‘Domestic Diva’ catching Twitter hell for proclaiming women should wait on men

Brylea Langley

Texas teen gives marital instruction.

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HALLSVILLE — Brylea Langley, a 19-year-old popsy from Hallsville (Texas), made the male species happy while pissing off a legion of feminists when she tweeted it’s a woman’s duty to be barefoot and pregnant, waiting hand and foot on her man. She even vowed to fix her future husband somethin’ nice to eat before washing his dookie-stained underwear. Now that’s wifey material for your ass. “Call me old fashioned,” Brylea wrote. “I was raised to take care of my husband [and] make his plate every night, wash his work clothes for him, make sure he’s up for work the next morning, always have a clean house for him to come home to, etc. and that’s exactly the wife I will be.”

As anticipated, haters came out the woodwork like a horde of cockroaches with the kitchen light off. One user wrote: “Sounds like you were raised to be his mom” while another penned: “Sooooo do you get to pursue any hobbies or passions or is your full time job being a mother to a fully grown adult man?”

Despite the Twitter onslaught, Brylea said she plans to pursue a career in medicine.

But it won’t interfere with her marital obligations. “I’m going into nursing school, I’ll have a career and I’ll be able to take care of my own just fine,” Brylea tweeted. “I was just saying these are the kind of gestures I will be doing for my husband to show my own appreciation for him.”

Do you agree with Brylea or the haters?

Is it time for women to embrace a ’50s lifestyle?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Life 4 Fire Forever

    Fact is women are natural carers and are more subject to stress and depression
    Women also can’t really reproduce after 35 and 30 is pushing it
    And fact is men are more like fighters and protectors and providers

  2. I’m a stay at home mom and my husband doesn’t treat me like we’re in the 50’s. He knows he’s a grown ass man who can depend on himself if I do not cook or clean on some days. He doesn’t make demands. Ladies know your worth…

  3. My husband and I are making serious financial sacrifices so I can stay home with our 5 months old boy. It’s not easy as we had to adjust our spendings significantly but it is so worth it. I love staying home with our baby.

  4. Anastasia Kiner

    Working is easier than taking care of kids, cleaning, staying home without socializing. But good moms make that sacrifice to raise good, confident, smart people.

  5. Yes! It’s a great way to show your man RESPECT. It’s worked for me for 23 years so far.

  6. Are women selfish to not stay at home for their kids?

    Generally, yes.

  7. Ask men to stay at home and give up their careers.. o wait

  8. Being a stay at home mom is waaaay easier than getting an actual job.

  9. Everything seems to fall on the woman. I never hear them talking about the man. Let me do me. Peace.

  10. I plan on keeping my career. I also plan on having one child. I don’t believe having a child means either parent needs to give up their career. The most well-adjusted family out of all of my relatives would be my father’s older sister, her husband, and their 3 boys. That’s also the only family unit in our extended family where both parents worked through their whole adult lives.

  11. i refuse to take care of a grown ass man….. fuck that

  12. Jazzi Williams

    I mean today I would choose to be a stay home mom. Why? Because the world is different now and I don’t trust day cares or nanny’s. I read up on a story that a mother dropped her 9 month baby at daycare and when she went to go pick up her baby he was dead and the whole time the workers thought he was “sleep”. And we all heard of the abusive nanny’s caught on hidden cameras stories. So no I would like to stay home with my kids and make sure they are safe under my supervision.

  13. Let’s look at it from a historic perspective “Hunters” men. “Gathers” women. A little later “farmers” men & women. A little later “factory worker” men & women. A little later “employee” men, “housewife” women. Where did it went wrong? Women worked just like men throughout history, but somewhere along the line it was okay for them to be lazy, and spend the entire day at home.

  14. My grandmother use to say “Its a man’s job to go out and earn a living and a woman’s job to make it worthwhile”. “Old fashion” does not mean something is bad or wrong. Its a different outlook on life. My mother and grand mother worked hard, just as their husband’s did. It was an equal partnership where each person did their share to make a home and raise a family. If people today can’t understand such a relationship where people are true partners then I feel sorry for them, they are missing out. The man does not expect his wife to be a slave or servant..rather each supports the work of the other.

  15. Yes it’s true some women do want to be homemakers. My wife was clear with me she wanted to be home for our children when they were young. We sacrificed and went without as a single income family. My wife loves to clean, sometimes I have to tell her to relax the house looks great. I consider it an honor to provide monetarily for my family. All couples are different. I don’t judge others for how they shape their relationship and I would expect the same in return. Everyone needs to relax a bit and just enjoy their lives.

  16. Nothing wrong with her ways at all. Totally agree. I’m a mother of 4 stay at home mom. Help with our business ,take care of the kids,do all cooking cleaning and he goes to work everyday. We have a great relationship and appreciate what we do on each side for eachother. Good for them if it works

  17. I agree with her 100%. I WISH I could be a stay at home mom. Unfortunately, we both have to work just to survive. Then…. I still have to come home cook, clean, homework with kids, baths, etc..
    I would be a way better mom if I could just stay home and take care of the house and kids. I love reading stories to them at bedtime, but I just cant seem to find the energy or even keep my eyes halfway open by that point to even see clear enough to read.

    Call me old fashioned too, how I wish we could go back in time.

  18. My husband and I have been married for 15 years and for all 15 we both worked. He recently got a new job and I am able to stay home for the first time and we love it! Especially him. He loves being able to support our family financially and have me home. He still helps out around the house and does all the yard work and trash etc. But he loves being able to give me the freedom to focus my energies on being a mom first and foremost. When I worked I was so stresses and overwhelmed all the time. Trying to balance career and home life. Now I get to focus all my energy on what I love. My husband. My son. And my home.

  19. Victoria Davis

    I was taught that in a relationship you help take care of each other and help out each other

  20. Don’t worry girl you will be able to keep your husband unlike most of the women criticizing you for your decision.

  21. She has no ambition

  22. I support a woman’s right to be a stay-at-home mom but that’s not what she said. She said she was going to have a career as well as taking care of the home and children, cleaning and cooking for her man. So she’s not being traditional, she’s being a doormat. It’s your life, do what you want….don’t inflict this mindset on other women. When both partners have full time jobs both partners should share in maintaining a household.

  23. I used to be the typical “femenist”. Married with a child while holding a full time job because that’s what modern women do. Never had a clean house, only ate out and I was miserable!!! Something had to give. I am now a stay home mom. My house is clean. Always have a healthy home cooked meal and my husband and I have never been happier. Men work. Women take care of the home.

  24. Lucky indeed if you can find a loving supporting partner that can afford to care for you so you can stay home and care for him. What’s wrong with that, people so brainwashed into being independent they have miserable marriages and relationships because its all independent living in the same house instead of supporting partnership living in a home.

  25. Togashiyokuni200

    Strangely enough, at 19 she’s already got a better bead on marriage than most people 15 years older than her. Marriage is about giving, both husband and wife, and when you give with thoughts of “what’s in it for me” or “what do I get in return”, it’s not giving. It’s selfishness, and that kills marriages.

  26. I’m not one to cook & clean for my husband, but it’s none of anyone else’s business what other people do. If that’s what she believes in and it makes her happy, then go for it.

  27. What a lucky man. He’s going to have a slave do all the work for him.

  28. Ruthless Lover

    I need my bitch to cook, clean and fuck

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