Transgender inmate Layleen Polanco is ‘murdered’ in Rikers Island penitentiary

Layleen Polanco found dead in her jail cell.

Transgender inmate murdered in prison. 

Blog King, Mass Appeal

NEW YORK — Law enforcement officials in New York are probing the insoluble quietus of transgender inmate Layleen Polanco who was found dead inside her jail cell Friday afternoon. Her passing took place at the Rose M. Singer Center on Rikers Island — a correctional facility that incarcerates female detainees. Layleen was serving time for assault and criminal possession of a controlled substance. Rumor has it the 27-year-old tranny was left unmonitored in solitary confinement at the time of her expiry.

According to a report from New York City’s Department of Corrections, an officer was busy patrolling the penitentiary when he noticed the redboned damsel sprawled out unconscious inside her cell. Members of the custodial staff rushed to Layleen’s succor and attempted CPR.

Moments later, medical professionals arrived at the scene to continue resuscitation efforts. Nothing worked. Layleen was pronounced dead at 3:45 p.m. Many are labeling her demise a transphobic “hate crime.” Others believe she bamboozled straight men into having sex. Family members, justice officials and the LGBTQ Community are understandably pissed.

“Ms. Polanco’s passing is a tragic reminder of the heightened risk and physical and emotional torture that transgender people — especially those from communities of color — face in the criminal legal system, particularly while in custody,” said a spokesperson with the Legal Aid Society.

“Her heartbreaking and untimely death warrants a swift, complete, independent, and transparent investigation from the City. We join New Yorkers in demanding justice for Ms. Polanco, her family, and for her community.”

Cynthia Brann, the Department of Corrections Commissioner, vowed justice will be served.“This is a tragic loss and we extend our deepest condolences to her family,” Brann said in a statement. “We are conducting a full investigation as the safety and well-being of people in our custody is our top priority.”

What’s my take?

I’ve disseminated dozens of blogs relative to the maltreatment and extirpation of transgender women. But Layleen scares the sh*t out of me; mainly because he (or she) looks exactly like a woman. Dude, I’m serious. After a couple of beers, inside a dark nightclub, you really can’t tell the difference.

Hell, Layleen even passes the Adam’s Apple exam.

If you’re a heterosexual male, a tranny like Layleen is your worst nightmare.

See… back in the day, your average transgender resembled Flavor Flav in a wig. Today’s trannies, however, are new and improved. They have smooth skin, soft hair and don Chanel fragrances. If you’re not careful, you’ll f*ck around and lose your manhood.

That said, do you believe a hate crime occurred?

Is it open season on transgenders?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Hawk's Dirty Hillbilly Adventures

    a man in a dress.

  2. RIP Layleen.

  3. So a guy was found dead?

  4. It's me dumbass

    blog king why are u calling that thing a damsel?

  5. Clearwater Guy

    I cannot understand why any transgendered woman does not carry a weapon!

  6. Im ok with it…..sick freaks

  7. Yall better stop messing with these DL Black Men.. they killing yall left & Right.. Just stay away from them

  8. 😂 lmao awesome it’s no loss

  9. They are men in dresses. Very simple. No such thing as a trans woman.

  10. Its impossible to become the opposite gender since the moment the embryo becomes over 50 days old its gender is decided of it’s a man it has XX chromosomes in every cell of its body with the exception of blood cells if it’s a woman it has XY chromosomes this stays with you until you die and can’t do anything about it.Just because you changed the appearance of your genitals doent make you the opposite gender.

  11. Patrice Melanin

    Put it this way you so-called transgender women can’t be sitting here lying to a straight man saying that you a woman you don’t have women Parts you wasn’t born a woman you would never be a woman you can’t carry no child you can’t conceive no child you can’t have a. You really don’t have the hormones all the female you don’t have the body of a female you don’t act like a female and when y’all do act like us real females y’all go off balance with the bushy cuz the the way y’all a regular females that’s born real don’t activate y’all do a real straight man would know the difference between a vagina and a penis wildlife to a real man saying that you’re a woman when they going to find out and then you lie in Disguise yourself that’s why you reap what you sow the reason why y’all getting killed

  12. What's Wrong With Me?

    Im not gay but she’s pretty

  13. THEY ARE NOT WOMAN, i do have sympathy for their death but i repeat, THEY ARE NOT WOMEN, gay male yes, woman? NO

  14. God says judge not

  15. Tyrone Montgomery

    So someone is killing men in dresses….🤔 Ok.

  16. Jake The Snake

    Too bad that I’m the Judge and God has resigned.

  17. LGBTQ things of interest

    transgender women are legal women, so suck it up, and transgender men are legal men, btw Jesus was black not white, see Revelations, lmao

  18. If you don’t wanna get murdered then don’t become a mentally I’ll transgender 😂

  19. Looking at these horrible comment’s ok put yourself in there parents and family’s position’s I have a son & daughter They can choose there own lifestyle if anyone ever hurt one of them because they were different i would be put away… God Bless you Beautiful Angels👼❤❤

  20. Dam RIP LAYLEEN 😭

  21. So many disgusting people in these comments, what should I expect from a disgusting site though? The level of education in these comments isn’t very high, you can tell you cater to the lowest common denominator

  22. Challenger the black leader

    I honestly don’t care about gays.

  23. LGBTQ things of interest

    those that post hateful and negative comments, i hope one of your family members die, btw all yalls mamma’s are men, that’s where life started, see Genesis, while your at it see Matthew 7:1 and STFU

  24. Kenneth Barlow

    The scary part is that if you saw this person on the street, you would have no idea you were dealing with a born male. That’s why you have to be on guard these days so as to not get tricked.

  25. Lanee Occhipinti

    Transgenders should have their own prison smh

  26. Anyone who messes with my trans sisters and brothers in front of me is going to get their asses kicked. We need to stand up for our fellow human beings. No one should be hated simply for their identity.

  27. i kind of find her sexy

    does that make me gay???

  28. I hope LAYLEEN is in a better place now and I just want people to know that transgender women are women

  29. letsgetsocialinfo

    That’s a dude, what the fuck… Do the investigation. It’s a jail people fight and unfortunately shit happens…
    I never understand this why do transexuals don’t tell the men they are trying to have sex with that they have a penis…
    It’s not right to say that a trans woman was killed without letting us know why they were killed, the implication is they were killed because they were trans and that’s not right

  30. Trans “women” who are men do not belong in women’s prisons. Real women need to be protected from these trans people trying to get access to housing in women’s prisons. This must be stopped. Real women need to be protected from these trans “women” who are men, it is misogynist to put men in women’s prisons. Real women matter more than confused men that think they are women.

  31. If nuclear war happened there humanity would be gone along with lgbt 🏳️‍🌈 that be gone for good

  32. I would have enjoyed getting her in bed

  33. @Michael: It’s not a “her” it’s a “he”

  34. This “she” is a “he” dont forget that

  35. Why does it matter what “she” was and yes SHE because were going to respect and call her that since that is the correct pronoun to use . It baffles me how many of y’all are so grown and ignorant and small minded it shows the level of stupidity and how much your parents have raised some of you because y’all turned out to be so judgemental ignorant cold hearted individuals. Pretty sad because we’re all HUMAN BEINGS . None of you are superior to anyone .none of you are perfect . The same people to talk like that on here are the same people to never have the guts to say that in public in ones face . Grow up . EDUCATE YOURSELVLES . Many of you don’t even know what it is or how it is for others . PEOPLE ARE TRYING TO SURVIVE OUT HERE IN THESE STREETS . NOT EVERYONE HAS IT MADE . like I said STOP JUDGING PEOPLE .this is still a human. Ring who died so let’s gave some sympathy and respect the dead alil more shall we . Sheeeeeeeeesh a lot of yous need to be reborn again because the amount of ignorance you guys have in that brain of yours is absurd . just remember god don’t like ugly .this could EASILY be your child your cousin your sibling your relative ! LETS HAVE A HEART PEOPLE . And focus on more important things other than the gender or identity of someone . Let’s ACT OUR AGE ❤️ And spread PEACE AND LOVE AND NOT HATE . THOSE WJO HAVE BAD SPIRITS AND CARRY HATE AND MEAN HARMDONT GO TO A VERY GOOD PKACE WHEN THEIR BODYS DIE . REMEMBER GOD LOVES ALLLL HIS KIDSSSSSS.

  36. Lilmama so mean

    🤔 when are we black n brown people gonna realize this entire evil and racist white ran law ,injustice system and government desperately clearly needs to be hunted down and exterminated. UNTIL DEATH COMES TO THESE WHITES IN GOVERNMENT IN SCALE SO GREAT THEY RUN UNDERGROUND THEY WILL NEVER STOP THEIR EVIL AND THEY WILL KNOW NO BOUNDS TO THEIR SAVAGE AND BARBARIC ACTIONS

  37. One of the guards probably thought he was getting a real woman, and got pissed when he saw she was a he.

  38. Layleen was a feminized gay man living as a woman at best.

  39. More male on male violence.

  40. Blessed Indeed!

    Modern Day Sodom and Gomorrah

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