Little Women: Atlanta star Minnie Ross receives DUI after failing sobriety tests

Minnie of Little Women: Atlanta busted for DUI.

Little Women star ‘busted’ for a DUI. 

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CHATTANOOGA — Reality TV star Ashley “Minnie” Ross of Lifetime’s “Little Women: Atlanta” was thrown in the slammer on Thursday after police found her in a drunken state of quiescence inside her SUV. The DUI bust went down around 3 a.m. in Chattanooga, Tennessee. According to Hamilton County officials, officers were dispatched to Minnie’s location amid reports of a woman slumped over in the driver’s seat. When they arrived, an inebriated Minnie was snoring behind the steering wheel.

It didn’t take long for cops to reach a squiffy diagnosis. Officers smelled liquor on Minnie’s breath as soon as they woke her up. To compound matters, the 4-foot, 3-inch damsel bombed every field sobriety test which included reciting the alphabet and counting backwards.

She also failed to walk a straight line.

Minnie claimed she only had one beer but officers didn’t buy it. The maudlin pygmy also said she was texting, not sleeping. But, they didn’t buy that excuse either. The lovable manikin was ultimately busted and transported to the Hamilton County Jail where she was booked for a DUI.

Was it fair to throw Minnie in jail over a little drink?

Do you honestly believe she came up short on sobriety tests?

Does she deserve a small fine?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Cops had to handcuff minnie with 2 cheerios

  2. What would be a huge surprise is if she took responsibility for her actions! She lies about EVERYTHING then starts crying! Minnie you’re a grown woman start acting like it.
    If her momma doesn’t go to court with her maybe she can pay Pastor Troy aka fake BF/Baby Daddy to make an appearance.

  3. At least she wasn’t in motion. Thankfully, no one was injured. Blood test should have been the test. But we have been informed, all accidents in a vehicle, even deaths, brings no consequences.

  4. John Boy Walton

    I have no sympathy for drunk drivers!

  5. Christina Prather Martinez

    Y’all better stay away from chicken wings cuz ya know her mama don’t play when it comes to anyone talking about her grown ass daughter. Little woman or not, you’re still grown. By the way, where was her protector, dear ole mom, when she needed a DD? …lol

  6. These stupid test are set up for you to fail, Sober or not. It’s best to decline the FST since It’s voluntary. It’s just you putting on a show in front of the camera that will be exhibit number one at your trial. People think they will pass the test and go home. News flash you can’t pass that test. The guy already decided he’s going to take you to jail when he ask you to take the test. Just tell the cop (on the advice of my attorney, I declined to take the voluntary field sobriety test and all roadside test. But if arrested i will submit to all chemical test as required by law) And please keep your mouth shut. Never tell a cop you had any type of drink at whatever time. That’s a guarantee trip to jail.

  7. she was only a little drunk

  8. Rottin🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅

    It takes 1 beer for a midget to get smashed

  9. Duke Of CreamPies

    … if it’s her first time then it’ll only be a SHORT Stint !!!

    Signed Yours Truly,

    Danny DeVito

  10. Fat, uneducated and being a drunk is not the way to go through life.

  11. What was she driving a mini car

  12. 🐧 colored penguin

    I hope they set her bail…. low…

  13. Can she stagger and fall, or do they stagger and roll? Maybe they topple?

  14. These police just need anything to lock u up for sure 95% out of 100 of us have drove home after having a glass of wine or two at dinner.even the cops that stopped her so stop with negative comments at her.

  15. looks like the only court she has been in is a food court!

  16. Well, that is a shame! 1 beer, no she would not be drunk at over 210 lbs.

  17. Meteorite Sizzurp

    Ohhh these particular bunch of MIDGETS 😒

  18. mississaugamamma

    @Meteorite Sizzurp: They’re dwarfs not midgets.

  19. It’s time for her to grow up.

  20. She made a choice to get behind like a 5000lb machine Drunk. Big or Little she should get the same as anyone who makes that Choice!

  21. She’ll prolly get a short sentence

  22. It's Me Carlos

    I dont think she lied

    One beer is probably enough to get a midget tipsy

  23. @Tracee Johnson: 🤣LMAO🤣 she weigh 210 lbs?!? Damn

  24. she’s so small & cute……. must be depression

  25. say it ain’t so, lol

  26. Montgomery Family

    Hey sis 🤔 uhmm 💋💋

  27. MegaHollyhood1

    My mom’s truck got flipped by a drunk person. Thank god she’s alive !!!! People who are drunk and get dui’s….. Disgust Me ! Minnie you’re disgusting… wipe your neck boo !

  28. Oh no miss minnie; that’s not good. 😔

  29. just another reason why midgets shouldnt be allowed to drive

  30. Im surprised she’s not blaming Miss. Juicy for this. Minni never takes any responsibility for her actions. Poor judgement or not. You should not get behind the wheel. Our loved ones share that road too.

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