Sheriff deputy coerced a dumb mother to “perform oral sex” on her 1-year-old son

Deputy Jones forced mom to perform oral sex on her baby.

Deputy made mom rape her baby boy.

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IBERVILLE PARISH — President Trump, can we please bring back public hangings? What about community lapidation? Shadrick Jones, a 33-year-old deputy with the Iberville Parish Sheriff’s Office, is putrefying behind bars after the voyeuristic bastard coerced 26-year-old Iyehesa Todd to perform oral sex on her one-year-old son. And, get this: Shadrick recorded the pornographic crime as part of a “fantasy.” The salacious act of blackmail went down Friday afternoon in Iberville Parish, Louisiana.

Iyehesa, who had an arrest warrant against her, told investigators Shadrick threatened to throw her ass in jail if she didn’t cooperate. He also told her it was his “fantasy” to see a woman giving fellatio to an infant. Rather than tell Shadrick to “f*ck off,” Iyehesa did the dirty deed. Hell, all she had to do was accept the citation then report Shadrick’s deportment to the authorities.

Nevertheless… after descrying the video, Gabriel Police Chief Kevin Ambeau, a 30-year veteran, said: “I’ve never seen anything so sickening and disgusting in my life…. I have 30 years of experience. This is at the top of the list for the worst case. I have never witnessed something so disgusting, it’s sickening to your stomach to see.”

Even though she was constrained against her will, Iyehesa was arrested and charged with first-degree rape and incest. Shadrick’s fat ass was arrested and charged with possession of child porn and principle to first-degree rape. He was also fired.

Sad, sad story.

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  1. This has really convinced me that we are truly in end times. First off your not seeing my son’s infant private parts and my mouth ain’t touching nothing. I’m going to jail or the grave. Vile!!!!!!

  2. Nasty duo

  3. Amarra Quinette

    This so sick……he a dirty MF tho for even using her traffic warrant to abuse a child..she will never sleep

  4. Faith Nelson-Loyal

    Whoa she did that because of a damn ticket!!!

  5. This is disgusting, evil and beyond the spectrum of anything close to human. I hope they get electrocuted !

  6. Lawrence Davis

    He will probably think those small prison meals are enough of a punishment!

  7. Tanaia Armstrong

    Now I can’t eat smh Lord help these poor babies with these dumb stupid parents smh

  8. Mrs. TreyNeverson

    Omg this was horrible and she needed to be mortified by someone to ask her to do this to a child cop or not he would have to just shoot me ticket or not smh he need to so some yrs dirty fucker and she needs to lose her child to the foster care system period nasty bastards

  9. Does she even realize what damage she has done to her son. She scared to go to jail but not scared to do that to her son. Beyond Crazy 🤯

  10. that sick fat fuck deserves a lethal injection

  11. he’s too fat to see his own dick so he looks at others

  12. These ppl are crazy af😩😒 I quit.


    He would have to kill me…i couldn’t do that to my own child…these demons are coming out!!!

  14. Angel For Animals

    Life in prison without parole! 🤭🤢🤮

  15. that mother needs her ass kicked

  16. Luz María Torres II


  17. Killem

  18. Most men want women to give them the blowjob, not give it to somebody else. This dude is sick!

  19. Anti-Al Sharpton

    where is black lives matter?

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