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Crazy old man murders his wife during argument, claims she talked too much

Crazy husband shoots wife for talking too much.

Elderly husband smokes his wife.

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MIAMI — Talk is cheap? Fernando De Baere will spend the remainder of his miserable existence behind bars after the 73-year-old gunman killed his 47-year-old wife for… talking too much. The loquacious uxoricide went down a few weeks ago in Plantation, Florida. According to police reports, Fernando and Marisa Sherman experienced contretemps over a dude she was accused of f*cking. As time elapsed, a choleric Fernando asked Marisa to shut the f*ck up. When she repudiated, the trigger-happy senior citizen pulled out his gat and let it explode — shooting Marisa twice in the countenance as she continued to run her damn mouth.

Once Marisa shut her yap for good, Fernando sprinted to a neighbor’s house and confessed to murdering his better half. The old bastard was reportedly enveloped in gore while donning a pair of soiled boxer shorts. Police said Fernando took offense with “the way that she was talking to him.”

He felt it was easier to shoot her ass.

Fernando was arrested and charged with premeditated murder.

Moral of the story?

When a spouse says pipe it down, you should probably listen.

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  1. This is my wife doing this to me in the future cause she never stops abusing me or torturing me with me life and says she doesn’t torture me at all

  2. Jesus return soon. These fools can’t respect breathing — only killing.

  3. Wow,so much for disrespect.I thought men usually say there are so many out there.So why did he not chose from the many women out there and leave her alone?

  4. Another weak man that doesn’t have nerv to jus kill himself but wants to kill the innocent

  5. Fernando: “Shut up bitch!”
    Marisa: “Make me asshole!”

  6. he’s senile probably suffers from dementia

    thats the price you pay for using a sugar daddy

  7. damn this nigga shot a bitch cause she talked 2 much……. sounds like the ultimate pimp move

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