Jaundiced junkie runs over her sister with ‘sports utility vehicle’ after big argument

Savvy Smith ran over her sister multiple times.

Sibling rivalry breeds arrest. 

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FORT WORTH — Savvy Smith, 33, was recently captured and thrown in jail after she steamrolled her big sister multiple times with a sports utility vehicle. The vehicular assault went down outside their mother’s residence on May 30th in Fort Worth, Texas. According to police reports, Savvy and 36-year-old Kisha Johnson got into an argument. Seconds later, Savvy snatched a picture frame and chucked it — striking Kisha in the face. Their mother, Darlene Brown, ordered Savvy to take her baby and leave. That’s when the unfathomable transpired.

“Kisha said she was going to call the police and ran outside to get the license plate number of her sister’s vehicle,” Darlene said. “By then, [Savvy] was in the SUV, put it in reverse and just floored it.” Kisha, who was standing behind the SUV, got hit then dragged into the street.

Savvy proceeded to run over Kisha two to three times before speeding off. The inert damsel was transported to an area hospital with life-threatening injuries. Kisha suffered a fractured collarbone, cracked ribs, and a broken pelvis. After a three week hospital stay, she was finally released.

But Kisha is bound to a wheelchair and can’t walk.

Savvy managed to elude police officers for several days prior to her arrest. She’s charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. “I’m thankful to God,” Darlene told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram after learning Savvy was apprehended. “She needs to pay for what she did.”

Investigators later learned the two sisters share a sibling rivalry that’s lasted for years. But nothing physical has ever come of it until now. Kisha was a college student with aspirations of becoming a registered nurse. Savvy, according to sources, is a jaundiced drug addict with no goals and ambitions.

Still no word on if Kisha will ever walk again.

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  1. Ouch

  2. typical woman driver

  3. just another reason why women dont deserve to be behind a wheel

  4. She looks like a drug addicted, homeless bum.

  5. I kinda dont blame her thou😕


  7. She’s hurt in the head

  8. Cynthia Espinoza

    Holy shiz!

  9. oscar cool12345


  10. sounds like the mother favored one daughter over the other

  11. savvy sipped too much haterade

  12. She is heartless!

  13. Damn… I would have started throwing rocks at that hoe’s car

  14. That is crazy

  15. Was the argument that bad

  16. now she can spend the rest of her life making license plates for SUVs

  17. Solar Nightmare

    holy crap

  18. she was jealous of her sister’s success

  19. I got $5 on it

    never piss off a crackhead

    they got nothin to lose

  20. Man ur commitments are stupid and dumb this whole story is a lie savvy just had a baby she don’t even do drugs her stupid ass sister suppose to be a nurse pops hydrocodone fact her mom’s a drunk and smoke crack I know for a fact stay tuned you’ll see

  21. The mom is just a lying ass bitch! She been to the penitentiary and ruined both girls life. Y the fuck would u get behind a moving vehicle anyway.!

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