Stayin’ Outta Prison 101: Bill Cosby gives educational lectures to his fellow inmates

Bill Cosby is busy taking inmates to school/TMZ.

Bill Cosby kickin’ prison knowledge. 

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PHILADELPHIA — A mind is a terrible thing to waste. Let’s give Bill Cosby credit for using his leisure time wisely. To some, he’s still America’s dad. According to TMZ, the 81-year-old rapist has spent the past three months teaching inmates the significance of good parenting and concocting percipient choices. In case you’ve been on meth the past few months, Professor Bill (aka inmate NN7687) is busy serving a 3 to 10 year prison sentence at Philadelphia’s SCI Phoenix for drugging and sexually assaulting Andrea Constand in 2004.

More than 60 women have accused the elderly loverboy of perpetrating homogeneous crimes. For whatever reason, ladies continued to get thirsty around Prof. Bill who proceeded to slip knockout pills into their intoxicants. Ain’t no telling what that negro did while they were quiescent.

Word on the street claims Prof. Bill inserted his JELL-O Pudding Pop into their vaginal ice boxes. He’s lucky to get only 3 to 10. Andrew Wyatt, Bill’s confidant, said the former “Cosby Show” star gives four lectures per week to a group of presumptive parolees called “Man Up.”

In his best Cliff Huxtable voice, Prof. Bill reportedly told inmates to become more entangled in their children’s lives and to stay the f*ck out the penitentiary in both the immediate and distant future. “Mr. Cosby, roughly three months ago, had been requested by a number of inmates to come and speak at some of their support groups, and he debated about it and decided to take them up on their offer,” Wyatt said.

“One group that he consistently speaks to is a group called ‘Man Up.’ These are guys that are going to be paroled in a few months, and he is talking to these guys because a lot of them have been in prison… and they are afraid of going back to (their) communities. They viewed him as their father figure. To them, he is America’s dad.”

On Father’s Day, Prof. Bill disseminated a tweet calling himself America’s dad.

Does he deserve to reclaim that title?

Would you like to see him released early?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Government Cheese

    They should have put him in a furnace and burned him up

  2. This idiot is lecturing other men on how to be better people????? Bwhahaha!!!

  3. Funny thing about “stars”-no matter what they’ve done or how old they are or where they’re situated -they still have to be the centre of attention. Like a drug

  4. His brain won’t accept that he’s in jail for being a rapist. He actually thinks he’s Cliff Huxtable,

  5. Is he teaching them how to drug and molest women?

  6. Rob Bitterbottom

    Class on how to become a better rapist…by the king, Drug ‘em Cosby.

  7. If you’re in prison, I don’t think you’re the person to be giving life advice to others.

  8. Delusional old man.

  9. What a role model

  10. The pot calling the kettle black.


  12. Parenting and dr#g use ? ….lol
    That’s like Charles Manson giving advice on how to perform a C-section.
    ( You see, Sharon Tate was 8 months pregnant, when she was stabbed to death by Manson’s followers )

  13. Bill giving that advice is like Lavar Ball giving parenting lessons.

  14. The guy is 81. They should release him soon.

  15. Tha Block Thinka

    Man they got bill Cosby in prison the man that makes corny pudding jokes is in prison the creator of fat Albert and little bill is in prison them throwing Cosby in prison was to get fame for the judge and prosecutor

  16. AngryChristian

    He is and will forever be the quintessential American dad. And I’m going to write and tell him so.

    SCI Phoenix
    William Henry Cosby Jr
    1200 Mokychic Road, Collegeville, PA 19426

  17. They want Cosby to suffer in prison too…not a chance…dude got too much respect plus he is an elder …

  18. It’s Bill Cosby most of those prisoners probably grew up watching him good or bad you can’t expect much else

  19. this nigga got no business giving advice

  20. So what’s WRONG with him doing motivational speeches…..omg let him live…he’s doing his time…you without sin..SHUT UP!

  21. Bill Cosby should advice the prisoners not to womanize too much like he did 😀The fool still thinks his America’s Dad.🤣
    He’s paying the price for his adulterous behaviour, he had no regard for his poor wife. Stupid hypocrite always moralising🤣

  22. BILL is wronfully accused by whores. he was a celebrity and all women want to fuck a celebrity. taking the word of women without proof is the downfall of society.

  23. Metal Detecting

    Poor guy. Hes innocent.

  24. Adil Choudhury

    Who would rape that bitch?

  25. To All of the people that continue to defend Cosby…Google Sofia Vagara & Bill Cosby! When she was about 30..she appeared with Cosby as he Guest Hoasted David Letterman’s show. He drooled & lusted & made a damn fool of himself! Sofia handled it well! He sexualized her..& THIS SPEAKS TO HIS CONDUCT !!! No fool like a old fool tho!! Watch the video…& then come back & tell me that fucker is not a rapist !! He admits to cheating on his Wife! He is a Dog ass Dog & is where he needs to be!! HE NEVER STOOD UP FOR CIVIL RIGHTS!! He said “The way these people speal & talk i can not understand them”. He said that & many terrible things about Black People especially Black Youth! I was a Young Girl when my Older sister bought his Comedy Album & he joked of giving Women Spanish Fly & date raping them!! His show was phony as hell!! He is a creepy bastard! He is no savior to anyone! He could have helped many ..but he was so above everyone!! Did not want people to cuss…but he is a Habitual Perverted Rapist!!! Smh

  26. 3 to 10 years technically means 1.5 to 5yrs when “good” behavior is factored in. I’m an ex-con and the way they calculate ones time is that for every day one has no bad behavior, a day is removed from one’s sentence unless stipulated otherwise by the courts as in cases that are gang or firearms related and/or are by habitual offenders in which case one is mandated to complete 80-85% of one’s time. So technically speaking Cosby will be eligible for parole in 1.5 years, which would be 50% of the “3” to 10. At the very worst, he’ll be eligible for parole after the 3 of the 3-10 is completed. Example in point: OJ Simpson was sentenced to I think 9-33 yrs but only did 9 due to good behavior.
    Cosby, our prayers are with you and in the Black world, your name stands as pure as the whitest cotton. Honestly, celebrities of his stature do not rape women— women to the contrary let them do sexually whatever it is the celeb desire even “ATM” 😉😉

  27. Ruben Gastelum

    He’ll be Blowing some Jell-O pudding pops in there for sure you know what I mean the ones he was giving to his victims now he’s going to get them he’s going to like it. He’s most probably already turned out…💦💦💦💦

  28. I still love Bill. Don’t come at me. He’s an old man now. Shoulda put him on house arrest. That happened years ago, and people DO change. Besides, these women waited 30 years to say anything? I just pray he don’t die in prison.

  29. Free Bill Cosby right now! He is innocent.

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