Toronto’s Drake released two new tracks following his Raptors’ championship run

Drake talked trash to Golden State/

Drake’s livin’ it up after Raptors win.

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TORONTO — He talked trash to Steph Curry and E-40 and his reptilian brothas backed it up. Life is awfully good for Drake right now. His hometown Toronto Raptors knocked off the Golden State Warriors in 6 games to claim Canada’s first major sports championship. Toronto officials gave him a custom OVO jacket worth $550,000. Then he made good on his oath to circulate new music once the Raptors won their first NBA title. On cue, Drake released “Omertà” and “Money in the Grave” the ensuing Saturday.

The former (Omertà) is an Italian code of silence that references LeBron James’ wealth and Forbes’ 2019 list of top rap billionaires with the following lyrics: “Ethics and values, mob traditions, old fashioned, Monopoly action, Bronny buying up Brentwood like he still in Akron.”

The latter (Money in the Grave) features Rick Ross.

The track also indicates the denouement of Drake’s beef with the corpulent rapper. “When I die, put my money in the grave. I really gotta put a couple n*ggas in they place. Really just lapped every n*gga in the race. I really might tat, ‘Realest N*gga’ on my face,” Drake raps.

Even though neither song mentions Toronto’s NBA championship, the cover art for both tracks is an illustration of the Larry O’Brien Trophy. Major congrats to the Raptors for a job well done!

“We the North!”

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  1. Barry McCockner

    So drake and steph curry decided to have a skype douchebag party nice. 👎🏽

  2. Chadwick Mdluli

    Drake should take some credit, when they lose they say he cursed them plus he distract players court side more than anyone

  3. Toronto won by default due to many injuries on the Warriors. It’s part of sports. They will be judged by how many times they will make it to the Finals in the coming years.

  4. Drake is going to get himself shot remember we got real niggas out here in the Bay Area

  5. You a punk ass BITCH drake BUSTER ASS FOOL

  6. Franklin Anthony

    This nigga lame as fuck

  7. Half the warriors team playing on injuries and we still made it to the finals…. lol it’s kinda embarrassing that Toronto goin all out talkin shitt when they ain’t even playin against warriors full potential 😂👏🏽congrats tho

  8. Does Drake know what happened to Biggie when he talked down on 40 water? I guess he gotta learn the hard way. Dem Yay Area niggas don’t play Dat shit, dem dudes is real killaz. Drake better know who he’s fucking with before 40 water send dem goons to to check his ass. Drake really don’t want no smoke with the Bay Area. Nigga really playing with flames 🔥 🔥 🔥 screening Yayyyyyy n shit 🤷🤦

  9. Hood Isshhh304

    Drake a clown😂 I’ll beat his ass

  10. Fuck that sucka … come to the bay talk that slick shit n get yo ass stamped mf

  11. The Tainted gentleman

    Drake’s a fucking idiot!

  12. 🗣️ $550k jacket given to him by the team!!??
    🗣️ 4wht? being a fan or a “PARTIAL” reimbursement for the bag 💰 he slid them Illuminati boys to fix the series? 🤔🤔 Can see clean thru tht yella ass media puppet ass Nikkuh!

  13. HaveUbeenVetted

    I don’t give two fucs…I think the NBA is rigged…regardless..its not a true CHAMPIONSHIP…if the entire team isn’t playing! I’m not even watching this lame shyte bc they know if K.D was out there…IT’S A FUCING RAP!..IT WOULD BE A SWEEP…lol! #PAYOLLLLLLLA!

  14. Money hungry Fareal

    Gangsta and gay don’t mix

  15. this nigga dont know shit about basketball

  16. Drake tone it down damnnn

  17. Stoooooppp dickriding this niggaa

  18. Drake holding down the city he believes in from Day 1.

  19. Fuck drake! His songs are all about sateen worshipper!! He is one of the biggest illuminati!! He thinks he is chosen by God! Fuck him he never came up from bottom!! He has a rich Jewish parents!! What happened to the realist rappers/ musicians!! Like 2pac, Nas, now days music is getting more garbage then ever!! His lyrics puts hatred to words one another! common if your half a man that I am!! Try earning money by your working honest pay and hard work!! Brain washing people is no were close to getting my respect!! From day one I never liked your music!! And I will never will!! If your concerning your self as a man then prove it!!

  20. Drizzy did as much to win this championship as anyone.

  21. It’s an OVO ting, aye! Ya don kno, aye!

  22. Drake acting like he won the championship 😂👌

  23. Elizabeth Rodriguez

    Drakes the GOAT

  24. I speak My mind

    Honestly this diva needs to be beaten..a few years ago he was a heat fan…now hes the mascot for a team that he never followed until they began to win…honestly drake needs to be humbled

  25. Drake is the real MVP in the North😂😂

  26. Gotta love drake raptors world champion

  27. Drake is a tiny loud penis

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