Cardi B indicted by Grand Jury following ‘alleged assault’ of two bartender sisters

Cardi B indicted for assault in New York.

Cardi got indicted, facing 14 charges.

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NEW YORK — If she’s not careful, Cardi B is gonna end up donning penitentiary orange. The 26-year-old rapper (whose real name is Becalis Almanzar) was indicted Friday by a New York Grand Jury on two felonious counts of assault and 12 other charges stemming from a wild skirmish at Angels Strip Club last year. Cardi, who spurned a plea indenture to a Class A misdemeanor back in April, allegedly adjured her retinue to belabor a pair of bartending sisters in August 2018. Word on the street claims they hurled beer bottles and chairs during the sanguinary attack.

The “Bodak Yellow” star suspected one of the siblings was having a dalliance with her husband, Offset, whose rap group, Migos, was performing at the gentlemen’s club the night of the encounter.

Cardi and Offset separated in December just months after the birth of their daughter, Kulture. They reconciled earlier this year. Cardi received a Grammy Award in February for ‘Best Rap Album.’ Her attorney, Jeff Kern, said he’s “aware of no evidence” that Cardi “caused anybody any harm.”

Do you believe him?

Does Cardi belong behind bars?

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  1. Ascension Soul Coach

    She is going to have some hellified street cred when the courts get through with her.

  2. Who cares?

  3. Superficial Serpent

    She’s black and female. She’ll get away with anything.

  4. Kicknowledge Smith

    Sadly black women are taking the L for this Latina woman behavior

  5. Death penalty.

  6. Cardi I love you 😝😝

  7. Yeah, this is very serious..
    Like enough to tack on more charge’s like child neglect.. and more.. nothing Is strong…in a case like this.. when children are involved being a mother.. she has always emphasize she has a you out there acting..Nah!!!..🙄

  8. 14 criminal charges???!!!! Wow.

  9. She deserved it, knowing her to be impulsive, she did it with Minaj and other celebs. She needs to learn something from this situation.

  10. She thinks she is all that.She should learn a lesson for her behavior.Too rich too soon and cannot handle it.What is so special about that ugly husband of her?By the way has she been that in love and faithful?

  11. I adore her but dang she can’t keep attacking people!

  12. Adrian Jimenez

    they might take her child away if i was her i would not go to a strip club i would be home taking care of my child

  13. Farrdawg Joker

    Hood rats will always go right back to their hood rat ways. She thinks she can pay her way out but assault is assault and if she did what is alleged then jail should be what she gets.

  14. I blame the white media, they made cardi b believe she was untouchable..covered up ALL her craziness… black media tried to point out her dangerous and evil ways, to move forward and grow but, she decided to sue look!! Cardi b was a bully herself, nobody cared as long as the money came..This is a mess…

  15. Cardi B is a dumb ass there is a saying a fool and his money shall soon part ways well she is a fool she should have thought about herself and her baby and took the plea but she wants to be high dressed up thug fighting over that ooooogly ass no good man of hers!!! Smh 🤦‍♂️ plzzz bless the baby js🙄

  16. Octavio Octavius

    Herpes Cardi

  17. hope she stays in jail..she ain’t no Hip Hop..

  18. I’m just going to say it. If a man drugged people and took their money there would be charges…not for cardi.
    If a male celebrity assualted two people it would be all over cnn and fox and “trial of the century”. But it’s cardi and now to go along with her 2 cards of “ima a women I can’t charge me” and I’m black u can’t harass me” she has the “ I’m immune to judgment and criticism bc I have a child”

  19. Empress Empress

    Call child protective services !! She’s not suited to be a good mom ‼️

  20. She’ll have plenty of time to write some songs!!

  21. African Princes

    We don’t care 🤡😩.

  22. This is an OUTRAGE they quick to indict us on nonsense just like Remy these ladies just gave birth to beautiful babies; they want to tear families apart when it comes to us but why haven’t they indicted someone for Sandra Bland how those cops posed her corpse for a mugshot there’s no escaping that!

  23. Princessfrmalmighty

    Not trying to be mean but she should have been locked up when she confessed and said she drug men on purpose and robbed them

  24. Ah ha bitch! Bye! Karmas a B! 🦄

  25. Gilbert Rodriguez

    Lock this ratchet ass street trash up!!!

  26. Cee My Comment

    She drugged men and robbed them. If a man did that?? Common now.. She belongs in jail…

  27. I don’t feel sorry for her at all. She is a mother and a wife she should no better. When she gets through this. She needs to make her music and take her ass on home and raise her child… And stop telling all your business from your past man…. Some shit you keep to yourself silly chick

  28. Trash!!!!! Period!!! 😒😒😒

  29. You can take the girl out of the hood, but you can’t take the hood out of the girl.💯💯💯🙁🙁🙄🙄SMH…..

  30. Kingdomloveletter TG

    Going to jail for a browl in a strip club ? I pray to God her $ is long enough to get out of that .. if all that mouth , shaking her @$$ and grabbing on offset in videos ain’t got her enough money to pay a lawyer off to GET A GET OUT OF JAIL CARD .. Then this is a ghetto fabulous shame .. gotta learn how to protect your assets, freedom , reputation and all when u got this much going on . On the flip side the “media is fake” this is a joke she will not go to jail & if she did it would be for 24 hours lol


  32. Dottie Williams


  33. That money done went to Cardi head

  34. Jennifer Ballet

    She should have got ignorant hoe of the year. That about sums it up.

  35. She didn’t take the plea because she’s stupid

  36. Jonathan Marable

    “U know u done fucked up right?”

  37. Brown Holes Matter

    It’s very very strange how some celebrities have a “get out of jail free” card. You can see it now. Community service. She makes other ppl billions of dollars. They won’t allow her to stop the money flow…therefore, no jail. R Kelley ain’t got a nickel to scratch his ass with. Make sense now?

  38. Shes gonna get off.. Just like Jussie Smollet

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