Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill & fiancé Crystal Espinal did not break son’s arm

Tyreek & Crystal did not break son’s arm/Instagram.

Medical experts cleared Tyreek.

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KANSAS CITY — According to a report published Monday afternoon by Sports Radio 810, Kansas City Chiefs wideout Tyreek Hill did not break his 3-year-old son’s arm after all. Neither did his fiancé, Crystal Espinal. Instead, shortly after the case opened in March, medical examiners determined the fracture was merely a repercussion of an accidental fall. The couple is, however, being probed for over-spanking the child and leaving bruises and welts all over his body.

Both confessed to beating him with a belt.

Jiminy Christmas! If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times. Blacks should be banned from spanking children. Not sure if it’s carryover from slavery or what. But, under no circumstances should a negro be allowed to put his or her hands on kids. It’s abuse 9 times out of 10.

Right now, Tyreek and Crystal are separated despite the fact she’s pregnant with his twins. The little boy remains in foster care as the Kansas Department for Children and Families continues its investigation. There’s no timetable for a case resolution. Hell, for all we know, it could take a year.

In case you’re oblivious to what’s going on, Tyreek’s son suffered a broken arm in January. Shortly after the incident, a vindictive Crystal coaxed a third party to report Tyreek for child abuse. During the investigative process, Crystal admitted she launched a scurrilous attack on Tyreek’s character mainly because he’s so domineering and vituperative. In other words, she lied.

Given their combustible past, it’s probably best they stay the hell away from each other. Tyreek, a convicted felon, beat Crystal’s ass a few years ago while she was gravid with his son. KCTV5 also leaked an audio recording back in April that insinuates Tyreek is verbally and physically abusive.

Word on the street claims the 25-year-old speedster faces a lengthy NFL suspension.

Does he still deserve it?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Let me guess, he fell down the stairs

  2. So he is innocent criminally but because we live in a hyper judgmental society and we don’t approve of the way he disciplines his child we are going to punish him financially. Some society we live in now a days….

  3. spanking a 3 year old with a belt. and hard enough to leave bruises and welts. please find this child another home before he ends up dead.

  4. Throw both parents in jail…

  5. I just hope the kid ends up OK . That’s all !

  6. Giving a little swat on the rear is fine but hard spanking and belts are unacceptable. It was way different when I was younger but now times have changed and parents have changed. The fear alone of getting a spanking should be enough to encourage a 3 yr old to stop what they are doing wrong. These 2 POS are made for each other.

  7. Using a belt on a 3 year wasn’t, isn’t and never will be ok. It’s lazy parenting. Like we tell our kids “use your words”.

  8. But the cops DIDN’T confirm the arm was an accident, it was just the docs decided the break was “consistent with reaching out to brace for a fall.” Given the 3yr kid was removed into care after bruises and welts were found on his body from the parents’ admitted heavy beatings with a belt, it seems most likely the kid was pushed. Cops knew they couldn’t prove it but absense of evidence is not evidence of absence, and surely the arm remains a suspicious injury.

  9. What is the mentality of a person who spanks a 3-year old with a belt? Especially their own flesh and blood child. Same kind of mentality that is cruel to animals. These people need to be exterminated before they further contaminate the gene pool.

  10. Hey, let’s keep facts out of this. We’ve already determined he is guilty.

  11. I see no problem with spanking, parents MUST discipline their children.
    Beating is a different story though.
    Nevertheless the NFLPA will defend Hill no matter what.
    And it doesn’t matter what the NFL does or doesn’t do, they will be criticized either way, which is ridiculous.
    Hill will be defended by the NFLPA and the media, no matter what. He will be the victim in the end, in the eyes of the NFLPA and the media.

  12. ChildOfThe1970s

    KC put themselves in this position. They’ve become the Bengals and Cowboys of the AFC West. They keep on drafting these character risks and getting burned. Can’t tell that to the “fan-atics” though. They think with one side of their brain…the football side, and the other side lays as dormant as an expired potato salad in the back of the fridge. .

  13. I wish he got arrested 😒

  14. Positivity Breeds Positivity

    Most of these dudes are simps. Anyone who sends you into rage like that you have to stay away from them.

  15. Time for us to rally around Tyreek! He’s been run into the ground for no reason! Time we show the man we got his back!

  16. Mitchell Corona

    If Hill is going to get suspended for one thing and one thing only, his threat on the tape, then the NFL and the public should have the full 22 minutes of it. Because he we only heard a little bit.

  17. Fuck both of em

  18. Adrian Peterson was suspended for spanking his kid. Hill is definitely getting suspended

  19. David Ratcliff

    2 game suspension for the threat…. keep in mind she was recording him and baiting him…

  20. I hate the media! People are so quick to vilify Hill & pile on him without having any facts, proof, or evidence! Who cares what Tyreek said, we have freedom of speech in this country! Speech is not conduct it’s just speech! So the NFL is the speech police now? So an employer has a right to determine what you can & cannot say in a private conversation between 2 people? If you’re for Hill being suspended then you have to judge yourself with the same judgment, you have to agree with an employer being able to control your speech in a private conversation with someone else that has nothing to do with your place of business!

  21. He’s a fucking punk and his fiance is a stupid bitch.

  22. Vincent DeMaio

    And it didn’t help his case by portraying that gangsta thug negro image with those gold teeth and that thuggish way of talking. Nfl owners don’t like that shit. Judges don’t like that shit. Cops don’t like that shit. The only ones that do are the dumb ass ignorant negros who listen to that dumb ass gangsta rap and want to uphold that image

  23. Frank The Tank

    I’m a chiefs fan… I don’t care if he’s the best WR in the league, get him off my team.

  24. John Christiansen

    Tyreek And Mecole!!!! Stretch City!!!!!

  25. Now.. we can all just focus on football !

  26. Landiz Edgington

    His son’s broken arm was consistent with a rambunctious three-year-old taking a fall!

  27. makes me sick

  28. Fact there was no proof he assaulted his son the audio tape of him arguing with his fiancee was obtained illegally. Fact you can not record some one with out there knowing they are being recorded.

  29. Simon ChiefsKingdom

    Tyreek Hill better come back and play for the Chiefs. Chris Jones needs to just play and not take all the cap space we have left to sign another big name this year.

  30. Brambo KcCheefin


  31. The way the league and chiefs are drawing this out is disgusting

  32. Hill is an idiot. Staying connected to woman that tried to put him in jail, wreck his relationship with his son, and destroy his career- won’t make the same mistakes twice. He’ll have only himself to blame when she succeeds.

  33. Tyreek is back baby!

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