Protesters in Wyandotte County seeking ‘monumental’ changes with KCK Police

Protesters seek change in KCK Police Department/

Protesters seeking ‘big time’ changes.

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KANSAS CITY, Kan — No justice, no peace? A coterie of demonstrators in Wyandotte County took it to the streets Wednesday afternoon in what they’re calling a “March for Justice” in downtown Kansas City, Kansas — claiming there’s been “decades of misconduct” by the KCK Police Department. “This will only begin to fix a problem caused by decades of corruption and negligence,” said Rev. Bobby Love of Olathe’s Second Baptist Church. “We will stand to see this through.”

Rev. Love and fed up residents are clamoring the immediate dismissal of KCK Police Chief Terry Zeigler who’s already a KBI target. Protesters are also seeking a thorough investigation by the Department of Justice in conjunction with an FBI probe into the deportment of former deputy Roger Golubski who’s accused by the family of Lamonte McIntyre of extorting sexual favors from low-income black women.

Mcintyre, if you recall, was recently exonerated after serving 23 years in prison for a double homicide he didn’t commit. A female cadet also claims she was sexually assaulted by a KCK police officer.

Are the allegations true?

Are massive changes needed in KCK?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Kittens Mittens

    Hmm. I wonder about a federal suit. Class action would be gold.

  2. donna mcginnis

    I;m from KCK and we ALWAYS knew he was a no good dirty cop along with others who had a thing.
    for black women…. willing are not….

  3. I live here in this racist state. Being black here is ao hard! This system of oppression is alive and well in Kansas. Lots of strong black brothers here… we just need to pull together more and get our attack plans in order to destroy this enemy. With THE MOST HIGHS help we can do ALL things.


    They should atleast give him money for wasting 23 years of his life….🤦🏾‍♂️


    That’s an entire generation he missed out on

  6. Some innocent men like him have been executed by this judicial system smh

  7. Now just think of how many others are sitting behind bars innocent….

  8. “Okay , Got the wrong guy. 😅 Sorry and now you can go.”

  9. I respect that this man was jailed for 23 years but was still happy to wake up every day what a good guy

  10. They better build a damn time machine just for him.

  11. Christian Miranda

    This man deserves to get millions of dollars.

  12. the movie LIFE was a true story that has been repeated millions of times in the fake eye of a corrupt system towards black men

  13. The judges and state leaders are to blame

  14. This is so terribly infuriating & sad 😔.

  15. This is america

  16. UNTOLD official

    The police department is a waste of tax payer money

  17. I’m 1000 times more scared of cops than criminals. I can shoot criminals
    when they are in the act of committing a crime. Cops are above the

  18. This is totally american, putting People behind bars is americas vision.

  19. Tony Santillanes

    Police application:
    1) Do you lie? YES
    2) Will you harass? YES
    3) Shoot unarmed citizens? YES
    Congratulations, you’re hired. Here’s a badge and gun. Go get them tiger!!

  20. “Fuck the police!”

  21. Ruthless Lover

    Golubski and me have somethin n common

    We love sweet black pussy

  22. Crazy how a cops word is ALWAYS held to a higher standard in a court room. With many MANY cases where a judge, D.A., prosecuter, or cop have been found to be corrupt there is no way any person shld be locked up without irrefutable proof they broke the law.

    Theres NEEDS to be video footage to back up EVERYTHING a cop says.

    No more believeing everything a cop says just because he is a sworn officer of the law. They are as human and mistake prone as the citizens they are sworn to protect and serve.

    The day cops were givin the power to get someone convicted based solely off of their word was the day are justice system was setup to be taken advantage of.

  23. GMS ValdostaGa

    And yall wonder why we call the so called white man the devil?

  24. Amerikkka

  25. Criminals with badges

  26. The taxpayers shouldn’t foot the bill for this, it should come out of police pension fund. We shouldn’t pay for their crimes.

  27. The police are not your friend..

  28. And people wonder why Kaepernick was kneeling!

  29. The police only protect those who sign their paychecks. Beyond that, they meet quotas and raise money for their masters. Nothing more.

  30. Toss Your Salad

    typical wyandotte

    full of bullshit & corruption

  31. I have a friend incarcerated that he framed and put in prison and he’s been in there for 20 years now. And some justice will be served he’s coming home real soon. Roger golubski been dirty all his life that’s just what it is and it’s so many innocent people that’s locked up behind him.

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