! I really HATE that every artist was rapping over their vocal track, REAL artists LEARN their own songs and actually perform LIVE, Word!!!!

  7. This is Summerjam now????
    Damn Im glad I grew up in the 90s

  8. Meek meek mill😍😍😍😍😍

  9. Why would I want to watch a bunch of mfs just walking around on stage rapping. Hell naw y’all spent money on this bs.

  10. maisieand aleyna thompson

    Hot 97 is so different now

  11. Looks WACK to me

  12. That was horrible The Fans wasn’t doing Nothing! That line up was ass except Megan! I love her CuHz😂😂😂💯


    Cardi looked like she did a quickie right before she came on stage. 😔

  14. Diadie Sissako

    migos 💉👌🏿🙏🏿✍🏿

  15. Beauty Mamaehis

    Cardi is boring already? 😀no 1 screaming cum on pipo


    I take the female rappers more seriously when they not tryna twerk all the time. Megan and Kashdoll so solid they don’t need to do that. Then megan do the sesame lil booty twirl err show….lol

  17. Beauty Mamaehis

    Meek killing it 🤴🍾🥂🇳🇫

  18. Blog King said “Must See TV” lol

  19. Crowd bored but they paid 🤔🤔🤔

  20. Peter Augustin

    Davido 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  21. Marcus Nomolos

    I could have rapped over pre recorded music and done better with crowd hype… Ebro u suck

  22. Stefan Markovic1

    Summer Jam is not what it used to be where are Drake,Nicki,Wayne,J Cole,all these other artist.Like look at the crowd they didn’t want these rappers..

  23. 69 would have had that bitch rockin without a doubt

  24. Ray’s Journey

    It look like Cardi got her booty done again, talking bout a tummy tuck🤦🏾‍♀️Girl that butt is wayyyy bigger

  25. Guydork WAT_Else

    cardi set the tread for all these look of likes!!

  26. #Press Hot Song!!! ♥️😍🔥

  27. What’s the point of going if you ain’t gonna get turned up? You just there to breathe??

  28. I be so glad wen kash and da stallion do a song 2gather

  29. ghetto

  30. Meg The Stallion and Kash Doll💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻 Why Cardi looking like a whole Big Bird

  31. LivingMyBestLife

    This line up was NOT THE BUSINESS 😂😂😂 just shameful to call this music 😨😲

  32. Trash Trash Trash Trash!!!! Bring out Nicki watch how the people would go wild

  33. Migos 😍😍kings

  34. Brittney Jackson-Jeter

    No one is dancing because they have to hold their phones steady🤦😂

  35. *Reversal Queen*

    Women are not classy no more and I’m a woman saying it.

  36. Meek even asked wtf is Going in in this bixxtch
    Lol.thats these young heads trying to look cute the boys too trying to look cute .old schooled we partied and turned up..smh

  37. I spent more time reading the comments then paying attention to the show😬

  38. What is this crap!!! Women look like prostitutes men look like and sound like crack heads? I’m just 😞

  39. My name is Aminé

    A lot of these rappers were disappointing af with their live streaming channel performance, only Cardi B had proper staging to put on A SHOW. The other just went out on their own with no stage production at all…boring. 😑

  40. Strippers and x cons turned rappers? The crowd looked so bored

  41. The crowd so terrible 😂😂😂😭😭 I would’ve cussed they ass out

  42. Theses artist need to stop using the track to play their vocals and just rap over the instrumentals. Lets hear their skills n if they can memorize their own song on its own and hear their real voices instead of relying on the track placing their vocals.

  43. Kimora Micheal

    I want a refund, and I didn’t even go! 😂😩😭😅

  44. NY crowd is always a tough crowd.

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