Sports Radio 810 host Kevin Kietzman terminated after lambasting Andy Reid

Kietzman lost his job after lambasting Andy Reid.

Kietzman is let go following remarks.

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KANSAS CITY — (Updated 6/28) Between the Unemployment Line? This week’s “I F*cked Up A Good Job Award” goes to embattled shock jock Kevin Kietzman who was terminated from Sports Radio 810 on Friday for disgorging a series of insensitive comments Monday afternoon about the family of Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid. After lambasting the Chiefs front office for continuing to employ troubled receiver Tyreek Hill, Kietzman told his radio audience Reid is incapable of “fixing” malefactors which includes his sons Britt and Garrett Reid who both served jail time for operating a “drug emporium” inside their home.

During sentencing in November 2007, Pennsylvania Judge Steven O’Neill called the Reid household a “family in crisis.” If you recall, Garrett died from a heroin overdose in 2012.

But many believe it was a suicide.

Britt, a recovered drug addict, is a defensive coach with the Chiefs.

Hill, a convicted felon, remains the target of a disturbing child abuse investigation that stems from the broken arm of his 3-year-old son. He also has a history of assaulting his fiance — Crystal Espinal — who’s pregnant with his twins. For now, it appears the Chiefs are sticking with him.

“The thing is, they probably think they can fix [Hill], but they thought they could fix him before and they failed,” Kietzman said on the air. “Andy Reid does not have a great record of fixing players. He doesn’t. Discipline is not his thing. It did not work out particularly well in his family life, and that needs to be added to this as we’re talking about the Chiefs. He wasn’t real great at that either. He’s had a lot of things go bad on him, family and players.”

Damn, that’s cold.

Hordes of annoyed listeners called in clamoring Kietzman’s immediate dismissal. There was also an online petition at to get him fired. ESPN football analyst Louis Riddick slammed Kietzman, calling him a “clown” before labeling him something significantly worse.

“Whoever this clown is that said this, you are trash for referencing Andy Reid and his family and his son,” Riddick tweeted. “You don’t ‘fix’ people dumb ass. To speak about another man’s child is out of bounds. Embarrassing what people will do to try and be relevant.”

NFL Network’s Steve Wyche echoed a similar sentiment. “The fool who said this is a steaming pile [of sh*t] who likely just bought a whole lot of bad ish his way,” Wyche wrote.

Kietzman, a 22-year employee at the station, issued a prolix apology to Coach Reid.

But it was obviously too little, too late.

The buzzards finally swooped down at Sports Radio 810.

“Holy Hat!”

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  1. This guy is sexually frustrated he could not make a family so he takes it out on a popular football coach? 😂

  2. Sorry, but Chiefs fans being up in arms over this but…you know, still supporting a team that puts a woman and child beater on the field is hilarious.

    Be consistent.

  3. KC media is the worst.
    Brooke Pryor
    Kevin Kietzman
    Bob Fescoe

    It’s like now that KC is good they want to take a shit on the team in the city they work for…

  4. Randy Randalman

    I’m with Kietzman – when the kids fuck up, it’s only fair to blame the parents.

  5. Thats terrible, Kevin Kietzman should be boycotted by the people who do listen to him.

  6. A parent losing a kid is one of the most horrible thing they can endure, I bet you anything not one day goes by without him thinking about it, What a shit thing to even suggest.

  7. F**k Kevin

  8. Kevin Kietzman is a know it all who gets called out a lot and bullshits his way out of it and it usually starts with “what I said was…….” followed by bullshit or “what I meant was….. “followed by bullshit. The only possibility of an apology will be due to the magnitude of the situation .

  9. Lived in K C my whole life. Can’t stand Kevins show. Over inflated ego. Makes you wanna puke. Hangs up on callers and constantly cuts them off because only thing that matters is his warped opinion. Someone said his dad taught him all about sports. To bad he didn’ t teach him respect, manners and a an ounce of humility. Blow hard who goes off on long winded rants about his accomlishments because deep down he’s insecure and self centered…imo.

  10. Has anyone noticed that ever since the 24 hour news cycle has taken over the sports world, we have so many stories that are either embellished, completely unfounded, and full of unnamed or anonymous sources? We also have way more hosts just spouting off any diarrhea that dribbles from their brain to their mouth. They seem to need to fill every minute with something, so even if they do not have anything legit to report….they keep moving their lips. This guy should be taken off the air, and not be allowed back on anywhere. Just knowing he is capable of talking about someone’s deceased son like this…we do not need to hear what you have to say anymore. He obviously knows nothing about addiction…or discipline himself…he sure as HELL did not use any before he opened his mouth on a live mic! Simple…if you do not know about something…do not talk about it. SHUT YOUR MOUTH!! Just because you THINK something is true, does not make it fact!!

  11. I’ve had 2 very close friends of mine pass away 2 years ago to heroin addiction and I knew their parents and still close to them to this day. I will NEVER tell them that it was their fault for the death of their children. If anyone knows or have also either been through or been a bystander to someone who has dealt with this knows it’s hard to get them off this addiction. This guy can go fuck himself and I hope he loses his job and ends up homeless for everyone to kick on the streets.

  12. Always hated Keitzman. He’s a douche

  13. Keitzman had this suspension coming. Been saying some outlandish shit abt this Hill situation since day 1. Mike Florio of PFT NBC needs to be next with his old white judge/penitentiary of thinking in the Hill situation.

  14. You said nobody can fix cheetah. That’s true he fixes himself and he has for intents and purposes. There were no issues in the last 3 years and he has a YouTube channel where he’s always playing with kids or training or playing Madden. Seems like a dude with a temper that learned you can’t go crazy. Every human being in the world will say shit they regret. But if it’s just verbal and not like racist or anything who cares. Most of those insults and f-bombs happen in work, home, and football all day long. It’s when it’s recorded and set-up that you look bad and get suspended. I believe Hill needs to go back to another anger management program and realize he has to be careful because he’s in the spotlight. I believe he should have a 4 game suspension for verbal threats that are recorded. He should also be attending said program immediately at his own expense and that would show good faith as well. Dude still is going to have 1000 yards when he comes back too and get paid because of it

  15. Surprise, his son died of heroin….and his players beat small children and woman. Andy Reid is bad at discipline, especially since there’s 3 examples of it. Nothing wrong with that radio guy.

  16. Scumbag now ur career is done hah

  17. Colonel Sanders

    Kevin KKKietzman is racist…… Andy Reid helps blacks and he hates that

  18. What a rat piece of shit, glad he was taken off air. Coach Reid is a great guy.

  19. Lets see your strength as u look for work


  21. What a dick. Is that asshole seriously faulting Reid for his sons drug abuse and suicide?

  22. Hussain Al-Khalil

    Slightly disappointed at the missed opportunity for Kevin Cuntsman jokes. And i guess that guy didn’t realize who coached Mike Vick after he got out of prison and had his career resurrected when he said what he said

  23. Shitty thing to say, yup
    Inappropriate thing to say, yup
    Inaccurate thing to say? Nope

  24. bye bye bitch

    dont let the door hit cha

  25. mr. kietzman you are now eligible for food stamps

  26. Andy Reid might not have a great record of fixing football players but Kevin Kietzman’s mom has a tremendous record of fixing other men up with her 👄 🍆🍆🌭🍼💄🤭

  27. Good Riddance!

    this news made my weekend

    pop the champagne!

  28. The final score: Andy Reid 1, Kevin Kietzman 0

  29. I got $5 on it

    hey kietz, you can borrow my EBT card

  30. Nick the Slick

    Tyreek Hill keeps his job, Kietzman gets fired.

    Only in America

  31. Brian Jankowski

    He shouldn’t of said anything about his family. That’s messed up

  32. bye felicia!

  33. he’s trash, never liked the guy

  34. Happy July 4th Kietz!

  35. Mark Bishop III

    Kietzman has always been an attention whore. This was long overdue.

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