Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant & Vanessa welcome their fourth daughter

Kobe and Vanessa welcome daughter No. 4/TMZ.com.

Kobe welcomes fourth daughter. 

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LOS ANGELES — Lakers great Kobe Bryant may be retired on the basketball court, but he’s still working overtime in the bedroom. That’s because his wife Vanessa gave birth to daughter No. 4 on Thursday and the little crumb snatcher inherited her daddy’s moniker. “So thankful for our newest baby blessing,” Vanessa, 37, said in a statement. “Capri Kobe Bryant.” Kobe, 40, also issued a communiqué, saying, “We are beyond excited that our baby girl ‘Koko’ has arrived #BryantBunch #4princesses #blessed.”

Baby Capri joins siblings Natalia, age 16, Gianna, age 13, and Bianka, age 2. Vanessa and Kobe, who got hitched in 2001, were reportedly working on a son. But it wasn’t meant to be. Instead, they have a quartet of beautiful daughters and that’s good enough for now.

“I think [Vanessa] wants a boy more than I do,” Kobe told Extra back in March. “I love having girls. I’m super, super excited about that. She is as well. She wanted a boy so he can be mama’s boy forever — that sort of thing. We’ll see if i can deliver, I don’t know.”

Kobe is now one kid away from having his own starting five.

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  1. Kobe going to have 9 girls before he has a son…seriously.

  2. Wow another girl , poor kobe with all that money now a days you can actually go to a doctor and pick the gender of the baby and have it implanted

  3. His boys aren’t swimming. Try again

  4. Phillip Halladay

    She still looks like bar trash

  5. My grandparents had 8 boys and 6 girls.

  6. Black + 10: Who gives a fuck!

  7. Kobe must be…ahem…”hard wired” to make girls…

  8. No sons?

  9. What a douche. I hope he never has a boy. He would teach a boy his terrible behavior

  10. Social Reject Button

    you just know.. he is dying inside.. not having a BOY.. somebody to pass on his legacy!!

    dude.. you need a side piece to knock up.. i mean get pregnant.. this wifeh0 of yours, she is defective.. 4 girls, …thats a permanent factory setting!!

  11. Does this man ever give birth to boys? Who’s gonna carry the name?

  12. He has a beautiful wife. Hope their baby is healthy and happy.

  13. I thought they were divorced.

  14. @Super Elmer: He bought her back basically.

  15. Karyn Sporzynski

    I think they need to give up on the idea of having a boy.

  16. Congrats to them and his wife is super pretty

  17. Congrats though 🍻! Lakers need you!

  18. kobe’s sperm is feminine lol

  19. The “mamba chopper” 😂😂

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